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Utah Tribal Leaders Meeting


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March 9, 2012 Presentation to the Utah Tribal Leaders Meeting at the Utah Division of Libraries. Presentation includes detailed maps, by provider and technology, of available broadband in tribal areas of the state.

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Utah Tribal Leaders Meeting

  1. 1. Utah Tribal Leaders March 9, 2012
  2. 2. The Utah Broadband Project Purpose To develop a statewide map of available broadband services and aplan to increase broadband adoption and deployment in the state.
  3. 3. Website:
  4. 4. Twitter: @utahbroadband
  5. 5. Using Mapping Data for Broadband Planning:UNSERVED UTAH HOUSEHOLDS
  6. 6. Winter 2011 Broadband Service Areas47 Providers: Mobile, Fixed Wireless, Cable, DSL, Fiber Wireless Wireline
  7. 7. Summary of FindingsWayne County has the highestpercentage, at 18.04%, of unservedhouseholds in the state(representing only 278 households)• 15.36% are unserved in San Juan County (859 HHs)• 5.22% in Garfield County (163 HHs)• 3.64% in Kane County (178 HHs)• 2.59% in Piute County (22 HHs) This 5-county, Southeastern portion of the state has a total population of 31,373. For comparison, Salt Lake County’s population is 1,029,386 and Summit County’s 36,202
  8. 8. Summary of Findings99.67% of Utah households are served by broadband• Approximately 3,187 Utah households still lack broadband access• Out of 246 incorporated cities/towns in Utah, approximately 177 have some form of broadband service provided to every household98.56% of Utah households have a choice of two or more broadbandproviders• 11.93% have residential fiber service availableOut of Utah’s 29 counties, 14 entire counties lack any residential fiber accessFive of Utah’s 29 counties lack any broadband access from fixed wirelessproviders (Carbon, Duchesne, Rich, Uintah, and Wayne Counties)
  9. 9. What about Urban vs. Rural Speedsdemand? In Utah, the urban/rural divide is est. at 2-4%A 2011 surveyconducted by USUand SUU concludedthat there is nourban/rural gap indemand forbroadband in Utah. *Source: “Broadband Statistics Report: Broadband Availability in Urban vs. Rural Areas” National Broadband Map, NTIA. Data as of June 2011, Report published February 2012
  10. 10. What providers, technologies and services are available in my area?FOCUS ON TRIBAL AREAS IN UTAH
  11. 11. Shoshone(Northern Box Elder County)Wired :ComcastFrontierMobileWireless:SprintAT&TCricketVerizonFixed Wireless:CacheBroadbandDigis
  12. 12. Skull Valley Goshutes(Central Tooele County)Wired :BeehiveCentraComMobile Wireless:VerizonFixed Wireless:None
  13. 13. Ibapah Goshutes(Western Juab County)Wired:BeehiveMobile Wireless:None(Some AT&T Wireless signalfloods in from Nevada)Fixed Wireless:None
  14. 14. Paiute(Kanosh, Koosharem and Indian Peaks)Wired:CenturyLinkMobile Wireless:AT&TSprintVerizonFixed Wireless:See slide 16
  15. 15. Paiute(Cedar and Shivwits)Wired:NoneMobile Wireless:AT&TSprintVerizonFixed Wireless:See slide 16
  16. 16. Paiute(Entire Area-all bands)Fixed Wireless:AltazipInfowestSkywire
  17. 17. Ute(Uintah and Ouray)Wired:StrataMobile Wireless:AT&TSprintStrataVerizonFixed Wireless:None
  18. 18. Ute(White Mesa-Central San Juan County)Wired:FrontierMobile Wireless:AT&TFixed Wireless:River Canyon Wireless
  19. 19. Navajo(Southern San Juan County)Wired:FrontierMobile Wireless:AT&TT-MobileVerizonFixed Wireless:River Canyon Wireless
  20. 20. Interested in more stats on how ‘connected’ tribal lands are? Go check out the “Native Nations” feature on the National Broadband
  21. 21. How can community leaders get involved?UTAH BROADBAND ADVISORYCOUNCIL
  22. 22. Utah Broadband Advisory Council Mission: To examine the condition of broadbandadoption and deployment in the State of Utah and to provide the Governor and Legislature with recommendations andpolicy guidance related to the findings of the Advisory Council.
  23. 23. Utah Broadband Advisory Council Next Meeting: March 14, 1:30-3:00 p.m. @ Hilton Garden Inn, St. George RSVP to:
  24. 24. QUESTIONS? Tara Thue 801-538-8742 or 801-541-3473Website: http://broadband.utah.govEmail to receive our monthly newsletter