Ireland; Rainwater Harvesting System


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Ireland; Rainwater Harvesting System

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Ireland; Rainwater Harvesting System

  1. 1. Water is a scarce and increasingly expensive resource and Government policy and new building regulation require the installation of water conservation measures. Today, planning consent and the award of Government building contracts is often conditional on being able to meet new water conservation standards. A typical family uses 70,000 litres of mains water each year for toilet flushing, laundry and garden irrigation and much of this could be replaced with harvested rainwater. Toilet flushing alone accounts for 30% of water usage in most homes. Actual savings depend on local rainfall patterns, the size of the roof catchment and the space available for water storage. The potential mains water savings in a light commercial building can be up to 80% of consumption. By At Halsted Rain we understand that installing a rainwater harvesting system is often a compromise between available space, the utility required and budget. That is why we have designed a state-of- the-art above ground rainwater utilisation system for toilet flushing and micro irrigation that is visually discreet, easy to install and above all reliable. It is ideal for new build and retrofit projects alike. The system is modular and easy to configure to a range of layouts to make best use of the Rainwater Harvesting Systems available space. Multiple tanks can be joined together using the coupling provided to achieve the desired rainwater storage capacity. Unit 52, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Baldoyle, Dublin 13. Tel: 01 832 6210 · Fax: 01 832 6277 Benefits of Halsted Rain Urban Rainwater Harvesting � Low capital cost Affordable � Easy to install � Low maintenance � Narrow tank minimises any obstruction Ultra Slim � Integrates into existing rainwater systems Profile � Visually discreet � Made from durable high density UV protected plastics Proven � Incorporates a quality pump and mains water top Performance up valve � Complies with UK standards and regulations � Modularity allows flexibility in configuring the design layout Easy To Install � Permanent installation using steel support frame and simple fixings � ‘Plug & Play’ pump and mains valve options The Halsted Rain Ultra Slim integrated system comprises a filter, storage tank, delivery pump and mains top up valve. Rain falling on a roof is channelled via the existing gutters and down pipe to a filter which removes leaf litter and other debris before diverting the water into a storage tank. The filter is mostly self cleaning and the tank is purpose designed to protect the quality of filtered rainwater during storage. When a service demands rainwater a pump is automatically activated by a pressure switch to draw water from the tank. The flow rate is sufficient to refill a modern toilet cistern in less than a minute and other pump models are available for heavier duty requirements. In the event that demand exceeds the availability of rainwater, a mains water valve is automatically opened to Simple - Reliable - Affordable partly refill the tank. The mains valve kit comprises a valve, float switch and tundish to comply with water regulations.The tanks are easy to install on a wall or integrate into a boundary fence using the steel support frame provided. The filter is installed in the existing down pipeand the pump and mains valve either inside the property or outside in a protective enclosure.Services can be fed directly as depicted in the schematic below or indirectly by gravity via a header tank. 1. Rainwater filter, diverter, tank overflow & back flow prevention. 2. Rainwater tanks with steel tubular support frame. 3. Insulated tank outlet & cable to float switch. 4. On demand wall mounted delivery pump. 5. Rainwater main to services. 6. Garden watering via rose gun. 7. Mains top up via valve connected to float switch and tundish.