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Public Safety Broadband Network


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Kevin Rose, with the Utah State Interoperability Executive Committee, gave this presentation to the Utah Broadband Advisory Council on August 16, 2012.

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Public Safety Broadband Network

  1. 1. National Public Safety Broadband Network Kevin Rose SWIC 8/16/2012
  2. 2. What is it?• Legislation signed into law for the creation of a public safety broadband network (LTE)• Creates an “independent” federal agency to oversee the network implementation and operations – First Responder Network (FirstNet)• Allocates 20 MHz of spectrum for the network
  3. 3. What is it?• Allocates 7 billion dollars for the construction of the network• 135 million allocated for a state and local planning grant program – August 22, 2012 – States will need to provide information to FirstNet on existing local infrastructure
  4. 4. FirstNet• FirstNet will publish an RFP for the construction of the network• Once RFP is complete, FirstNet will present the plan to each states governor• Governor has 90 days to decide to “Opt-in” or “Opt-out”
  5. 5. Opting Out• The state will be responsible to build out their own radio access network• Must complete an RFP within 180 days• Plan must be approved by FirstNet – Must be interoperable with the national network• States may apply for an 80/20 grant to construct the network
  6. 6. What are we doing?• SIEC created a Broadband Subcommittee – Assess the current and future needs for public safety broadband – Create broadband initiatives to be added to the SCIP – Plan and prepare for the NPSBN in Utah
  7. 7. Subcommittee Membership• Kevin Rose (SIEC/DTS)• Chief Corky Brewer (Moab Fire Dept)• Chief Chris Burbank (SLCPD)• Doug Chandler (DTS)• Dallas Cook (UPD)• Bert Granberg (AGRC)• Justin Grenier (St. George Police)• John Leonard (UDOT)• Bryan Low (Logan PD)• Paul Patrick (BEMS)• Steve Proctor (UCAN)• Chris Siavrakas (UDOT)• Shirlee Silversmith (Division of Indian Affairs)• Tara Thue (Broadband Project)• Bill Harry (VECC)• Commercial Carrier Representation
  8. 8. Questions?