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How to form a company


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The slides deal with the initial steps that the entrepreneurs need to take before setting up a company and a brief overview of the different stages involved in getting your company registered.
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How to form a company

  1. 1. How to form a company?
  2. 2. Incorporation process of acompany involves threecrucial elements nameavailability check, documentsubmission and financialcommitment.
  3. 3. Name availability check• Obtain a DIN – DirectorIdentification Number• Apply for digital signature• Submit identification & address proofwith photographs• Register name using Form 1A• Avoid duplication of namesFor more details visit our blog:
  4. 4. Document submission• Memorandum and Articles of Associationcontaining business objectives and rules& regulations for the management.• Form 18 to inform existence /change inlocation of registered office• Form 32 to submit particulars aboutappointment of managing directors,directors, manager and secretaryFor more details visit our blog:
  5. 5. Other documents• Form 1, 18 and 32 in duplicate• Declaration of compliance• Name availability letter issued by RoC• Power of attorney letter where everapplicable.For more details visit our blog:
  6. 6. Financial commitment forincorporation• A government fees will be charged for theirservices. Financial resources should beavailable for– DIN registration– Name registration– Stamping duty– Depending on the amount of authorized capital,a fee needs to be paid at the time of registration.If such amount exceeds Rs.1000, the paymenthas to be made by a Demand draft or Cheque.– Other minimum capital stipulations have to beadhered to at the time of registration.For more details visit our blog:
  7. 7. Utthishta’s ADVICE• To complete these legal processessuccessfully, it is highly recommendedthat you approach and hire theservices of a Chartered Accountant ora Company Secretary.For more details visit our blog:
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