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Brochure featuring Utility Trailer Manufacturing's 4000A flatbed trailer. Contact Utility Trailer Sales of Utah at 888-973-4040 for more information or visit us on the web at www.utility-trailer.com.

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Utility4000A Brochure

  1. 1. T he most productiveFl atbeds in the industr y
  2. 2. A legacy of innovation. a commitment to qualit y. Engineered for Excellence A History of Trust A Utility flatbed has always been a product without For nearly 100 years, Utility has time and again compromise, constantly improved by continuous established a standard that others were challenged innovation, giving you a product that can be relied to follow. Innovation and a commitment to quality upon for years of service. Our philosophy is that run in our blood, being both a family vision for always an investment in better technology means better improving our trailers and a tradition of delivering the performance, lower operating costs and a longer highest quality products to our customers. life cycle. That is what you can expect to receive from every Utility flatbed. Whatever the application, There have been many significant milestones in our you can be confident that there is no better built history. Utility was the first trailer manufacturer to flatbed available on the market today. plasma-cut one-piece main beams and we It is understood designed our own 100% soldered wiring harness. that to be the best, In 2007, the 4000A® was introduced, using both Lowering life cycle we have to build steel and aluminum materials, making it stronger costs through the best. That’s yet lighter. Durability, reliability and high quality all innovation since 1914. why each Utility come standard on our flatbeds. flatbed is a trailer The 4000A®, 4000S®, Drop Deck flatbed, flatbed of unmatched quality. We take our commitment to doubles and the Tautliner ® curtainsided trailer are building a reliable product seriously. This means a Utility flatbed owner can be confident that there all manufactured at our Enterprise, Alabama facility. is no better value available—value realized in lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs and longer trailer life. Up close, you can see the craftsmanship that sets a Utility flatbed apart.“Real-world” Tested for best in class performance To deliver the highest quality products in the industry, Utility maintains a comprehensive, state- of-the-art Research & Development facility. Our dedicated and highly-trained staff tests the functionality and durability of our trailers and their components so that they meet our high quality standards. Both static and cyclical analytical tests are conducted by our engineers and designers to research, design and test standard trailer models. In addition, every standard trailer model and component is “real-world” dynamically-tested on our own rigorous outdoor test track to meet optimum performance standards. All new designs, specifications and components will only be approved after they are track-tested under “real-world” conditions to evaluate the effects of compression, tension, torsion, abuse and more. When our trailers perform on our test track, they perform in the real world. That’s quality that delivers. Reefer Dry Van Flatbed Tautliner ®·· Greater Thermal Efficiency ·· Light Weight Polyurethane Core ·· Lower Tare Weight ·· Greater Versatility·· Lowest Tare Weight ·· Best-in-Class Productivity ·· Reduced Maintenance Costs ·· Total-Weather Protection·· Lower Fuel Costs ·· First EPA Certified SmartWay ® ·· Greater Durability ·· More Loading Flexibility·· Proven Durability ·· Durable Snag-Free™ Lining ·· Proven Quality ·· Loads Like a Flatbed·· Highest Floor Strength ·· Lowest Tare Weight ·· Protects Like a Van
  3. 3. f l at b e d s flatbeds Le ading the way by redefining standard We believe there is no better flatbed built today. Besides offering flatbeds with the highest quality standard features, we also 48 Size Specifications offer flatbeds for a wide set of applications. We are earning our 102" These are the dimensions of our flatbeds. To find out how a Utility flatbed will work best for you, call your local Utility dealer or visit www.utilitytrailer.com. customers’ trust by equipping each flatbed with technology that makes it simply stronger, lighter and better. 7" 22" 24" 32" 12" 32" 24" Spool Centers 40" 20" 24" Pocket Centers 24" 16" +1 +1 58 ³⁄8" -½ 53 5⁄16" -½ 47" 11 7⁄16" 26" 535/16" 30" 139 9⁄¹6" 455½" 90½" 48 Overall Length Specifications and dimensions may vary by model and are subject to change without notice. 