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Why B2B digital contentmarketing works better.


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Valve Solutions offers customised B2B digital contentmarketing solutions. Our 10,000+ global professionals across our social media channels is built around business verticals in Manufacturing, Process automation, Industrial automation. Member profile include EPC consultants, professionals, end users, buyers from the entire industry ecosystem. @VALVESOLUTIONS we help SME's scale, reach global audience, industry and markets on an affordable budget.Our blog got 50,000+ unique visitors globally from the industry. For more details, prices, T&C, offers visit our Linkedin company page at

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Why B2B digital contentmarketing works better.

  1. 1. We build brands, you bag orders!
  2. 2. B2B Digital Contentmarketing V/s Search Marketing What is B2B Digital Contentmarketing ?•B2B digital contentmarketing istrying to reach, engage, educateand influence your targetaudience online through digitalcontent viz; blog posts,slideshare presenatations,Youtube videos, etc.•This digital content is thencirculated among your targetaudience in networking groups,discussion fourms across socialmedia channels for generatingrelevant quality inbound leads,enquiries and possible orders.
  3. 3.  What is Search Marketing ? Search marketing is promoting your websites google page rank through search engine optimisation (SEO) so that when a randomn user does a keyword search on google a link to some content on your website might show up on the results page hopefully on the first page. This is highly popular however the quality of results with regards to B2B industry is very poor.
  4. 4.  Disadvantages of Search Marketing in the B2B industry. 1. Lets illustrate with an example. Lets say a user is doing a randomn search on google for the keyword “Valves”. The results could be engine cylinder valves, human heart valves or may be plumbing valves on the results page. 2. Even if a user did a more specific search. Unlike B2C in B2B Industrial segment just offering product information on your website does not sell. You have to establish trust, credibility. Interactive, engaging content that will gather interest and attention of the user works wonders. viz; blog posts highlighting case studies and feedback from others.
  5. 5.  Disadvantages of Search Marketing in the B2B industry. 3. Another disadvantage in B2B search marketing is the user making the search could be totally irrelevant viz; student, professor, engineer etc. not necessarily an end user of your products or a genuine buyer. 4. 95% of enquiries received through this method are irrelevant. Either the product specs are out of range, MOC does not match, the industry specs don’t match as well. So all this does little good for your business. However many SME’s are fooled into believing.
  6. 6.  Advantages of B2B Digital Contentmarketing. 1. B2B digital contentmarketing can channelise your digital content among your target audience across networking groups and discussions on various social media channels. 2. “Content is King” and good content will be shared exponentially over time among like minded professionals across their social networks creating the much needed awareness, thought leadership, brand building. All this leads to generating quality relevant inbound leads, enquiries and possible orders.
  7. 7. Advantages of B2B Digital Contentmarketing.3. B2B Digital contentmarketing works for you 24 X7,365 days unlike search marketing. With the digitalrevolution of smartphones and tablets more andmore people are spending time online away fromtheir desktop, laptops and can be reached moreeasily than ever before.4. B2B digital contentmarketing can help youchannel your content so as to target a specificgeography, audience, industry this works wellespecially for the industrial segment. Engineeringproducts are generally thought to be as boring,however through good content and effective socialmedia strategy they can be made more interactive,engaging to educate and influence your audienceonline at their convinience 24 X 7, 365 days a year.
  8. 8.  Why Valve Solutions customised B2B Digital Contentmarketing ?1. 10,000+ members globally from business verticals in Process automation, Industrial automation, manufacturing across all our social media channels.2. Member profile consists of EPC consultants, professionals, end users, buyers from the entire industry ecosystem.3. 50,000+ unique visitors on our blog, which is mobile friendly with Valve Solutions android app to enhance user experience on smartphones and tablets.4. We make your boring content interesting and use advanced social media strategies to interact, engage, educate and influence your audience.5. Valve Solutions B2B digital marketing business model was winner at Linkedin B2BConnect 2012 “My success story contest.”
  9. 9. Digital media just moved all your fish to a new pond online!
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