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Business plan vs business execution


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The aim of these slides is to throw light on the scope and purpose of a business plan and execution of those plans.
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Business plan vs business execution

  1. 1. Business Execution vs Business Plan
  2. 2. “The title sounds comparative, the aim of this article is to throw light on the scope and purpose of a business plan and execution of those plans.”
  3. 3. credit to bring something into reality. Planning involves catering time to research and ability of forecast contingencies. One blatant truth is that great planners need not be great executors. The plans generated by a manager could be the best one, but only on
  4. 4. For more details visit our blog: “ What happens when plans are executed?”
  5. 5. Assumptions Assumptions during planning turn out to be wrong while executing them. A lot of the assumptions used during planning are out of the blue which are not backed validation and experience. Hence, plans based on such assumptions backfire during execution.
  6. 6. Environmental changes Changes in the business environment always backlash plans during execution. Most plans stay away from prospective environmental changes to avoid risk. Nevertheless, considering these changes into plan would enable smooth execution.
  7. 7. Too many cooks spoil the dish Plans are created by few at the top management. During execution lot more people are involved who need to coordinate resources and dependencies. If the human dependencies lack coordination, plans have higher chance of failing.
  8. 8. Dynamism inherent in execution Any plan that requires action to happen, involves dynamism. The set agenda may change due to various factors.
  9. 9. Inability to adopt change When people are asked to execute a plan, it involves quick adaption. This requires floor managers and line managers to adopt new processes, policies and external developments.
  10. 10. Co-manager disruptions Political disruption is a problem that occurs at the face of execution. When managers cannot co-exist in a set environment, it results in disruptions that create a ripple effect and dilute the motive of execution.
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