102"Heavy Duty Pipe Spools Hat-Shaped Top Flange Higher Quality Paint ProcessFeaturing a 6,500 lbs. Working Load The 80,000 psi high tensile steel for Lower Life Cycle CostsLimit rating, the heavy duty extruded hat‑shaped top flange provides additional 100% Soldered Modular For more protection against rust and Durable Outrigger Attachmentsaluminum pipe spools are robotically lateral stability to the trailer from its Electrical Wiring System corrosion, exterior main beam surfaces Three heavy duty aluminum tube-shapedwelded to the side rail on 24" centers attachment to the extruded aluminum The Utility-designed modular, sealed are shot blasted prior to painting with a outriggers are located on each sidebetween adjacent pockets. The pipe floor. Cad-plated screws secure main harness has 100% soldered two-part primer and two-part urethane of the flatbed. Outriggers connected Integral Winch Trackspools surpass U.S. Department of the top flange to the outboard floor internal connectors to prevent corrosive top coat. Interior surfaces of the main to the crossmembers provide stability The full-length winch track is integratedTransportation (D.O.T.) and Transport planks on each side to help resist the de‑icing chemicals from travelling through beams and crossmembers are painted and help distribute the load to the main into the extruded aluminum side rails onCanada requirements for load scrubbing action caused by wide spread connections into the wiring system and with a durable rust preventative coating beams. The unique hinge-style bolted both sides of the trailer for increasedsecurement points. suspensions ensuring a long life cycle. comes with a 10-year warranty. for lower maintenance costs. attachments provide longer outrigger life. load securement versatility.
  4. 4. Utilit y’s Unwaver ing commitment to sustainabilit y Next Generation Thinking EPA-approved zero ODP (ozone depletion potential) For nearly 100 years, Utility has built the strongest and 245‑FA foam blowing agent which contains zero VOCs lightest weight trailers available. With four generations (volatile organic compounds). All paints and coating of Bennett family ownership, Utility has created an are lead-free and low in VOCs and HAPs (hazardous air enduring legacy of innovation and a dedication to pollutants). We have reduced our VOCs by over 20% and delivering quality products. At the same time, Utility also our HAPs by over 87%. Wood products used in our trailers understands the value and importance of preserving the are bought from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or environment. Our commitment to sustainability includes Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) programs. adopting environmentally-friendly standard practices Utility manufacturing facilities are also actively reducing through responsible resource usage, material recycling, their impact on the environment in their communities waste reduction, emissions reduction programs, and and improving working conditions inside our plants. We energy conservation to preserve the environment for are converting our forklift fleet to clean-burning natural future generations. gas. We are implementing a change-out program toward low energy fluorescent lighting and are converting our Integrating Environmentally Friendly manufacturing facilities’ lighting and heating to computer- controlled systems. Source control and process changes Technologies & Processes have led to a 33% reduction in scrap metal and up to 33% Our trailers are built with light weight, durable, fully tested diversion of waste going to local landfills. designs which incorporate industry-leading technologies, high quality materials and reliable components, all yielding increased trailer value. Our commitment to Thinking Smart. Thinking Ahead. producing quality products has efficiently and effectively Utility strives to minimize the carbon footprint of our improved our manufacturing process and has significantly trailers. Our conservation efforts are not only aimed reduced the carbon footprint of our trailers. In 2007, at protecting the environment, but also to provide a Utility was recognized as an environmental leader when safe, healthy workplace for our employees. We take our our 4000D-X® dry van became the first EPA Certified responsibilities seriously and are committed to sustaining SmartWay ® trailer. All of our reefers are insulated using the environment for generations to come. www.utilitytrailer.com 17295 E. Railroad Street, City of Industry, CA 91748© 2012 Utility Trailer Manufacturing. All rights reserved.