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Sudha kulkarni murthy_by_i.w._ix_'c'_ project work

  1. 1. Born: August 19, 1950 (age 60 ) Shiggaon, KarnatakaOccupation: Social worker and writer.Spouse: N. R. Narayana MurthySudha Kulkarni Murthy is an Indian social worker and author. She is known for herphilanthropic work through the Infosys Foundation but was a computer scientist andengineer in her early career. She did B.E. in Electrical Engineering from the B.V.B.College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli. She stood first in Karnataka for which shereceived a gold medal from the Chief Minister of Karnataka. She also completed herM.E. in Computer Science in 1974 from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, stood
  2. 2. first in her class and received a gold medal from the Indian Institute of Engineers.Among other things, she has initiated a move to provide all government schools inKarnataka with computer and library facilities. She also teaches computer science andwrites fiction. Dollar Sose (Dollar daughter-in-law), a book originally she wrote inKannada and later translated to English as Dollar Bahu was adopted as a television serialin 2001.She was the first female computer engineer employed at (Tata motors), Pune andworked as a programmer in the early days of Infosys. She had written a postcard to JRDTata complaining of the gender bias in Tata Motors (Telco then had a men-only policy)and she was invited for a special interview by Tata Motors. She was living in Pune from1974–1981, later she moved to Mumbai. It was her savings of Rs. 10,000 that wasinstrumental in the founding of Infosys; N.R. Narayana Murthy proudly mentions thisfact on several occasions. Sudha Murthy is a writer and has written many stories, mostly published by Penguin,which deal with common lives and human values such as charity, kindness and selfrealization. As a sensitive writer she writes about the suffering of the people. The maincharacters in all her books are highly educated, non compromising, highly principledwomen.  Some of them are following –  The Bird with Golden Wings  How I Taught My Grandmother To Read
  3. 3.  Gently Falls the Bakula  Dollar Bahu  Mahashweta  Old Man And His God  Wise & Otherwise  Magic Drum & other storiesPersonal details Mrs. Murthy is the wife of software industrialist N.R. Narayana Murthy, the sister ofJaishree Deshpande (wife of billionaire telecom tycoon Gururaj Deshpande) andrenowned Caltech astrophysicist Sir Shrinivas Kulkarni FRS, and the granddaughter ofthe late Shri Narayan Rao Melgiri, a prominent early 20th century Kannadiga advocate.The couple have two children - Rohan and Akshata. On Aug. 30, 2009, Akshata Murthytied the knot with her Stanford classmate Rishi Sunak, in a well-attended ceremony atthe Hotel Leela Palace Kempinski, Bangalore. Akshata, is a former associate of SiderianVentures, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Rishi Sunak, a British citizen of Indianorigin, is a partner at the UK-based charitable hedge fund TCI, The Children’s Investmentfund.
  4. 4. Awards received by this great woman63She was presented with the Raja-Lakshmi Award on November 19, 2004, in recognitionof her outstanding contribution to social work by the Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation,Chennai. In 2006, she was awarded the Padma Shri, a civilian award from theGovernment of India and received an honorary doctorate from Sathyabama University.
  5. 5. Project submitted by : Paras Yadav Utkarsh Verma Ashutosh Jha Varun VaidEnglish project work submitted by group: Inchon Warriors IX C