Spanish english dictionary for mac [download]


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Spanish english dictionary for mac [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Spanish-English Dictionary for Mac [Download] ViewUserReviews Average Customer Rating 3.0 out of 5 Product Feature This Spanish-English dictionary includes overq 290,000 detailed translations for about 75,000 headwords. Click on any word in a translation to look it up,q conjugate it, add it to your flashcards, or search for usage examples online. Conjugate thousands of Spanish and English verbsq in all standard forms. Create custom flashcards to memorize vocabularyq lists, verb forms, and more. Define and translate Spanish and English words inq email, web browsers, PDF files, documents, and more with the hotkey. Read moreq Product Description Ultralingua's Spanish-English dictionary for Mac includes all the reference tools you need for language learning in a single place. Keep Ultralingua on hand while you're writing, reading, memorizing vocabulary, and studying English and Spanish grammar and you'll always have the word you need. Dictionary: You'll easily find the Spanish and English words you need with this dictionary. Search results and suggestions are displayed instantly and narrow as you type, so you don't need to know precise spelling to find what you are looking for. Verbs: Verbs: The verb conjugation tool provides complete conjugations for thousands of Spanish and English verbs in all standard forms. This is a must-have reference for Spanish and English language learners. Your English and Spanish conjugations will always be accurate. Flashcards: The custom flashcard builder works with the dictionary to help you memorize word lists and vocabulary. Create, organize, edit, and view flashcards as you need them. You can also click any word you see in the dictionary to send it to your flashcard deck to customize and review later.
  2. 2. Grammar reference: Spanish and English language learners need to master plenty of grammar and usage rules, and keeping track of them all can be a challenge. Grammar guides are built into Ultralingua dictionaries for Mac so information on everything from modal verbs to noun cases is only a click away. Numbers: Translate any number into Spanish or English text in the number tool. The Spanish-English Dictionary for Mac was built to work offline, so your flashcards, dictionary, verb conjugations, grammar guide, and more are always available whether or not you have an internet connection. Download yours now to get unlimited access to thousands of verb conjugations, translations, the flashcard builder, and more. Read more