Selling to the Commonwealth Workshop Presentation


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Selling to the Commonwealth Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. SELLING TO THECOMMONWEALTH Sandy Ratliff Business Services Manager
  2. 2. WelcomeOur objective:Doing Business with the CommonwealthGovernor’s Executive Order 33SWAM CertificationRegistration with eVA, the State’s Electronic Procurement SystemVarious Reports available in eVA
  3. 3. The Virginia Departmentof Business Assistance VDBA supports economic development in the Commonwealth by working with new and existing businesses to provide business and economic development communities with: • workforce incentives • financing • business information and counseling • state procurement assistance • educational opportunities
  4. 4. Ask VBIC = 866-248-8814
  5. 5. Business Information ServicesTo help businesses get started and to grow.Formation Assistance Virginia Business Information Center (VBIC) 1-866-248-8814 Bridges the 26 state agencies, over 110 regulatory programs and over 300 forms that may touch a Virginia business Questions on registration, taxation, licensingInteractive business plan available online or 5 Step process to a business plan
  6. 6. Virginia’s Business One Stop Are you starting a business?Winner of the Virginia’s Business One Stop system can help 2009 you determine your business formation requirements and can Governors pre-fill your business registration forms. Technology Awards Visit to access the Business One Stop System. Create a Business One Stop account. Answer a few brief questions about your business. Receive a list of action items and pre-filled business registration forms. Questions? Contact the Virginia Business Information Center 1-866-248-8814 (804) 371-0438
  7. 7. One–on-One Counseling SessionsNeed Based: (February 23) – Accessing New Markets/Sales Growth – Tailored Sales Development Solutions – Financing Resources – Social Media for Your Business To schedule an appointment, contact: Sandy Ratliff, Business Services Manager 276-676-3768 Email:
  8. 8. Entrepreneur Workshops• Partnership with Service Providers and localities• Provide information on available resources to start and grow a business• Statewide Program• Free – ½ Day Session• A list of upcoming workshops can be found at
  9. 9. Social Media WorkshopsYou-Link-Twit-Face •Beginner & Intermediate Sessions •Upcoming Events List
  10. 10. Virginia JobsInvestment Program• Workforce recruiting and training – Create minimum 25 net new jobs within 12 months and capital investment of at least $1,000,000 – Minimum entry-level wage of $10.00/hr required. Only full-time jobs are eligible.• Small business workforce recruiting and training – 250 employees or less, hiring at least 5 new full time employees within 12 months of operation and capital investment of at least $100,000 – Minimum entry-level wage of $10.00/hr required. Only full-time jobs are eligible.• Retraining – Small businesses that are retooling and installing new technologies – Company must retrain minimum 10 full-time employees.
  11. 11. Financing Programs• Direct Lending: In partnership with banks and other lenders, we provide direct loans in economic development transactions. We also provide direct loans under specific programs designed to promote environmental stewardship and assist licensed daycare centers and family home providers.• Indirect Lending: We provide loan guarantees or other types of credit enhancements to commercial banks in order to increase access to capital for businesses.• Conduit Financing: We are the statewide conduit issuer of tax-exempt industrial development bonds for manufacturers and 501c3 organizations.
  12. 12. The VSBFA Does Not Give…• Grants• Loans or guaranties of loans without collateral• Loans or guaranties of loans without personal guaranties from all significant owners
  13. 13. If your business needs more business/customers
  14. 14. Connecting to StateGovernment MarketsVDOT Colleges/UniversitiesDMME DGS
  15. 15. Governor’s Executive Order 33 The Commonwealth of Virginia purchases almost $5 Billion in goods and services annually Small Business Goal – 40% Small business goals in every state agency’s procurement plan
  16. 16. SWAM Certification• Small AND/OR Woman AND/OR Minority• Department of Minority and Business Enterprise (VDMBE)•• Mandatory set-aside program
  17. 17. NoGuarantees It takes Work! FUTURELAB
  18. 18. Doing Business with the Commonwealth eVA – Virginia’s Procurement TooleVA is the Commonwealths’ Procurement System Supporting • all 171 Agencies/Colleges/Universities • 575 Local Governments • with 22,686 Users and 45,859 Vendors The Market… annual estimate $5 Billion from State government, plus $5 Billion from Local government
  19. 19. Why Register…Access to Business Opportunities • Active/Current Solicitations • Future Procurements • Current Statewide Contracts • Vendor Catalogs & Punchout Websites • On-Line BiddingAccess to Market Research & Learning • Reports for Analysis • Procurement Contact information • Vendor Information Center
  20. 20. How does this help…Buyer Bidders Lists • who you are… name, contacts, addresses • what you sell…. commodity codes • where you sell…. service areasSolicitation Notifications… email or faxOrder delivery choices • electronic…. fax, email • print… US mailSearch for opportunities… VBOBid on-line… Quick Quote
