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VERGO Marketing Capabilities Presentation

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VERGO Marketing Brochure

  1. 1. Increase InquIrIes and starts Cost-Effective Lead-Generation and Student Acquisition Campaigns
  2. 2. At VERGO Marketing, we understand the nuances and challenges of capturing the attention of today’s college-bound student. Our fresh and insightful call-to-action campaigns are designed to reach prospective students, capture their attention, and earn their trust, while introducing various pathways to education. VERGO Marketing offers a complete spectrum of services to meet all your enrollment marketing needs with a variety of advertising media. VERGO approaches each partnership from a strategic marketing perspective. We learn your school’s long-term and short-term enrollment goals, review your school’s call center operation and enrollment counselors’ script, along with other supporting media, and then develop a strategic plan that will meet your goals. Once we’ve developed your marketing plan your only cost is the fixed Cost per Lead. Our unique experience delivers original, innovative and cutting edge campaigns: • Generating thousands of qualified leads monthly • Microsites unique to your school • Email confirmation to each contact designed to maintain interest • Proprietary re-marketing system that captures interested students who have not yet enrolled
  3. 3. With fewer potential students and more educational options for each of them, Admissions and Enrollment departments need integrated, strategic campaigns to meet their enrollment goals. attractIng VERGO Marketing’s team of enrollment and admissions the students you experts assist in the development and execution of full-service campaigns for your: want becomes • Online Campus IncreasIngly more • Ground Campus • Career College dIffIcult and • Hybrid Learning Experience costly each year. VERGO Marketing is an integrated marketing and communications agency. We work with you to generate a constant flow of prospective students at the ideal Cost per Lead by combining proven direct response and promotional marketing techniques with the power of search marketing and internet technology: • Lead Generation • Media Planning and Buying • Web/Interactive • Print • Radio, Spot Broadcast and Cable Television • Outdoor • Search Marketing • Social Networking • Search Engine Optimization • Interactive Video • Website Design & Development • Direct Mail Design and Management • Print Design Once you have leads, we help you convert those leads to enrollments by providing: • Admissions Counselor Training • Call Center Set-up and Training • Re-Marketing Campaigns
  4. 4. the vergo difference – Our Education Portals VERGO Marketing owns and operates many of the top online education enrollment portals on the internet. Each month, thousands of unique prospective students visit our websites due to advanced search marketing, email marketing, radio, web-based media, and VERGO’s lead generation process – what sets us apart. direct marketing. automatIc lead follow-up: Each lead receives a follow-up email which includes a specific reference to the prospective student’s “Program of Interest”. geo-targeted leads: When you need to target a specific geographic market, we screen your leads based on the zip codes you provide; thus enrollment counselors receive only those geo-targeted leads. search marketIng: To determine which of VERGO sites are generating the best leads for you, we use advanced search marketing techniques that track each lead to its source. up-to-the-mInute lead delIvery: To ensure your enrollment counselors can begin a dialogue with prospective students immediately, we deliver all leads in real time—not in a batch at the end of the day. emaIl newsletters: To maintain contact with prospective students, we send the University Decisions email newsletter each month to visitors who have opted to receive it. Each issue contains education news, as well as information and advice on pursuing a college degree. You have the benefit of a large online media campaign—without the upfront cost and commitments. Your only cost is your fixed Cost per Lead.
  5. 5. VERGO MaRkEtinG operates many of the industry’s premier education portals. our educations portals
  6. 6. the vergo difference – Targeted Micro-sites VERGO Marketing’s suite of targeted microsites generates the highest-quality enrollment leads available in the industry. The traditional education directory model provides comparison shopping by letting the prospective student request information from three or four schools that offer the same programs. These sites put your enrollment counselors in a race to make the first contact with each prospective student. VERGO Marketing micro-sites offer more than the traditional model. Prospective students receive information only about your school’s programs. To maintain top of mind awareness with the prospective student, qualified leads will receive a series of emails delivering valuable information prepping them for conversation with your enrollment counselor. Thousands of Student Leads Our proprietary microsites give you a unique landing page with every detail specific to your school. Your campaigns can be geo-targeted or national, producing as many as five thousand or as few as one hundred prospective student leads per month, all delivered on a Cost per Lead, no-risk basis. Automatic Lead Follow-up Within 24 hours, we send a follow-up email which includes a specific reference to the prospective student’s “Program of Interest” along with a brief synopsis of your school and the program you offer.
  7. 7. the vergo difference – Email Re-Marketing Re-marketing is a tremendously powerful tool and can extend the life of a lead, and thus increase your school’s return on investment. VERGO Marketing has developed a proprietary re-marketing program to actively re-engage prospective students who have expressed an interest in your school but have not yet applied. We can fully customize your email re-marketing campaign to precisely suit your needs. When you reach out to prospective students at scheduled intervals, you can: • Give them additional opportunities to enroll • Let them ask additional questions • Maintain their interest through surveys VERGO can develop, deliver and track your email re-marketing campaigns. Whether you need one-time delivery or on-going scheduled campaigns, our email marketing services can handle volumes of up to one million per month.
  8. 8. 4014 N. Goldwater Blvd. Ste. 204 • Scottsdale, AZ 85251 p: 480 . 990 . 1399