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VESIMSR Inter college B-school event on 2nd and 3rd March,2012.

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Chaitanya events

  2. 2. CHAITANYA EVENTSMANAGEMENT GAMES: 1. KHELO STOCKS – Make profit and take it homeIt deals in virtual trading of stocks. The contestant will have to create his profileon the respective site, just like a stock broker. The contestant will be givenvirtual money for trading. There will be 6 contestants and at the end whoeverhas the highest profit will be the winner. 2. MAD ATTACK – Bring out the creative keeda in you…Go mad and make your ADThe contestant will be given a product or a service for which he/she has tocreate an Ad. There will be 6 contestants and all will be judged on theparameters of creativity and innovation. 3. HR CROSSWORD – One across, one down… fill the blank & win the round…The crossword will be related to HR topics, current scenario, about the HRpolicies. The event will be timed, and in that given time the contestant will haveto complete the crossword. The contestant who gets the maximum words will bethe winner. There will be 6 contestants. 4. CID (case in detail) -As the name suggests it will be a case study based on any current managementscenario. It will be a close ended case study where the questions will be givenand the contestant has to give solutions of the problems mentioned in thequestions. Contestants will be judged on the basis of innovative solutions and inhow early does the contestant finishes. Basically it will be a combination ofpower and speed test. 5. Bizzz – Wizz Bizz is the word, bizz is the buzz, that’s making round,bizz is in each of us let us bring it out.This event is basically about making a business plan, the contestants will beasked to make a business plan and the judges will judge it on the basis ofinnovation, whether it is profitable in long run, financially sound. 6contestants. 6. Click a Brand – Click on the brand….. CLICK ON your Brain, Make it Grand….. & hit the chain…
  3. 3. This event will test the knowledge of contestants about the brands. (crosswords,taglines, logos, ADs). 2 participants per team. Maximum 2 teams from eachinstitute. Eliminations and finals. 3 rounds (every round the contestant will winsomething) 7. Sell it out…. Have no doubt Design a product…. make it best, don’t worry if you fail... as its just a test In this event the contestant has to design a product and design the marketing strategies and promotions. They will be judged on the basis of their selling skills whether they will be able to sell the product to the judges. Contestants : 6. Rounds : 2 8. B Quiz – Brain on a roller-coaster Wacky questions to test your brain…. Crack them all & steal the game….. This event will be regarding business quiz, the questions will be based on entrepreneurs, companies, Stocks, marketing, finance. The selection would be based on the basis of how many right answers in minimum time. Contestants: 6, Rounds : 2.INFORMAL GAMES 1. Colour your emotions (t-shirt designing) Participants will be provided with the t-shirt, the theme will be given on the spot. They have to portray their ideas in the form of art. The event will be in the form of group 2 to 3 people in a group. Rounds: 1. 2. Shoot it out – Cover the event and make it grand…. Have every nook and corner in your cam…. In this event the participant has to shoot the 3 day event in his/ her cam, has to cover every nook and corner of the event/ place. There will be a creative panel for this to judge it. The selection would be on the basis of clarity, in depth shoot of each and every event, innovation. 3. Bhukkad – Eat till it kills….. Participants have to hog n number of quantity of a particular dish, and ensure that he does not puke. There can be any combinations of dishes to make sure that the competition is at tougher level. Participants : 10 4. Kurukshetra – The war has just begun There would be a number of FAADU tasks to be performed. This is a group task..The group performing all the tasks in the minimum possible time would be a winner. 5. War of the speeds – Do not dash... do not crash... reach the line with a bash…!!!Remote car racing. The participant has to bring their remote cars,it will be carracing but of remote cars.
  4. 4. 6. Soccer arena 2012 – Rink football. Halla bol… aage badh… karta ja… goal pe goal7. Talaash – The hunt begins Various tasks would be given to be performed to the participants...ofcourse that would be a Suspense. This event will be in group, 4 people in one group.8. 60 seconds….. No dead ends The participants will be given any task which they have to perform in 60 seconds.9. Spell Bee Juggle of spelling & puzzle of words…. You can swim in the pond of letters…. It is a spelling competition.It will have 6 participants and they have to mingle around with Words.10. VIRTUAL WARS ( LAN GAMES) Mafia wars/ NFS/ Fifa11. Footloose (tak dhina dhin with the props) Solo performances : Contestants- 8, for the first round the theme will be given and for the 2nd round the theme will be open. Props is a must Group performances: group of 8 people, theme for both rounds will be given Props is a must Fashion fiesta Group of 12 people, theme for the 1st round will be given and theme for the 2nd will be open. Step up to the beats on the street (step up on the beat…. With two pretty feet) Show your style, show your wave………. make some moves and make some noise………….. In this event the participant will be given theme on the spot, and the selection will be done on the spot, there will be 2 rounds.12. Rock on…. Strings on fire13. Cricket – De Ghuma Ke...14. Box cricket