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Scaffolding cuplock standards manufacturers


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We are Scaffolding Cuplock Manufacturer based in Chandigarh. Our Manufactured Cuplock Verticals are highly recognized by our customers spread all over Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Gujrat, Delhi, and other parts of India.

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Scaffolding cuplock standards manufacturers

  1. 1. Scaffolding Cuplock Verticals
  2. 2. What are Cuplock Verticals • Cuplock Verticals are used as vertical Part of Scaffolding System. • Work through special node point Connection which ensures its speedy erection and removal. • Cuplocks are flexible they can be installed for Straight, circular, and Curved Shapes.
  3. 3. Sizes of Cuplocks • 3 Meter Cuplock Verticals • 2.5 Meter Cuplock Vertical • 2 Meter Cuplock Vertical • 1.50 Meter Cuplock Verticals • 1.00 Meter Cuplock Verticals Cuplocks are Manufactured with 6 Locks or 3 Locks or in any other pattern as per Customer Requirements.
  4. 4. Raw Material Used to Manufacture Cuplocks • Cuplocks are made with 48.3 OD pipes. • Forged Bottom Cup which is fixed at intervals of 1.00 Meter or .500 Meter as per the design of Cuplock Verticals. • Moving Cast Top Cup which tightens the Ledger at Node Point Connection placed between Top Cup and Bottom Cup.
  5. 5. Our Company Infrastructure • Our Experienced Workers and Supervisors. • Our Fully automated and well designed Production Department. • Our R&D Department is working fulltime for finding ways to improve our products. • Our world class storage facilities keeps Raw Material and finished goods in good shape.
  6. 6. Features of Good Scaffolding Verticals • Corrosion Resistant • Can be reused for many times • load bearing capacity • Resistant to Damages • Ensures safety of men Materials at heights
  7. 7. Our Manufacturing Process • We have a fully automated Production Department. • Separate Machines are Installed for each operation to maintain efficiency. • Our Workers are Well Trained & Experienced for the jobs given to them. • Our Production Department is Updated from time to time to deliver the best results.
  8. 8. Components of Scaffolding System • Cuplock Verticals • Ledgers • Joint Pins • Base jacks • U-Head Jacks
  9. 9. Different Kinds of Scaffolding Systems • Single Scaffolding • Double Scaffolding • Suspended Scaffolding
  10. 10. VCC Shuttering House