Customised B2B digital marketing solutions


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Get an insight into Valve Solutions digital platform and customised B2B digital marketing solutions we offer. We promote business verticals in Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Process Automation. Valve Solutions has 10,000+ global professionals across our social media channels. 50,000+ unique visitors to our blog. We help SME's scale and reach global audience, markets and industry using the power of digital media at affordable prices. For more details visit our Linkedin company page

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Customised B2B digital marketing solutions

  1. 1. We build brands, you bag orders!
  2. 2. 1.Are you an IT, ITES, Manufacturing, IndustrialAutomation, Process Automation company?2. Do you want to create more awareness aboutthe USP of your products? 3.Do you want to find endusers seekingsolutions in your products?4.Do you want to create new leads, enquiriesand possible orders? 5.Do you want to push your business ahead ofthe competition?
  3. 3. Salient features of our B2B digital marketing platform•Customised audience of around 7000 members from Oil and Gas, Energy,OEM’s, Industrial Automation and Process Automation business verticals fromacross the world on our Linkedin group , Facebook page and Twitter channel.• Members profile include Owners, VP’s, Sr. mgmt executives, endusers, designengineers, EPC consultants, buyers and decision makers from the above industryacross the world.• Our blog has over 30,000 lifetime page views with an Alexa ranking of just under5lakh which is excellent in our category. Our blog posts and videos are regulalrlypublished in all the leading B2B digital epapers across the world.• Valve Solutions B2B platform and blog is mobile ready and our mobile app hasgained much traction and popularity. Thus fuelling 24 x 7 online engagementamong the rapidly rising tech savvy smartphone and tablet users.
  4. 4. What is Contentmarketing ?•Digital media is growing rapidly and transforming every aspect ofbusiness with social media channels viz; Linkedin, Facebook,Twitter, YouTube , Blogger and many more.•Digital media has had a profound impact on the lives of people andhow they communicate. Today 9 out of 10 professionals are extremelyactive online on one or the other social media channels, networkinggroups and forums.• All this has made way for the tested and proven method “word ofmouth marketing” but now online. Digital media has made itpossible to reach, engage, educate and influence people online inrealtime.•At Valve Solutions we push quality digital content viz; blog posts,Youtube videos, Slideshare presentations regularly among youraudience allowing them to engage in real time and in turn influenceother like minded professionals to generate relevant inbound leads.
  5. 5. An illustration of how it works ?•Jim is an automation professional who watches a YouTube video or readsone of our blog posts on Facebook about your products. He has been lookingfor industrial automation solutions in his plant & is influenced by the same.•He immediately shares this link over Linkedin with his production teamand discusses the same over lunch on how this product can reduce frequentbreakdowns.•The production head Tom makes note of the same and further shares thiscontent with production heads of other plants on Linkedin, by email and ona forum on industrial automation where he is active..•Later on during one of the meetings with the buyers group and productionheads, Tom raises an indent asking the buyer Jack to send out an RFQ toyou as your product offers solutions to their frequent plant failures and lossof revenue.• Jack is active on twitter & tweets this link he further takes this up andshares this content with other buyers within the organisation and sends youan enquiry, thus working on a bottoms up approach.•END USER + DEPT HEAD = PRESSURE ON BUYER = ENQ + OFFER =NEW ORDERS
  6. 6. Why our B2B digital marketing platform is a game changer ?• Traditional direct marketing, print media advertising, tradeshowsare all big budget marketing with falling ROI as against a highlydynamic technology driven marketing plan.•With technology impacting every form of business in a rapidlydynamic business environment and shrinking product life, it ishighly imperative to get your product to the marketplace before thecompetition.•With customised B2B digital contentmarketing businesses can.reach, engage, educate and influence the much relevant audienceacross markets, industry, technology 10x faster on our digitalplatform built up over 3yrs at a fractional cost.• Valve Solutions mobile app has further reduced this inbound leadgeneration cycle as we attempt to influence your audience at his/herleisure 24 x 7 via smartphones and tablets away from their desk.
  7. 7. How SME’s can hugely benefit from our B2B digital marketingplatform ?•Direct marketing, cold calling, tradeshows have always got a foot inthe door for well established brands at big budgets. However thebiggest disadvantage being the experience cannot be amplified to alarger audience unlike digital media.• Email marketing, SEO, PPC, Print media, digital advertising workas brand recall but do not guarantee any relevant lead generation asit fails to communicate in real time and influence the audienceabout the solutions and USP of your product.• SME’s want to scale across markets, industry and audience profilefor increased awareness , brand building all on a shoestring budget.At Valve Solutions our engineers understand the challenges inselling technology and build your content around your audiencefor distribution on our ready to go platform at a fractional cost.
  8. 8. How our customised B2B digital marketing solutionsare unique unlike other B2B portals ?•Other B2B portals like and build a static websiteadvertising your products on their, much bigger static website.•They highlight the importance of keywords so you list among the 50odd companies when somebody does a search on google etc. (SEO)•Our survey revealed 90% of enquiries received from search marketingwere irrelevant, out of range, industry, product specs don’t match etc,making them futile with little or no value/ROI.•Valve Solutions offers a customised B2B dynamic product, which canbe accessed on multiple platforms including our mobile app andcontinues to work for you 24 X 7 exponentially over time.• We push your digital content regularly to reach, engage, educate andinfluence your audience in real time looking for solutions in yourproducts. Our engineers ensure your content is appealing.• Contentmarketing can work virally with quality content and the rightstrategy, and can continue to influence like minded people over time.Increasing the chances of a relevant inbound lead/enquiry by 100%.
  9. 9. VALVE SOLUTIONS is smart !!!•At Valve Solutions we strive to improve the user experience of ourservices. As smartphones and tablets are fast becoming affordableand popular , mobile apps are fuelling rapid engagement andconsumption of digital media.•By downloading our mobile app users can seamlessly engage withdigital content across all our channels with a click (Blog, Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Slideshare) without having toindividually log in to each site seperately.•Besides when a user reaches our mobile friendly blog through someexternal link using a smartphone/tablet, he is automatically taken toour mobile app version allowing him access across all our channels.•This allows him uninterrupted content engagement and an optionto act on that very instinct and share content on a social mediachannel of his interest thus increasing the virality of the content.
  10. 10. Join, Like, Subscribe, Follow us at rd=&gid=2436680
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