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Hiring employees in your startup


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Hiring employees forms a very important aspect of running a startup company. Unlike in the Corporates, money is limited in a Startup and every rupee that you invest in hiring a new employee ought to give you returns. These slides contain a few things that you need to keep in mind when you decide to hire.

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Hiring employees in your startup

  1. 1. Hiring Employees in your Startup
  2. 2. Startups usually have not more than 3 members as founder members. Things might go on smoothly in the initial months when there isn’t much work and each one of them could look at the various aspects of running a Startup. But as the Startup starts growing bigger and both work and clients start increasing, you’ll need to start hiring
  3. 3. Going to Hire: Careful Unlike in the Corporates, money is limited in a Startup and every rupee you spend in hiring and paying employees should give you the best returns. The slides that follow give you a checklist of things that you need to keep in mind before you start hiring in your startup.
  4. 4. The Validation Since you are hiring for the first time, getting your hire validated by your mentors, be it your investors or your former employer would do you good.
  5. 5. Jumping guys don’t last long Make sure you look at the earlier track record of the person you’re hiring. If he has jumped from companies too often you might as well not hire him/her.
  6. 6. The Non-Corporate Guy Most of the people who you find prospective for hiring are from the Corporate Sector. Unlike in the Corporates, work structure isn’t rigid in Startups and preference might be given to those who have had an experience in the Startup atmosphere. They would find it easy to acclimatize with the work structure at the Startup
  7. 7. The Get Along Factor Since an employer in a Startup has to don many roles at once, you need to work in conjunction with all the teams in the company. Make sure you new hire gets along well with the rest of your team in the Startup.
  8. 8. A story focusing on the above mentioned points can be had at: employees-in-your-startup/
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