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Sage peachtree pro accounting 2012 [download]


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Sage peachtree pro accounting 2012 [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting 2012[Download]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.0 out of 5Product FeatureSage Peachtree Pro Accounting 2012 helps youqmanage your expanding business with easy-to-useaccounting features and tools to help you do thebasics and more.Manage employeesqCreate quotes, sales orders, and invoicesqManage cash flow, customer payments, andqcollectionsProtect your data with module-level securityqRead moreqProduct DescriptionYou need tools to help you control cash flow and manage employees for your expanding business. SagePeachtree Pro Accounting 2012 provides easy-to-use accounting features that do the basics and much more.Automate invoices and checks, record customer payments, track sales and inventory, and more. Based on real,double-entry accounting principles, it helps reduce errors and deter fraud with automatic accounting checksand module-level security. Gain further insights into your business with 80+ customizable reports and financialstatements and comparative budgeting. Manage your business with Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting—theaccuracy and control you want for the results you need. Read more