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Online consumer navigation


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Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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Online consumer navigation

  1. 1. Online Consumer Navigation Presented by: Nick Bilava
  2. 2. How do people navigate online? Search engine is where it begins. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc. Different types of results- organic, ppc, search engine directories Where should I be found?
  3. 3. Majority of Internet Traffic starts with a search engine…
  4. 4. Organic Placement Often referred to as “SEO” or search engine optimization Results are often viewed as most relevant not only by the search engine but consumers as well Takes time and money; doesn’t happen overnight A lot of content strategy and linking to appropriate sites
  5. 5. Organic (cont) Search engines view these as the most relevant results for a particular search being done…
  6. 6. Pay Per Click (PPC) Placements at the very top or right side of the page Advertiser incurs a charge every time their ad is clicked on Can lead to instant placement atop the search engines Very costly if not managed correctly
  7. 7. PPC (cont) The search engines will place those who are willing to pay the most per click at the top most generally.
  8. 8. How Consumers Shop… Type in your website directly (few do this), SEO or PPC, and utilize Directories. Directories are becoming ever popular Travelocity, Hotels.Com, Orbitz Chances are, you have used one before.
  9. 9. They are everywhere!
  10. 10. Storage Directories Instant placement online Much cheaper than SEO or PPC to get started Can display a wide variety of information Most everything is tracked so you know the return being generated Several companies can be listed amongst the results.
  11. 11. Storage Directories (cont) Easy to navigate and find facilities in your area….
  12. 12. The new avenue of Social Media! Becoming a huge part of online marketing strategy in the past few years Facebook, Twitter, Linked In Results aren’t as strong and immediate The goal is to create valuable content vs. content that sells directly Trying to increase as many followers and connections so when they someday do need storage……your facility will come to mind
  13. 13. Why so many options to consider online? Different types of consumers! – Consumers who know exactly what they want – Consumers who have used storage before – Consumers who have never used storage before All these consumers will navigate a different way online!
  14. 14. Multi Tiered Approach All online consumers are different Some will know your website Some will find your site on the search engines Some will use a directory to compare options
  15. 15. I know what I want! (Consumer A) Referrals, previous customer, you are located close to them Likely to go right to your website Most willing to reserve online Least likely to spend a lot of time shopping
  16. 16. I’ve used storage before, I want a good deal! (Consumer B) Will search multiple websites shopping for a bargain (organic, ppc, directories) Most likely to go to a comparison site (directory) where they can put several options side by side and decide which location is the most appealing for them Online quotes, incentives, specials will jump out at these people.
  17. 17. 1st time storage user, any idea what I need? (Consumer C) 1 out of 3 are 1st time storage users Likely to search multiple websites looking for size indicators, general information about the rental process, storage tips, etc. These people will pick up a phone and call vs. typing out all their questions online. 100% effort on these people as they are likely to choose who makes them feel best about their options.
  18. 18. Track what is working Now that you are using multiple avenues to capture people online, verify what is working. Google analytics, tracking numbers, unique offers on each source (coupon codes). Try different things to see if it increases traffic
  19. 19. Google Analytics Track all of your efforts both online and off to see what is being generated Indentify trends, consumer patterns, seasonality You can create reports to show graphs, charts, etc needed to analyze what makes the most sense for your spend.
  20. 20. Tracking #’s Track each and every call coming from a specific source! You’ll be able to see call volume from your website vs. a storage directory you might be using vs. a ppc campaign. Spot caller trends, missed opportunities, peak call times, etc.
  21. 21. Tracking #’s (cont) Most tracking number companies will provide some type of portal to view data You can analyze call volume, spot trends, learn where your tenants are coming from, etc The ability to listen to live customer calls vs. mystery shops
  22. 22. Unique Coupon Codes I saw 1st month free online somewhere? Will allow you to verify where the person found you depending upon the offer they mention People like to feel like they are getting a good deal with a coupon See which offers generate the most inquiries, find out what motivates your client base!
  23. 23. Stay in front of online shoppers Don’t cut advertising that is working Keep your name out there even if your vacancies are minimal. Empty units cost more than most online advertising! As long as it provides a good return, why not use it?
  24. 24. Rentals! Multi tiered approach online is necessary Each consumer shops different Lots of avenues to explore Everything works in synergy, the more exposure, the better.
  25. 25. Thank You! Nick Bilava 866-880-0742