Serif draw plus x4 [download] [old version]


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Serif draw plus x4 [download] [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Serif DrawPlus X4 [Download] [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.0 out of 5Product DescriptionDrawPlus X4 is the powerful, fun, and versatile designer that makes creating beautiful artwork and graphicseasier than ever. Design attractive logos and documents for print, create eye-catching Web graphics andbanners, paint and sketch with easy tools that let you edit at any time, enhance your photos by quicklytransforming them into stunning pieces of art, turn drawings into animations, and output your designs at highquality and at any size--whatever your level of experience.All the shapes, lines, paintbrush strokes, text, and effects you create are editable--all the time.
  2. 2. Use high-end tools, techniques, colors, color management, and professional graphics formats.Design UnleashedDrawPlus X4 makes it easy to achieve creative results fast.Easy to UseBe creative with DrawPlus X4, whatever your experience, with video tutorials to smooth the way.Instant ResultsReady-to-use designs and an on-screen gallery of instant art and symbols get you results fast.Versatile for Any ProjectGo for it! You can tackle fun, serious, print, Web, large, small, static, and animated graphics.Professional PowerUse high-end tools, techniques, colors, color management, and professional graphics formats.High QualityGet high-quality artwork out of DrawPlus X4 at any size with dynamic printing and exports.Go Back and Edit AnytimeAll the shapes, lines, paintbrush strokes, text, and effects you create are editable--all the time.Create Stunning ArtworkSketch and paint naturally using realistic brushes and media.Paint with Realistic BrushesPaint with lifelike watercolor, oil, charcoal, and many other brush tips--without mess--plus a handy Undo button,freedom to edit stroke paths, and change the brush tip; even for existing strokes.Natural paint and brush texturesPressure-sensitive response for added realismSpecial effects brushes for fog, cloud, and smokeUse designer textures to add realism and agePaint photo-quality stitching, glitter, and moreIntelligent Drawing ToolsQuickShapes, curve smoothing, and smart tools all help non-artists achieve fantastic results.Advanced Vector PowerEnhance your drawings with editable perspective, warps, skewing, roughening, and shape blending.Professional Blend ModesAchieve unique artistic effects by combining the color and brightness of objects in smart new ways.Amazing EffectsApply and customise impressive effects like bevels, glows, surface textures, and Instant 3D.
  3. 3. Give your artwork even more hand-made realism with a graphics tablet.Achieve Even More with a Graphics TabletGive your artwork even more hand-made realism with a graphics tablet. Pressure-sensitivity offers your strokesnatural faintness and depth for better brushwork, sketching, writing, shading, and more natural flair.Pressure StudioAutomatically calibrate your tablet(s) to suit light and heavy strokes or manually tweak and test your pressuresensitivity in an impressive, all-new Studio.Dynamic ToolsCustomize your tablets buttons, wheels, sliders, and ExpressKeys (found on Wacom Intuos4 tablets) for thehighest level of productivity and ease of use.Logos & Web GraphicsCraft high-impact and high-quality graphics for print and the Web.Ready-to-Use GallerySimply drag and drop instant artwork and also reuse your own favorites from your own Gallery.One-Click Graphics StylesRealistic styles for your headlines and logos include marble, metal, glass, wood, and organic textures.Logo-Friendly Design ToolsUse perspective and cool warps, add Instant 3D, and work on graphics in isolation in Solo Mode.Rollover Web ButtonsMake attractive and professional-looking Web buttons that change with mouse-cursor interaction.Animated Web BannersGive your Web site a slick, polished banner featuring your own title, imagery, message, and hotspots.Plus... Charts and PlansLive connectors make charts and diagrams easy and 2D plans are a breeze using scaled dimensions.
  4. 4. PhotoLab offers over 70 easy adjustments, corrections, filters, and instant artist effects.Transform Your PhotosEnhance, cut out, or transform your photos into works of art.Powerful PhotoLabMake sure photos are at their very best and turn them into stunning pieces of art with the all-new PhotoLab,offering over 70 easy adjustments, corrections, filters, and instant artist effects.Remove blemishes and fix photo flawsApply artistic photo filtersTurn photos into watercolors, oils, and moreLimit stylish changes to specific areasChange or undo image settings at any timeAutoTrace Images into Editable Shape ArtTurn sketches, logos, Web graphics and photos into high-quality vector artwork you can easily recolor, tweak,silhouette, and resize without losing quality.Remove Backgrounds the Easy WayQuickly and accurately cut away image backgrounds to give subjects total focus, or use parts of a photo asshape art to use as silhouettes and much more.Create jaw-dropping cartoons and interactive animations in your own unique style.Easy AnimationsCreate jaw-dropping Flash Web animations and fun cartoons.Make Flash AnimationsThe creative power of DrawPlus X4 brings you more than printed artwork, more than Web graphics... you canalso create jaw-dropping cartoons and interactive animations in your own unique style!
  5. 5. Keyframe mode automatically smoothes motionMake your own Flash animationsUse interactivity to create games and puzzlesGo pro with ActionScript commandsSave as Flash, movie files, animated GIFsInteractive DemosUse interactive animation features to showcase products and more.Stopframe MoviesStopframe animation mode gives you total, frame-by-frame control.Make a ScreensaverEnjoy your animated creations any time as movie screensavers.Highly CompatibleShare your artwork in standard formats and fully edit PDFs.Get Artwork and Images from AnywhereOpen or import artwork and documents from almost anywhere, with support for 18 popular drawings, graphics,and image formats.Incredible PDF EditingOpen and fully edit PDFs from other computers and programs, changing text, layout, pages, colors,images--anything--and simply save as PDF again.High-End Graphics SupportCollaborate with other artists using EPS, SVG, AutoCAD, and Adobe Illustrator files.Export OptimizerCreate the right image every time; preview the quality and size of up to four image types at once.Share on DrawPlus.comShowcase your work and chat with other DrawPlus users in the free community. END Read moreYou May Also LikeSerif PhotoPlus X4 [Download]
  6. 6. Serif WebPlus X5 [Download]Serif MoviePlus X5 [Download]