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These slides talk of one of the most innovative, effective and cost efficient ways of marketing; Social Media Marketing ie. Marketing of Facebook. These slides talk of the different options available in Facebook ads and give a brief overview of how they could be used effectively to increase traffic into your website or Facebook page.

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Marketing on facebook

  1. 1. Marketing on Facebook Marketing
  2. 2. “A very effective marketing tool for B2C companies. ”
  3. 3. Facebook Page The page allows you to make announcements through posts. Your posts could be about a new product release, an important branding event or a simple quote that is thought provoking. The idea behind publishing posts is to draw attention.
  4. 4. Page Features Tabs are something that makes your page look special. Add the tabs that would most useful for your audience, customize them and reorder them. Cover picture is another feature that helps you speak about your firm’s exclusivity. By customizing your page URL, though it is an internal page, it helps your brand show up on the top page of search engines.
  5. 5. Likes & Shares The content you generate to create a buzz needs to be likeable and shareable. The content you are disseminating could have all the details about your firm or product but without the likeable element in it, the content stays on your page and does not get of there.
  6. 6. Followers If you have a parallel community that supports your business activities, use this feature build audience. They could in turn be prospective customers who are interested in the products and services you offer.
  7. 7. Events Facebook page also has the feature that helps you announce about your events to audience engaging on your page. It helps you manage the invitee list which tracks RSVPs for you. You can boost your event posts depending on the interests of each of your members participating on your Facebook page. You can also run polls, campaigns and contests to the attention of your audience.
  8. 8. Groups for distribution A group typically represents a set of people with common interests. These groups are free to start and easy to manage. They also serve as an effective distribution channel to disperse your content.
  9. 9. Facebook ads A paid channel. Typically the content shared on your Facebook page gives you only 16% reach to your potential audience. A Facebook ad on the other hand penetrates through the reach smartly. However, an ad on Facebook should be carefully positioned to reach the target audience.
  10. 10. For more details visit our blog: Any online marketing tool available today, offers a mind boggling number of features to promote your brand. Smart marketers do not need all of them. They use only what is required to accomplish their objective.
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