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Slotted angle shuttering plates


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Slotted Angle Shuttering Plates are highly in demand due to increased use of vertical casting in on ongoing bridge projects and major and heavy work on buildings going on in various parts of country.

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Slotted angle shuttering plates

  1. 1. Slotted Angle Shuttering Plates
  2. 2. Acro Shuttering Plates are Also Known as : • Wall Form Shuttering Plates • Bridge Shuttering Plates • Wall Form Panels • Bridge Formwork
  3. 3. Different Sizes of Acro Slotted Angle Shuttering Plates : • 1250 mm X 1000mm • 1250mm X 750 mm • 1250mm x 500 mm • 1250 mm X 250 mm
  4. 4. Application of Acro Slotted Angle Shuttering Plates : • Bridge Casting • Vertical Casting of All Kinds • Culvert Flyover Bridges • Under Bridges • Other Types of Heavy and Major Work
  5. 5. Material Used for Making Slotted Shuttering Plates : • Angle of 50mm X 50mm X 5mm • Angle of 45mm X 45mm X 5mm • HR Sheet of 3mm or 3.15mm
  6. 6. Benefits of Using Acro Slotted angle Shuttering Plates • Heavy Load Bearing Capacity • Easy to Install With the Use of Various Accessories of this System of Formwork. • Easy to Transport from one Place to Another. • This System of formwork provides better finishing to the Visible Surface of Slab.
  7. 7. Our Company’s Infrastructure • A Very Well designed Production Area. • Separate R&D department for Designing Better Acro Shuttering Plates. • Our Quality Check Department Ensures Supply of Only Best Quality Shuttering Plates to Our Valued Clients. • Our Purchase Department Always Looking for the Best Quality Raw Material for Making these Shuttering Plates.
  8. 8. Our Production System : • A Very Well Designed Production System. • Experienced Staff for Cutting and Welding of Shuttering Plates. • Quality Check Department keeps a Close Eye During Each Stage of Production. • Movement of Material from One Stage to Another in a Very Efficient Way to Save Time and Bring Economy to lower the Cost of Final Product.
  9. 9. Our Ethics and Values : • Our Clients have always been appreciative of our fair Practices and Trasnparent Dealing. • On Time Delivery. • Economy of Scale of Production. • Our After Sales Makes Us Stand Apart from Rest.