Angel investments in india


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Get a brief overview about the Angel Investment Network in India and of the different services they offer to the start up companies in India. Also get to know about Utthishta, a company offering seed funds for start ups. Get funded and watch as your ideas take wings and soar high.

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Angel investments in india

  1. 1. Angel Investments in IndiaAngel investments refer to theinvestments made by the angelinvestors.
  2. 2. Who is an Angel Investor?• He is an affluent person who is quite willing toinvest in Startups and on ideas in their nascentstage.• In return for the investments made, the Angelinvestors take an equity stake in the company.• A Small number of investors organize themselvesinto Angel groups that look after the investmentsand channel the funds to the right and potentiallydelivering teams and ground breaking ideas.
  3. 3. • The angel investors are quite willing to takethe risk by investing in your start up if theyfind your idea conceivable and could givethem substantial returns in the next 3 to 5years.• The investments made by the Business Angelscould range from a few lakh rupees to 1 or 2crores.• The size of the investment depends on thestage of the startup company and on theingenuity of the idea and its feasibility.
  4. 4. • Angel Investors are usually people who’vebeen entrepreneurs or executives in the past.Hence, in addition to the investment, thestartups also get mentoring along withfinancial and legal advice as a bonus.• Angel Investors are aptly called the ‘Angels’ asthey provide the Entrepreneurs the muchneeded breakthrough, the kick start they’dneed in establishing a startup company.
  5. 5. • The number on Angel Investors in India hasrisen drastically over the past few yearsindicating the profit associated with theseinvestments and of the huge potential inYoung India that was left unharnessed untilrecently or was ‘Brain Drained’ to the West.• With the Angel network expanding andreaching out to every corner of the country-both rural and urban alike, the IndianEntrepreneurs are up for a new beginning.
  6. 6. • Utthishta is one such company that providesthe seed fund needed in establishing acompany in return for an equity stake in thecompany.• Have an idea? Think that the idea could be thenext big thing in the Market? Share your ideawith us @
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