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  2. 2. • C.K.Ranganathan started Cavinkare in 1983. • In 2004, The Economics Times voted Ranganathan “Entrepreneur of the year”. • According to him his business never looked back because he was particular about paying income tax. • Strategies used by Ranganathan  - Relationship with suppliers - Marketing networks The Beginning. . .
  3. 3. • It bothered Ranga that his shampoo was not the one tht had the highest market recall. • In 1988 Ranga came up with innovative idea - one sachet of chik shampoo free for every four empty sachets of any shampoo. • Later, he changed the scheme and gave one free sachet of chik shampoo for every four used chik sachets. • Sales went up to Rs 12 lakhs a month from around Rs 3 lakhs  THE OUT OF THE BOX STRATEGY
  4. 4. • Chic Insights • Barriers for the Product • Communication Strategy • How Chik shampoo Conquered the rural market.
  5. 5. • Challenging decision to reduce cost by 50% without comprising on quality. • R&D denied but Ranga said "biggest block to growth is term "not possible”. • Finally they managed with SOP. (half of 1re pack). • Ranga went further with fragrance and new bottle of 50-ML keeping family in mind. ACTUALIZING THE INSIGHT
  6. 6. • Most of the people in south India uses traditional herbs for hair care. • So Ranga introduced MEERA with Kunkudukai(reetha) and Badam in Andhra. • Also, launched meera in Tamil Nadu with shikakai and in Kerala with hibiscus leaves as these products are best for hair nourishment. • Today in south India CavinKare products are 2nd brand leaving behind Hindustan Unilever and P&G. Origin of MEERA
  7. 7. • FMCG company introduced a new perfume SPINZ in the market. • Price barrier- as a perfume costs around Rs100 which was not affordable. But, he launched it in Rs 10 and Rs 2 pack. • People mostly wanted the perfume to last for the whole day, which practically not possible. • Though spinz is the 4th largest perfume by sale, Ranga is not happy with it and also assures improvement in his product. INTRODUCTION OF SPINZ
  8. 8. Fairever successFairness cream market : • High margins ,Dominated by Fair & Lovely and Low mass penetration. • Problem: Low advertisement budget. • Alternative: Build brand credibility & product appeal. • Strategy: 1.Promoted Fairever as a cream that changed lives. 2.Priced at premium:-consumer willing to pay more. 3.Built strong distributor relationships.