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Ocean creatures


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Ocean creatures

  1. 1. Ocean Creatures Sharks have sharp teeth I have dark teeth. Sharks have gills and I have no bills. Whales are blue and everyone can get the flu. Whales are very big and I can dig. Crabs have claws and I’ve seen Jaws. Crabs have shells and I can ring a bell. Star fish can be pink and they like to sink. Star fish can also be red Because they can go to bed. Dolphins can jump and people can get bumped. Dolphins can do tricks and people are slick. Seals are very real and most people can make deal. Seals can be really wet and seals can go to a vet.
  2. 2. Turtles can hide and I can go outside. Turtles try to run butits not really fun. Snakes can be awake but they may not shake. Snakes can bite and but people can fight. Jellyfish can sting but won't be fun in the ring. Jellyfish is a kind of fish but I can clean a dirty dish.