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What can I start with Rs.10,00,000?


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These slides deal with the various trending sectors for starups and the activities that could be performed with the seed fund of Rs 10,00,000, a speculative amount that the startups might in setting the foundation for the company.
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What can I start with Rs.10,00,000?

  1. 1. What can I start withRs.10,00,000?Ideation
  2. 2. Chart out and include capital& operating expenses.
  3. 3. Idea # 1• Food chain Franchise model• Opportunity: Food outlets are around any cornerwe see because food is essential and people areready to pay to fulfill their basic need, which ishunger.• Scaling up: Scaling in food business can happenfaster through a franchise model.• Create a successful business model in a physicallocation and encourage entrepreneurs to replicatethe same and earn profits.For more details visit our blog:
  4. 4. Idea # 2• Online classrooms• Opportunity: With the advent of internet peoplecan avoid meeting physically and work from theirconvenient location. By leveraging online tools onecan easily set up these virtual classrooms.• Scaling up: Further, one can easily scale it byusing online marketing tools since you know whereyour audience is.• Key elements of a classroom are a tutor, learners,knowledge transfer tools and teaching aids.For more details visit our blog:
  5. 5. Idea # 3• Online book store• Opportunity: It is a great proposition to captureliterate instincts online and convert them into profits.• Scaling up: You need to channelize your focus onbuilding a robust e-commerce site and handlingbank end logistics.• There are many successful business stories aboutonline book stores turning popular and profitable.For more details visit our blog:
  6. 6. Idea # 4• Mobile games• Opportunity: Games are no more associated onlywith entertainment. Games as an interface is beingexplored in sectors like education, candidateanalysis, screening tests, marketing and a lot ofunthought-of areas.• Scaling up: With good design and programmingabilities, creating mobile games are easy and goodones are always easy to scale up.• Mobile games are appreciated by a consumer as itis available on his/her phone and one does nothave to move out of his couch to a gaming store.For more details visit our blog:
  7. 7. Did you know?Utthishta funds business ideasFor more details visit our blog:
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