B2B contentmarketing for manufacturers, OEM's in the Industrial segment


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Valve Solutions offers customised B2B digital contentmarketing solutions. Our 10,000+ global professionals across our social media channels is built around business verticals in Manufacturing, Process automation, Industrial automation. Member profile include EPC consultants, professionals, end users, buyers from the entire industry ecosystem. @VALVESOLUTIONS we help SME's scale, reach global audience, industry and markets on an affordable budget.Our blog got 50,000+ unique visitors globally from the industry. For more details, prices, T&C, offers visit our Linkedin company page at www.linkedin.com/company/valve-solutions.

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B2B contentmarketing for manufacturers, OEM's in the Industrial segment

  1. 1. We build brands, you bag orders!
  2. 2. Key salient features of our social media channels•Customised audience of around 2500 members from Oil and Gas, Energy,Refining, Petrochemical industry, EPC professionals, OEM from across the worldon our Linkedin group and facebook.• Members include owners, vice presidents, Sr. management executives,endusers, design engineers, buyers and decision makers from the above industryacross the world.• Our blog has over 18000 lifetime page views, our latest contest video on youtubegot 2000 views in 60days. Our blog posts and videos are regulalrly published in allthe leading B2B digital epapers across the world.• Our twitter audience comprise of large organisations , industrial publications,industry professionals , consultants and industry leaders.•Get immediate impact and access to new audience, market and industry on aplatform recognised by the leaders in B2B digital space “Linkedin”.
  3. 3. 1.Are you a manufacturer of Industrialequipment in the B2B segment?2. Do you want to create more awareness aboutthe USP of your products? 3.Do you want to find endusers seekingsolutions in your products?4.Do you want to create new leads, enquiriesand possible orders? 5.Do you want to push your business ahead ofthe competition?
  4. 4. How does it work?•Digital media as you are aware is growing rapidly with just aboutevery other service being offered online.•This has brought about rapid change in the online activity ofprofessionals , 9 out of 10 are now extremely active online on one orthe other social media channels, networking groups and forums.•Every product is manufactured to offer some solutions to theindustry in terms of process, application or service.•We highlight these in our technical product reviews in our blog andthe same can be made in 2/3 min youtube videos.•We then regulalrly promote this content on various networkinggroups on Linkedin, facebook, twitter, subject related forums totarget your potential endusers or buyers.•We also target consultants and thought leaders from your industry.
  5. 5. How does it work?•Jim is an automation professional in an end user plant who watches orreads one of our posts about your products. He has been looking forindustrial automation solutions and feels confident of your product.•He immediately shares this link with his production team and discussesthe same over lunch on how this product can reduce frequent breakdowns.•The production head Tom makes note of the same and further shares thiscontent with production heads of other plants and a forum on industrialautomation.•Later on during one of the meetings with the buyers group and productionheads, Tom raises an indent asking the buyer Jack to send out an RFQ toyou as your product offers solutions to their frequent plant failures.• Jack then takes this up and shares this content with other buyers within theorganisation and sends you an enquiry.•END USER + DEPT HEAD = PRESSURE ON BUYER = ENQ + OFFER =NEW ORDERS
  6. 6. What did you achieve ?•Created awareness about the solutions offered by your productsamong your target audience.•You reached a new customer, market, industry, nobody camesearching for you on google, your content was shared among yourtarget audience.•Your content was further shared among various like mindedaudience creating the much needed impact allowing others tocontinue to engage with your content over time exponentially..•Generated new leads, enquiries and possible orders. It doesn’t stophere, the cycle will continue to repeat over time.
  7. 7. Advantages of digital media•Digital media works for you 24hrs X 7days a week, it is customisedto target and engage your audience.•Over a period of time good content continues to be shared, liked,tweeted, exponentially in the right circles increasing brandawareness, generating new leads and increasing sales.•Digital push content is dynamic it can be shared endlessly, unlikestatic print media advertising in magazines and newspapers.•Digital media is smart, available on your smartphone, laptop,tablet, PC where ever you are, just by a click.•Digital media is “ON” demand media, your audience may engagewith your content at their own convinience, since the content isregulalrly promoted it is available for them to view at a later time.
