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Map of the Month - National Parks


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Christy Heaton, with the Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center, gave this presentation to the Utah Broadband Advisory Council on June 21, 2012.

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Map of the Month - National Parks

  1. 1. June 2012 Map of the MonthMobile Broadband Availability in Utah’s National Parks
  2. 2. Utah’s Five National Parks• Arches National Park• Bryce Canyon National Park• Canyonlands National Park• Capitol Reef National Park• Zion National Park
  3. 3. Why National Parks?• Its summer and travel season!• Draw in visitors from all over the world• Located on periphery of wireless broadband coverage areas• Safety/rescue issues?• Visitor centers are community anchor institutions• Verification
  4. 4. What are we looking at?• Provider data is from most recent submission, drive test data was collected in July 2011 (drive test data is a function of signal strength and other factors)• Drive test points are colored by speed (up and down), gray-scale colors represent speeds below broadband, colored dots are above broadband minimum (warmer colors represent faster speeds)• Provider submitted data is blue• Main campgrounds and visitor centers are marked
  5. 5. Arches National Park
  6. 6. Arches National Park
  7. 7. Bryce Canyon National Park
  8. 8. Canyonlands National Park
  9. 9. Capitol Reef National Park
  10. 10. Zion National Park
  11. 11. Conclusions• National Parks have areas of spotty or unreliable access to wireless broadband• Visitor centers appear to have coverage• Drive test data mostly aligns with provider data but not always...
  12. 12. • Questions? Discussion