Serif page plus x5 [download] [old version]


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Serif page plus x5 [download] [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Serif PagePlus X5 [Download] [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.0 out of 5Product FeatureCreate any type of digital or printed documentqincluding professional print projects, marketingmaterials, interactive e-brochures and more.Open, edit, and export PDFs and optimize them forqonline efficiency or professional printing.Design high-quality documents fast withqeasily-customizable and professional templates.Get free help and support including on-screenqHow To guides, video and written tutorials, phoneand email support and much more.Achieve great printed results easily on regularqhome printers or use industry-standard PDF/Xcompatibility for reliable, accurate andprofessional results from print shops.Read moreqProduct DescriptionBoost your business, organization or club with professional-quality advertizing, sophisticated print designs andelectronic documents from PagePlus X5, the best-in-class, award-winning desktop publisher. Whether yourenew to design or have prior experience, PagePlus X5s intuitive workspace, eye-catching artwork, flexiblefeatures, broad compatibility and industry-standard output will give you the confidence to create fantasticpublications yourself. And this version brings you even higher quality design, ease-of-use and end results! Frombrochures to books, menus to magazines, flyers to forms and pro printing to PDF editing PagePlus X5 makesprofessional desktop publishing easy. Its like having a design agency at your desk! Read moreProduct DescriptionProfessional Desktop Publishing Made EasyCreate professional-quality advertising, sophisticated print designs and electronic documents with PagePlus X5,the best-in-class desktop publisher. From brochures to books, menus to magazines, flyers to forms andprofessional printing to PDF editing, PagePlus X5 does it all quickly and easily--like having a design agency atyour desk.Design Documents Fast
  2. 2. Customizable templates and intuitive toolsfor fast results.Get stunning results quickly and easily using customizable templates, drag n drop designing, and intuitivetools. There is also plenty of support available including on-screen help, instructional videos, and step-by-steptutorials.Make professional-quality marketingmaterials for your business.Create Professional Advertising: Totally flexible layouts allow you to create any type of printed or electronicdocument. The beautiful typography and powerful text & image editing tools are perfect for makingprofessional-quality marketing materials for your business.Make Any Document: Create a wide range of tailored business publications including adverts, brochures,business cards, flyers, newsletters, posters, stationery, and much more.Consistent Design in an Instant: Add your logo, images, and text to one of the 800 included themedtemplate sets and youll have an entire range of documents and marketing materials customised for yourbusiness.Colour Your Business: Change the colour of everything, from business cards to flyers, in a jiffy. Choose fromfresh and contemporary preset colour schemes or create your own unique colour ranges.See Template Editing in Action: Building a business is time-consuming so we made designing publicationsand marketing materials as fast and easy as possible.Import text and imagesReplace an imageChange fontChoose new coloursAdd your own details
  3. 3. Easy to UseYoull find PagePlus X5 easy to use without compromising power. People new to desktop publishing willappreciate all the intuitive help on offer, while experienced designers can be highly efficient.Intuitive Tools: Complete common tasks with a click or two using familiar and helpful tools and features.On-screen How To Guides: Step-by-step instructions walk you through everyday and advanced designprocesses.Intelligent Assistance: Designing documents is easy with dynamic guides, grids, rulers and wizards.Videos and Tutorials: Learn new tips and tricks to use in your projects. Watch videos linked directly fromPagePlus X5 or print out instructions for easy reference.Work in Your Own Way: Change the screen layout to show as many or as few tools, tabs, and tips as you likeand customise your keyboard to make your own shortcuts.The All-in-One DesignerDesktop publishing is much more than laying out existing content on pages. PagePlus X5 is so versatile andfeature-rich, you can use it to design just about anything.Easy Drawing Tools: The Logo Studio has a range of easy-to-use tools and effects so you can create customgraphics or quickly adapt one of over 400 ready-made logos.Photo Editing Built-in: Enhance photos in the PhotoLab and Cutout Studio. Crop, recolour, add effects andremove backgrounds without leaving PagePlus X5.Powerful Word Processing: With freedom to layout text anywhere and anyway you want, its easy to designprofessional-looking documents.Make Online Documents: Creating optimised digital versions of your print designs is a breeze. Publishe-brochures and other documents to promote your business or service and impress with audio and video inyour highly compatible PDF presentations--all in just a few clicks!Full PDF EditingReceive complete control of PDF files.PDF files are common-place in businesses and on the Internet. PagePlus X5s unrivalled PDF editing capabilitiesgive you total control of your PDF files and make updating documents easy. Open almost any PDF and edit itlike a regular PagePlus file. When you have finished, easily export the document as a PDF optimized for printingor the uploading to the Web.Edit Everything: Fully edit almost any PDF file as if it was a regular PagePlus document.Correct typos or other issues
  4. 4. Replace text and change fontsUse new imagesResize, recolour, rotateChange the layout or page setupRepublish designs as PDFsOptimize PDFs: Export PDFs ready for the web or perfect for printing--clear presets show you the way.Combine PDFs: Easily merge PDF files and delete pages, change titles, update contents and more.Add Security: Protect the content of your PDFs with passwords for opening, copying and printing.Easy High-Quality PrintingFlexible print options give you perfectresults every time.Say goodbye to complicated print jobs. Flexible print options give you perfect results every time. Printdouble-sided, even on regular printers, or send compatible, high-quality designs to a print shop for professionalresults.Desktop Printing Made Simple: Quick prints are easy with new controls and an interactive Print Preview.Switch document types, paper size and add crop marks at print time.High-Quality Professional Printing: Submit important projects to print shops with confidence. PagePlus X5has industry-standard PDF/X compliance to ensure perfect results.Easy Double-Sided Printing: PagePlus helps you print double-sided on regular printers without theheadaches!Adapt Your Designs: Easily turn regular documents into folding booklets and brochures without redesigning.Accurate Color: Your designs will look fantastic, with ICC colour management and professional colour models.Advanced Power
  5. 5. How Does PagePlus X5 Compare? View larger.As well as being easy to use, PagePlus X5 is a business-class desktop publishing software package. A massiverange of high-end features cater for all kinds of professional requirements.High-End Typography: OpenType swashes, ligatures, fractions and more help beautify your documents.Broad Compatibility: Use any existing resource--import popular word processor files, photos and graphics.Electronic Forms: Design and share forms as interactive PDFs--and receive submitted form data for free!Books and Catalogues: Easily mail merge addresses and other data, and combine PagePlus files withBookPlus to simplify any long documents.Tables and Calendars: Present information neatly by including stylish tables, custom calculations, dynamicdates and much more.Lots More to Explore: PagePlus X5 still has so many more tools and features you can discover that will helpcreate amazing documents.Read moreYou May Also LikeSerif WebPlus X5 [Download]Serif DrawPlus X5 [Download] [OLD VERSION]King Arthur