  8. 8. Why Valve Solutions ?•Valve Solutions business model got recognition by “Linkedin” at the recentLinkedin B2B Connect 2012 at The Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, India by winningthe “Share your success story” contest.•Get immediate impact and access to your target audience, market andindustry on a ready made platform built on a B2B model over the last 3yrs.•Content (text/videos) we publish is regulalrly featured in leading B2Bdigital epapers having huge subscription and readers from the industry.Why the name Valve Solutions ? Is it only for the valve industry ?•We are engineers from the valve industry so we named the product ValveSolutions. Being engineers we understand your products , industry andthe challenges much better.•Our business model is built around all products and services (EPC andenduser )for the Oil & gas, Energy, Refining and Petrochemicals industry.• OEM’s of flow products, rotary equipment, process instruments,control accessories, electrical equipment , industrial automation andmany others will benefit immediately from our ready made platform.
  9. 9. How are you different from other B2B portals ? Do youpromote our content only on your channels ?•Other B2B portals like india.com and trade.com build a static websiteadvertising your products on their, much bigger static website.•They highlight the importance of keywords so you list among the 50odd companies when somebody does a search on google etc. (SEO)•Our survey revealed 90% of enquiries received from such sources wereout of size range, product specs don’t match etc, making them futile.•Valve Solutions offers a customised B2B dynamic product, whichcontinues to work for you 24hrs X 7days exponentially over time.• We push your content regularly and find your buyers looking forsolutions in your products. Our content is built on relevant keywords.•We promote all content not only on our channels but on otherchannels,networking groups, forums customised to reach yourpotential buyer. (SEO) search engine optimization is thus included.•If a buyer finds you on a keyword search through our content, thesolutions offered by your product is more likely to appeal to the buyer.Thus increasing the chances of a relevant enquiry by 100%.
  10. 10. Can we measure the results ?•Have you been able to precisely measure the conversion, results and theimpact from print media advertisements(magazine, newspapers), businessdirectory listings ???• In most cases the answer is no. But yet we like to believe that we must havesome exposure in these now obsolete old methods of marketing andadvertising for the industrial segment.How much will it cost ?•Leading newspaper B2B advertisement (one city only,ex:Mumbai) 6cm X5cm colour ad = INR50,000/day (When was the last time you actuallylooked at one of these ads?)• Leading business directory (one city only, ex:Mumbai) 30 characters =1,20,000/annual (When was the last time you used a yellow pages? youwould rather search online!)•Cost for our services vary depending on the duration and type ofcontent(text/video), in most cases it is a fraction of the above.
  11. 11. We already have our website and social media channels ?•Your website is static , it is only an address for people to findyou on the web.•Through customised B2B digital push content marketing youcan create the same brand awareness impact for your productsonline as compared to when somebody visits your stall at atradefair , but at a fraction of the cost.•Having your own social media channels is a great investment ifyou are a large organisation and willing to invest for at least 2years before you start getting any serious impact.•However the cost of creating good content, expertise formarketing , strategies and management for the same can proveexpensive.• At Valve Solutions we can help you build your own customisedB2B platform and manage the same for you at a reasonable cost.•Having your own social media channels linked to your websitewith no audience/poor content can have serious damage toyour brand image, similar to imagine a great artist making apoor performance to an almost empty audience.
  12. 12. VALVE SOLUTIONS is smart !!!•Considering the growing population of professionals using socialnetworks on smartphone/tablets. We decided to go one step furtherby developing the VALVE SOLUTIONS mobile app.•By downloading this app users can seamlessly engage with digitalcontent across all our channels with a click (Blog, Facebook, Twitter,Youtube) without having to individually log in to each siteseperately.•Besides when a user reaches our blog through some external linkusing a smartphone/Tablet, he is automatically taken to our mobileapp version.•This allows him uninterrupted content engagement and an optionto act on that very instinct and share content on a social mediachannel of his interest.
  13. 13. Join, Like, Subscribe, Follow us at http://amruthatechnologies.blogspot.com www.facebook.com/VALVESOLUTIONS www.youtube.com/VALVESOLUTIONS www.twitter.com/VALVESOLUTIONS www.linkedin.com/company/valve-solutions www.linkedin.com/groups?groupDashboa rd=&gid=2436680 http://valvesolutions.mobapp.at
  14. 14. Amrutha Technologies email: amrutha.tec@gmail.com facebook.com/VALVESOLUTIONS twitter.com/VALVESOLUTIONS youtube.com/VALVESOLUTIONShttp://amruthatechnologies.blogspot.com web :www.amruthatechnologies.com