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  1. 1. Technology & Security Enhancement Millage, February 25, 2014 Direct Per-Student Funding to Local School Districts Why is the MAISD asking for a technology and security enhancement millage? Over the past year, local district public school leaders and the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) have been discussing ways to adequately fund technology. Improved technology in the hands of more students will help them become more competitive and will prepare students to be college and career ready. In addition, funds will be used to purchase and maintain technology to secure buildings. With current per-pupil funding even lower than it was back in 2007, schools do not have adequate funding for technology and security. When will the millage appear on the ballot? The MAISD is planning to place a technology and security enhancement millage on the February 25, 2014, ballot. What will voters be asked to approve? Voters within the MAISD will be asked to support a proposal to raise property taxes by one mill for ten years. The owner of a home with a market value of $82,000 would pay $41 more a year for ten years in property taxes, while the public schools would receive $4.3 million every year to cover expenses related to technology and security. How will the money be distributed? While the funds will be collected through the MAISD, by law every dollar will be distributed to each local public school district based on student enrollment. How much money will the millage generate per student? The millage will generate an estimated $163.95 per public school district student. Doesn’t the MAISD already have a “tech millage” in place? The MAISD has never had a technology millage in place to fund things like computers, smart boards, software, support, infrastructure, and security at each of the local school districts. No enhancement millage exists within the MAISD. Currently the MAISD does have a vocational millage that pays for career and technical education programs attended by over 760 students at the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center. Who will decide how the money raised from an enhancement millage will be spent in local schools? Each individual school district will determine how the funds raised for an enhancement millage will be spent. Each district has a specific list of funding needs for technology and security. How will all public school students benefit from a technology and security millage? All students will have greater access to technology tools and resources that will prepare them for tomorrow’s world of work, college and beyond. How can funding for technology impact student safety? Schools can use technology and security enhancement funds for things like interior and exterior security cameras, computerized entry systems, alarm systems, identification cards, enhanced communications systems, and a host of other related security items. What legal requirements will be met through a technology millage? By law, schools are required to provide online learning opportunities, online standardized testing beginning in 2015, and many other technology related programs and services. A technology millage will provide the funding needed to meet these legal requirements. How is an enhancement millage different than a bond issue? Unlike a traditional school bond issue, an enhancement millage is interest free and can be used to fund such things as infrastructure, support services, training, and software. Who can I call to get more information? Contact your local district superintendent, or contact MAISD Superintendent Dave Sipka by email or by phone at 231-767-7201. To learn more visit: Updated November 5, 2013