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Tips on mugging,extortion and kidnapping


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Tips on mugging,extortion and kidnapping,Karachi, police,Monarch,security

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Tips on mugging,extortion and kidnapping

  1. 1. “If you want total security, go to prison. There youre fed, clothed, given medicalcare and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom.”Dwight D.EisenhowerTips on Mugging/Extortion/Kidnapping
  2. 2. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Town Wise Layout of KarachiAccording to estimates from the Human RightsCommission of Pakistan, close to 2,284 people werekilled in violent attacks in Karachi in 2012. Victimsrange from civilians to policemen, the paramilitaryRangers to development workers, journalists tolawyers.
  3. 3. Behavior Suggestions on Mugging, Extortion and Kidnapping:• Be unpredictable. Do not settle into a routine. Vary times and routes to and from work or socialengagements.• Remember, there is safety in numbers. Avoid going out alone. When traveling long distances byautomobile, go in a convoy. Avoid dangerous areas of the city.• A privately owned car generally offers the best security. Avoid luxury or ostentatious cars. Keepyour automobile in good repair and the gas tank at least half full. Driving in the center lane of amultiple lane highway makes it difficult for the car to be forced off the road.• You should immediately change your number if an extortionist calls also refuse to talk and donot engage in any conversation with him till you are told by the authorities pursuing your casefor you.
  4. 4. • Avoid moving in high risk areas in the city.• Be aware of what happens in the city by listening to the radio and subscribing toalerts.• Don’t use your cell phones enroute as excessive texting or scrolling takes up yourconcentration and you lose sense of things and people around you.• Don’t stop to share at any unusual scene on the road, it may be a set up.• CPLC has a self claimed success rates of 98.7% while trying out cases of kidnapping,give them a try, you have your life to lose in return.• Give the robber what he wants--money or personal items--without hesitation. Your lifeis worth more than your cash and jewelry.• Talk only if youre spoken to. Avoid getting angry and never speak sarcastically.Words are weapons that can offend and incite. Keep yours in their holster.
  5. 5. A final word of Advice1. The overwhelming majority of victims have beentargeted in their vehicles on the way to or from work.2. A large number of people targeted have ignored themost basic security precautions thus sometimes theobvious has to be stated again and again.3. Violent tactics used by culprits are not static. Asprecautions prove effective, they change their methods,so you must change your security settings as well. As wesay that security is an evolving process and should neverideally stop.
  6. 6. CPLC – An OverviewThe following crime statistics for 2012 are based on reporting by the Citizens PoliceLiaison Committee (CPLC) and local law enforcement reports; however, many crimesremain unreported:2,032 targeted killings (murders associated with political, sectarian or terrorist groups)1,790 kidnappings for ransom4,720 vehicle thefts with approximately 42 percent recovered18,774 motorcycle thefts with approximately 12 percent recovered23,962 cell phone thefts
  7. 7. Maj ® Usman FarooqMonarch Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd.Southern RegionSweet Dreams