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How to measure your marketing campaign


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These slides talk of the various parameters that act as benchmarks for the entrepreneurs to measure their marketing campaign. They also talk of the KPI's of marketing and of marketing mix and how to achieve substantial results through them.

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How to measure your marketing campaign

  1. 1. How to measure yourmarketing campaign?Marketing
  2. 2. “Marketing campaigns are run toachieve certain pre-determinedbusiness objectives.”
  3. 3. “In the garb of designing amarketing campaign the focusslowly dwindles towards theglamour of campaign instead ofdesigning it to achieve theobjectives.”
  4. 4. “Entrepreneurs need to benchmarkand measure a marketingcampaign based on the resultsachieved.”
  5. 5. Marketing campaigns need to beresult oriented.
  6. 6. KPIs used to measure marketingcampaign1. Conversions2. Reach3. Impact4. Sales & Revenue5. Cost per conversionFor more details visit our blog:
  7. 7. KPIs for Marketing• Sales growth• Conversion rate• Sales per square foot• Return on marketing investment• Conversion on ad spendFor more details visit our blog:
  8. 8. Marketing mix & KPIs•Product – market segmentation, customersegmentation, product/service, productpositioning, etc•Price – Mass marketing, Premium pricing,discounted market price and so on.•Promotion – publicity, advertising, branding,etc•Place – distribution channels, geographicsegmentation, physical and virtual distributionstructure.For more details visit our blog:
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