  21. 21. eVA & SWAM CertificationseVA Promotes the SWAM Program • in Vendor Reports • in eMall Catalog and Vendor Searches • in Quick Quote Bidder List and Bid Evaluation • in Buyer TrainingeVA Partners with DMBE & VDBA • Daily Certification Updates in eVA • Outreach events – live and web-based • Collaboration on Training – live and CBT • Sharing Data and Reports
  22. 22. How to RegisterWhat you need • Tax ID Number • DUNS Number (from Dun & Bradstreet) • Addresses - „Headquarters‟ - Orders - Solicitations - Billing • “Administrator” (manages account) • Contacts • Commodity Codes • Service AreasWhere you go www.eVA.virginia.govWho can help eVA Customer Care, 866-289-7367
  23. 23. Current Procurement Guidelines forNon- Technology Goods and Services$5,000 and under: Buyer only has to get one verbal or written quote from a certified small business. Contact the buyer to let them know what commodities you can provide. The public report in eVA will help you identify what buyers are buying your commodity.$5,000-$50,000: Buyers place an electronic quote in eVA utilizing Quick Quote, if your commodity code matches the code the buyer used, you will be automatically emailed a notice of the opportunityMore than $50K: A formal solicitation, Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposal (VBO), again you will receive an electronic notification of the opportunity
  24. 24. Vendors Manual • on the eVA Home Page • your guide on the rules and regulations Available in .pdf and Word formats
  25. 25. Hey Big Spender……Some of the top spenders in the Commonwealth Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) State Police Department of Mines, Mineral, and Energy Department of General Services Department of Corrections Universities: UVa, VaTech, VCU, GMU, JMU, CNU, CWM, VSU
  26. 26. • Examples of Purchasing: – Soft Drinks • 11/01/2009 – 10/31/2010 = $1,659,641 - 2967 PO’s – Souvenirs: Promotional, Advertising, etc. • 11/01/2009 – 10/31/2010 = $257,620.77 - 344 PO’s – Grounds Maintenance: Mowing, Edging, Plant (Not Tree) Trimming, etc. • 11/01/2009 – 10/31/2010 = $7,760,607.88 - 1028 PO’s – Tires and Tubes, Passenger Vehicles • 11/01/2009 – 10/31/2010 = $187,946.28 - 464 PO’s – Concessions, Catering, Vending: Mobile and Stationary • 11/01/2009 – 10/31/2010 = $18,793,359- 12,993 PO’s – Building Maintenance • 11/01/2009 – 10/31/2010 = $85,730,848 - 10,422 PO’s – Earth Moving Equipment Rental • 11/01/2009 – 10/31/2010 = $14,115,179 - 1136 PO’s – Cleaning Services, Steam & Pressure • 11/01/2009 – 10/31/2010 = $5,024,911- 215 PO’s
  27. 27. Selling to theCommonwealth Obtain your SWAM (small, women, and minority) Certification from the Department of Minority and Business Enterprise 
  28. 28. Avoid Common Mistakes Make sure NIGP(Commodity) codes are accurate and current Keep your contact information current in the eVA system. If your email address changes, update this in eVA or you will not receive notifications of opportunities  Register as a premium vendor, not basic. Use service area for statewide or you could potentially miss opportunities Don’t select to accept faxes….make sure your email is correct!!!!
  29. 29. Government Contracting Experience
  30. 30. What have they done:• In April 1, 2008 set profile and commodity codes, on eVA.• From 4/1/08 to 4/1/09 sold and completed contracts totaling over $157K of new commercial business. Also picked up an estimated $100K per year of sub contracting business for commercial and property related contracts.
  31. 31. Roanoke Business eVASales - 2010 Company 2010 Sales # TransactionsAvis Construction $1,114,870 3Chocklett Press Inc. $109,551 26New Hope Support Services $18,000 8Nichols Lawn Care $250 3Pendleton Paint Contracting $9,600 2Roanoke Fruit & Produce Co. $34,861 88Woody Graphics $3,804 4Blue Ridge Catering $9,498 20Seasons & Occasions Gourmet $19,479 68Holiday Inn Tanglewood $2,539 18
  32. 32. We have XL formats for:• New opportunities• Vender profiles• Quick Quotes• Sub Contracting• And much more
  33. 33. Ready to get to eVA customeron eVA? work Care1-866-289-7367 Let‟s start navigating!System issues, changing certain account information, technical questions, password help
  34. 34. eVA’s Home Page
  35. 35. Vendor Tab
  36. 36. Vendor Reports
  37. 37. Public Report to View History
  38. 38. Report Summary
  39. 39. Report Details
  40. 40. Vendor Information
  41. 41. Vendor Information
  42. 42. Vendor Information
  43. 43. Competition or Prospects?
  44. 44. Competition or Prospects?
  45. 45. Competition’s Activity
  46. 46. Competition’s Activity Total = $480,169.44
  47. 47. Private Sector Prospects
  48. 48. Private Sector Prospects
  49. 49. ----- DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL -----Dear _______________,This message is to notify you and your location thatan amendment #3to the following solicitation has been published to the public:Solicitation Type : IFBIssuing Organization : A216Solicitation Number : IFB #08-09-72Solicitation Version : 3Solicitation Description: Construct three (3) offices in Room 100A of Carrier Library.Work Location : James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VANOTE: all times displayed in eVA are ESTClick here to view the solicitation:
  51. 51. SWAM Certification
  52. 52. “If you always do what you’vealways done, You will alwaysget what you’ve always got!”
  53. 53. Lets Connect: Sandy RatliffThe Virginia Department of Business Assistance 276-676-3768 Online: Twitter: - -