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Start up to grown up


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Published in: Business
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Start up to grown up

  1. 1. Start-Up to Grown-Up: 10 Key Lessons From A Business That Went From Small To Large Share this Ebook! PRESENTS © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  2. 2. From Start-Up to Grown-Up Based on our previous Blog on Business Leadership & the 10 Things Successful Start-Ups Do, we now want to Share with you some of the Lessons which the Innocent Company learned during their Journey from being a Start-Up to becoming a very Grown-Up Corporate. Look on it as a 10 Point ready reckoner for Success, We Do! Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  3. 3. 1. Follow The Need & Know Your Audience 2. Think Better, Not Different 3. Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing 4. Start Small, But Start In our opinion, this is one of the most important ones. 5. Keep On Keeping On and Never Ever Give In Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  4. 4. 6. Success Is About Resilience Which will come as no Surprise to those of you that regular follow our Blogs is another Key One for The Mudd Partnership. 7. Create and Express A Clear Purpose 8. Do Less, Better 9. Be Clear About Your Values, Capabilities and Experience & Finally the really Crucial One if You are serious and Intend to Stay in Business for the Long Haul; 10. Grow Revenue, Save Costs, Make Money! Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  5. 5. Website : Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Pinterest: YouTube: Share this Ebook! Questions? © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |