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Win zip 15 standard [download]


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Win zip 15 standard [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - WinZip 15 Standard [Download]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating2.8 out of 5Product FeatureInstantly compress your files into moreqmanageable sizesEnjoy access to all major compressed file formatsqPassword-protect your files with powerful AESqencryption as you zip them, all in a single stepUse our innovative Zip and E-mail feature to zip,qencrypt, and email a file without having to openany other applicationsRead moreqProduct DescriptionSharing, protecting, and storing files has never been simpler! Instantly package, password-protect, andcompress your files with WinZip, the worlds leading compression utility backed by over 20 years of experiencein the field. With WinZip, you can instantly compress your files into more manageable sizes and open all majorcompressed file formats with a single click. Working with confidential information? In one simple step, you canpassword-protect your files with powerful AES encryption as you zip them! Did you know that zipped files areideal for sharing? With WinZip, you can organize and compress your data into small, logical groups that areperfect for fast distribution and easy storage. Whats more, you can use our innovative Zip and E-mail featureto zip, encrypt, and email a file without having to open any other applications. With WinZips latest release, youcan zip and unzip files up to twice as fast! WinZip 15.5 introduces an advanced zip engine that takes fulladvantage of your hardware for speedy compression. To make your job easier as well as faster, WinZip 15.5also includes newly-refined processes with fewer steps and faster navigation. This version lets you customizeour one-step desktop gadget and introduces a freshly streamlined Unzip and Try tool. For multi-userenvironments, WinZip 15.5 provides additional enterprise controls over email configuration - now you cansafely manage how your employees use our handy Zip and E-mail feature! Save space, save time, and keepyour files safe with WinZip 15.5. Read more