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VERALLIS Presentation on HandsOn CFO Conference 2013

VERALLIS is a cost management services company for private and public businesses and organizations. By examining a company's wide range of operating expenses, in areas like logistics, freight, energy, advertising, telecommunications, printing, insurance, courier, rent expenses etc, our expert analysts find opportunities for saving and provide solutions for cost reduction with optimal quality, customer service and value.

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VERALLIS Presentation on HandsOn CFO Conference 2013

  1. 1. Operational Excellence Γιώργοσ Δημόπουλοσ Managing Partner
  2. 2. Operational Excellence Countering the Global Slowdown: Optimize Operational Performance Create Competitive Advantage
  3. 3. Operational Excellence Operational Excellence Corporate Cultrure …Achieving operational excellence is a far more complicated issue from the standpoint of today’s world. David Farr Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Emerson Electric
  4. 4. CEO Challenge 2013 the conference board
  5. 5. Countering the Doom and Gloom
  6. 6. Regional View N=Number of overall responses. Operational Excellence was added to the list of challenges in 2013 to replace Cost Optimization
  7. 7. Challenges by industry Only Human Capital and Operational Excellence are ranked in the top five across all three sectors.
  8. 8. Challenges by company size Large organizations find it more challenging to remain efficient
  9. 9. Operational Excellence Cost Optimization
  10. 10. Operational Excellence Operational Excellence replaced Cost Optimization in order to integrate human factor • Market maturity • State of the economy
  11. 11. Operational Excellence
  12. 12. Operational Excellence Meeting the challenge
  13. 13. Do you have the right tools?
  14. 14. Cost Efficiency Certification
  15. 15. Operational Excellence Marginal differences in competitive markets… Very good is not enough!
  16. 16. Cost Efficiency Certification You think you are or You know you are?
  17. 17. Proven Results 22,7%
  18. 18. Στάθησ Τςαμπουνάρησ CFO Konica Minolta
  19. 19. COMPANY MILESTONES 1971 - establishment of C. Vlachopoulos S.A. 1973 - initiation of C.Vlachopoulos S.A. and Ubix co-operation 1998 - company operates in new building 2007 - company becomes a BEU subsidiary 2008 - first complete financial year as BGR 2012 - BGR becomes a member of Cluster East 2012 - In October BGR starts restructuring
  20. 20. WHY REORGANIZATION? Reorganize BGR and do cost cutting, engage new and more productive employees, update processes and strengthen the custom-centric culture. New Organization Chart prepared with outsourcing Logistic Department, and co-sourcing Accounting department New top line management has the capabilities to motivate all BGR’s staff in order to become number one in the near future.
  21. 21. IS RESTRUCTURING ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL? Corporate reorganizations are risky investments of time, energy and resources, and many do little to improve the business. Chrysler restructured its organization three times in the three years preceding its bankruptcy and eventual combination with Fiat. A recent Bain & Company study of 57 major reorganizations found that fewer than one third produced any meaningful improvement in performance. Some actually destroyed value.
  26. 26. LOGISTICS OUTSOURCING AND DDL VERALLIS was hired to manage logistics outsourcing process and measure savings DDL will minimize stock and improve free cash flows 3PL with 120k€/year savings, increased quality (SLAs) and services BOOK KEEPING / PAYROLL Deloitte is engaged for accounting supervision instead of an internal one Replaced 3 senior accountants with 3 assistant accountants Total 60k€/year savings with increased quality CREDIT CONTROL Credit insurance contract (freeze bad debts provisions and secure risk) Own site for credit card payments for HW / non-Hard sales e-Invoicing and bank interfaces (immediate view of customer’s bank transfers)
  27. 27. SALES UNITS REPORT 5MONTHS FY13 Accumulated Result Diff % Last Y. Diff % by Brand PP A3 by Brand Konica Minolta Brand +23 119% 92 +53 158% 240 241 -1 100% 229 +11 105% 385 363 +22 106% 321 +64 120% 78 74 +4 105% 121 -43 64% BW Total Konica Minolta Brand 122 128 100 +28 128% 256 -128 50% Total Office A4 145 BW Total by Brand Color Total Total Office A3 Konica Minolta Brand Plan 206 174 +32 118% 377 -171 55% 10 18 -8 56% 8 +2 125% 5 5 0 100% 5 0 100% 15 23 -8 65% 13 Color Total Color Total BW Total Total An organization’s performance is really no more and no less than the sum of the decisions it makes and executes. A new org chart can’t make much difference unless it somehow leads to better, faster decisions and execution. +2 115%