Online startup space segmentation


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The Online market has become pretty crowded and you need to be aware of its distribution in various segments before you decide to start your own online portal. These slides present an excellent direction in this regard and talks of the various segments in the online space, their percentage distribution and the role they play.

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Online startup space segmentation

  1. 1. Online Startup space segmentation
  2. 2. Utthishta has mapped crucial segments in the online space to provide a quick snapshot about online markets. Segmentation provides better clarity to entrepreneurs about customer segmentation, product positioning, target audience and pricing strategies.
  3. 3. E- Commerce Cloud Computing Online & Social Media Digital Marketing & SEO
  4. 4. • Offers products online. • The charm of this segment is how well a provider is able to showcase a product online, how he is able to capture the attention of and potential consumers and also sustain the interest of the consumer. • The e-commerce bubble in India got visible in 2009-10. • Struggle in this segment: to increase online sales by influencing the customer to make a decision while the customer is surfing the portal online. E-Commerce For more details visit our blog:
  5. 5. • The „Indian Railways‟ is the biggest e- commerce site in India selling railway tickets and travel packages. Other players marched into this segment by selling products like books, clothes, electronics and so on. • E-commerce sites are failing to influence the decision maker to make a purchase from their online portal. This sector has seen turbulent oscillations but still is one of the glamorous segments demanding consumer attention. E-Commerce For more details visit our blog:
  6. 6. • News, media, PR and social media channels are segments in the online and social media sector. • The channels that keep people busy with their keyboards and keypads are blogs, micro blogs, social networking sites, picture sharing sites, video bloggers and news feeds. Online & Social Media For more details visit our blog:
  7. 7. • Apart from the buzzing communities, technology has created room for itself. Innovative technology has been morphed into magazines, interactive forums, social networks, podcasts, instant messaging and music sharing. • Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Orkut, Youtube and Linkedin are some of the most popular brands which has made themselves indispensables for social and not so social users online. Online & Social Media For more details visit our blog:
  8. 8. • Most industry experts say,“Cloud computing implementation and innovation is slow in India”. This has not trended towards cynicism but towards opportunistic behavior. • Cloud as a sector is providing myriad of solutions like tele-medicine, setting up remote-classrooms, CRM and ERP. Cloud Computing For more details visit our blog:
  9. 9. • The big story began with as a CRM platform however, now we see Salesforce on an acquiring spree. This indicates that the cloud is not only getting bigger by the number of verticals but also by the number market players. • There is a forecast that cloud computing may increase the export figures of India. IP enabled cloud could bring more innovations from India. All that a provider and a client need to wary about is the security and privacy issues. Cloud Computing For more details visit our blog:
  10. 10. • While the sectors mentioned above are placed in the production and distribution functionalities of an organization, this one demands the attention of marketers. If matter exists then marketing exists and hence began the story of digital marketing and search engine optimization. • Digital marketing and digital ad agencies are growing. Other innovative services like content marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing are emerging in this space. Digital Marketing & SEO For more details visit our blog:
  11. 11. • Startups are crafting innovations by generating tools that handle analytics, mass distribution and process innovation. • SEO is a thin vertical in digital marketing but is not thin enough to be ignored. It still has its sheen in terms mastering the art of juggling with keywords and reconfiguring algorithms. Digital Marketing & SEO For more details visit our blog:
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