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Optimal use of information


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Published in: Business
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Optimal use of information

  1. 1. Optimal use of information<br />Numbers - Thinking - Outcomes<br />Making data work<br />
  2. 2. Why focus on use of information?<br />13/06/2011<br />Too much data, not enough intelligence<br />Where is the ROI on my info/data spend?<br />I don’t think we are measuring the right things<br />I don’t know what information is available<br />The information I have is not decision-ready<br />
  3. 3. Training structure - three core areas -<br />Making sense of data sources<br />Internal<br />Agency<br />Public/clinical<br />Other<br />Info revolution<br />13/06/2011<br />Implementation<br />Business cases<br />Bonus schemes<br />Targeting<br />PM<br />Reporting<br />Match info to company needs<br />Presentation<br />Clarity<br />Messaging<br />Alignment<br />Commentary<br />
  4. 4. Delegates- training for - <br />Business Intelligence<br />Emphasis on data sources and how to present them internally<br />13/06/2011<br />Marketers and other HO roles<br />Emphasis on use of information to build compelling plans <br />Customer facing<br />Emphasis on use of information to drive business with customers<br />
  5. 5. Course design- formats -<br />Off-site<br />Venue - Roffey Park Institute<br />8-10 delegates or whole dept <br />1 to 1 training<br />13/06/2011<br />At HO<br />Company or dept - specific<br />1 to 1 training<br />Curriculum<br />Designed with training dept.<br />Tailored to development need<br />
  6. 6. Follow-up- a lasting partnership -<br />On-going mentoring<br />One-to-one<br />Face-to-face<br />Aligned to PM<br />13/06/2011<br />Business case advice<br />Task-oriented<br />Feedback/QC on project<br />Refinement<br />‘hot-line’ <br />Advice line<br />No question too simple or complex<br />
  7. 7. Trainer – Andrew Finnegan<br /><ul><li>18 years experience in Pharma (big and small)
  8. 8. Managed data contracts worth £1m+ pa
  9. 9. Designed/ran bonus schemes worth £12m pa
  10. 10. Managed data reporting strategy for ~1500
  11. 11. Implemented company FF restructure </li></ul> (from ~1500 to ~800 personnel)<br />Why VA Consultancy?<br />13/06/2011<br />