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Tip and guidelines for power point presentations


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Tip and guidelines for power point presentations

  1. 1. By, Dylan Hoffman
  2. 2. Font and Text  Large block text (put big font for your text) allows for everyone to see—at least size 18 to 24  font: Any font or text capable to read Use clearly.  ALL CAPS Acceptable  exclamation points or questions marks No
  3. 3. Clip Art and Graphics Should balance the slide. Should enhance and complement the text, not overwhelm. No more than two graphics per slide.
  4. 4. Format/Template  Color combination that is easy to read. The intensity of colors can differ depending on the computer, the projector and/or the room. Please practice your presentation in the boardroom (see below for practice information).  Limit graphics to 1-3 per page  Board Presentations are converted to a PDF file o Transitions, bells & whistles are not available in pdf format  Proofread, spell check and practice (please see below for practice times and arrangements)
  5. 5. Colors Dark Blue to project a stable, mature message - has a calming effect Red or Orange or to trigger excitement or an emotional response Green to make audience comfortable Yellow to get audience attention quickly (more so than any other color) Gray to promote the idea of "quality" White to project honesty/sincerity Black is not appealing to most viewers
  6. 6. Background   Avoid backgrounds that are distracting or difficult to read from Always be consistent with the background that you use
  7. 7. Site I used ntations%20Guidelines%202013.. Tips/powerpoint.html ations-tips.ppt