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Social Media 101


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After having few experiences in small organisations with little or non social media strategy I have decided to bring more understanding of the foundations of social media and what should be expected from it.

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Social Media 101

  1. 1. Viviana Ascencio Fundraising Marketing Intern Social Media?
  2. 2. The background
  3. 3. 1. Understand Social Media 2. Understand the Consumer 3. Set Clear Objectives Getting Social Media to Work
  4. 4. 1. Understand Social Media
  5. 5. “Online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.” - What is social media?
  6. 6. “Software tools that allow groups to generate content and engage in peer-to-peer conversations and exchange of content (examples are YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace etc).” (Bottle PR) What is social media?
  7. 7. “It's like a party in someone's house. Lots of conversations going on in different rooms about all sorts of different things, somehow though you always end up in the kitchen or hallway. The difference is that you create that ‘hallway or kitchen’ space” (Guy Stephens, 2009 ) What is social media?
  8. 8. • Engagement • Technology • Software • Sharing • Communication • Conversations • Creation
  9. 9. One to Many Dialogue What is Social Media ?
  10. 10. 2. Understand the Consumer
  11. 11. The New Consumer? Self centred? Cat lover?
  12. 12. The New Consumer
  13. 13. Gen C is a state of mind Gen C strives for expression Gen C is constantly connected Gen C values relevance and originality Generation C
  14. 14. Is a State of Mind
  15. 15. Consumer has a Voice
  16. 16. Consumer has a Voice More than 1 million creators around the world
  17. 17. Consumer has a Voice • 24 million Active users in the UK • Average daily uploaded FB photos 350 million • Average number of messages sent daily 10 Billion
  18. 18. Consumer has a Voice Users produce about 44.5 million new posts and 56.7 million new comments each month.
  19. 19. Consumer has a Voice 5 Million of daily Article Pins
  20. 20. 1. Understand Social Media
  21. 21. • Participation • Engagement • Technology • Software • Share • Peer-to-peer • Communication • Social interaction • Conversations • Rooms (Spaces) • Creation
  22. 22. Awareness Consideration Preference Buy The Impact on Business
  23. 23. Awareness Buy The Impact on Business
  24. 24. The Impact on Business 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision
  25. 25. The Impact for Businesses Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted (nearly 12 times more) than descriptions that come from manufacturers Emarketer, 2010
  26. 26. Information Connectedness The impact for Business
  27. 27. The impact on Business
  28. 28. Buying Journey Touch Points
  29. 29. Buying Journey Touch Points
  30. 30. Social Media is a top of the funnel action Awareness Consideration Preference Buy
  31. 31. The Reality of Networking Platforms In average a typical Facebook user has 300 friends
  32. 32. The Reality of Networking Platforms How many are really close to you?
  33. 33. The Reality of Networking Platforms How much you care what other share?
  34. 34. The Reality of Networking Platforms Where is the line between the social platform and the marketing tool?
  35. 35. Buying Journey Touch Points
  36. 36. 3. Set Clear Objectives
  37. 37. “Strategy first, execution second” How can we start a dialogue?
  38. 38. Choose you goals wisely • Create awareness • Enhance customer support • Increase engagement • Acquire new supporters • Increase registrations • Educate
  39. 39. Choose you goals wisely Position Barnardo’s as a leading children’s charity
  40. 40. Choose you goals wisely In other words: We want to position the charity to be a top of the head option
  41. 41. Create SMART Objectives
  42. 42. Choose you goals wisely Increase in 5% the awareness of the Big Toddle in the South East of the UK by the end of 2014
  43. 43. Choose you goals wisely S •Create awareness M •5% A •Compare to prev year R •Accordingly with Co Strategy T •Year 2014
  44. 44. “A social strategy – a real one – is an adaptation to the new social customer, plain and simple” (Dr. Michael Wu, 2013)
  45. 45. Listen What is trending in SM? Monitor Keywords and Key messages
  46. 46. Listen Use social media monitoring platforms
  47. 47. Recognise Who is already talking about you? Opinion leaders
  48. 48. Recognise Facebook helps you to monitor the level of engagement
  49. 49. Plan your Content Use content to achieve business objectives not content objectives
  50. 50. Decide how to Approach each channel Refine your decision about the types of content you'll post in each channel.
  51. 51. Decide how to Approach each channel Short, informative Interests How – to Light entertainment Build experiences Life project Professional interests Professional project
  52. 52. Monitor The more you understand the effect of your content the better benefits you’ll find in your SM
  53. 53. Overview • Social media is one of digital marketing channels • The new consumer is a state of mind • Work closely to your organisation strategy • Take the time to plan
  54. 54. Viviana Ascencio Fundraising Marketing Intern Thank you!