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Digital Marketing Workshop


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Join us & ActionCoach for ‘Increasing Profits With Lead Generation’ Digital Marketing Workshop. Hosted & presented by head coach Simon Ellson & YouTube Certified Uzair Kharawala. You will learn the 5 ways to a profitable business lead generation system using video marketing.

Workshop content includes:
How your beliefs about Marketing could be affecting your business
What strategies work for your business and customers for improving awareness and profit
What are the “5 Ways” to Massive Profits
Live video shoot setup
How to create simple 1 min videos using your smartphone
How to promote them using £1/day
How to rank your videos on Google & YouTube search pages for free traffic
How to build your sales funnel with lead magnets
How to nurture your leads from cold to ready-to-buy customers
How to repurpose videos in multiple formats.

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Digital Marketing Workshop

  1. 1. @sfdigital Uzair Kharawala
  2. 2. @sfdigital ● Business started as a part-time business by Farzana in 2002. ● We are a ‘one-stop’ shop for digital imaging & marketing from concept to campaign. ● We offer Google Ads, Web Design, Photography, Video and more... About Us
  3. 3. @sfdigital Direct Google Access Proven success is what puts Partners above the rest. We stay ahead of the curve by working directly with Google. With access to training & product updates, Partners stay on top of what’s going on with Google. Partners stay up to date by passing Google-administered certification exams. About Us
  4. 4. Why I Started The 90-Day ‘Upload 1 Video A Day’ Challenge?
  5. 5. Video Marketing Without Your Own Video!!!
  6. 6. @sfdigital Sales Funnel
  7. 7. @sfdigital Sales Funnel
  8. 8. Studio & Equipment
  9. 9. @sfdigital My Studio Green Screen WebcamLight Microphone
  10. 10. @sfdigital Equipment £49 £60
  11. 11. Results...
  12. 12. @sfdigital Results So Far... Equivalent to 101 days of my audience listening to my message in 30 days….on complete autopilot!
  13. 13. @sfdigital Getting Results... Within 7 minutes of uploading
  14. 14. @sfdigital Getting Ranked... Within minutes of uploading
  15. 15. @sfdigital Getting Ranked...
  16. 16. @sfdigital Video is the fastest, cheapest & the best way to build trust on auto-pilot in my humble opinion... You just do the work once! Why Video?
  17. 17. @sfdigital Feedback
  18. 18. @sfdigital Feedback
  19. 19. @sfdigital Progress 30 Subscribers 6,341 Subscribers Jan 2018 Mar 2019
  20. 20. @sfdigital Getting Noticed
  21. 21. Push & Promote
  22. 22. @sfdigital Push & Promote
  23. 23. @sfdigital Push & Promote
  24. 24. How To Generate Leads Into Your Sales Funnel
  25. 25. @sfdigital Sales Funnel
  26. 26. @sfdigital Sales Funnel
  27. 27. Marketing Automation
  28. 28. @sfdigital Sales Funnel
  29. 29. 60-Second Video Script & Video Shoot
  30. 30. Thank You! Get the slides here: