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Park Inn Business Development Brief


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Park Inn Business Development Brief

  1. 1. Park Inn Business Development
  2. 2. Guest Value Proposition Relevant Products and Services for Price Point Spotlessly Clean Best Sleep in Town Uncomplicated, Hassle -free, Easy to Use p y Playful Style Competent and Unpretentious Service Meeting your needs …adding color t lif ddi l to life 2
  3. 3. Competitive Set p Park Inn Ramada Best Western Clarion Spirited Four Points 3
  4. 4. Hotel Portfolio Data as of 2/2010 4
  5. 5. Park Inn A new generation mid-scale hotel brand with design that adds color to life g Well-established in Europe with growth plans for the Americas and Asia Our goal is to attain consistent quality through fresh design and operational standards Backed by the financial strength and business building resources of Carlson Hotels 5
  6. 6. Guestroom Prototype Park Inn Park Inn Splash Guestroom Prototype Guestroom Window Wall Red Splash
  7. 7. Guestroom Prototype Park Inn Park Inn Splash Guestroom Prototype Guestroom Accent Wall Red Splash
  8. 8. Park Inn Park Inn Linz, Austria Park Inn Zurich Airport Switzerland Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz Germany Park Inn Manchester Victoria,UK Park Inn London Heathrow, UK 8
  9. 9. Fees* Initial License Fee The greater of USD 35,000 or USD 350 per guest room Royalty Fee 4.5 percent of Gross Room Revenue Marketing Fee 2 percent of Gross Room Revenue Reservation Fee 1.25 percent of Gross Room Revenue Product Improvement Plan: USD 2 500 2,500 * Park Inn® 2009 Franchise Disclosure Document Items 5 and 6 9
  10. 10. SM look to book Carlson’s unique travel consultant incentive Program that provides instantaneous online instantaneous, online, real-time point awards for bookings As of July 31, 2009 look to book has 60,000 travel consultants from countries around the world Carlson Hotels has held the patent on the unique program technology since 1995 10
  11. 11. goldpoints plus Carlson’s global guest loyalty program Spans all fi C l S ll five Carlson b d brands Guests earn points with every stay Guests can redeem points for free hotel nights, airline miles, pre-paid cards, Express Awards and more Recognize best guests with elite bonuses and room upgrades 11
  12. 12. Distribution Curtis-C Reservation System Real-time Real time global connectivity within a state of the state-of-the- art system as noted in the Smithsonian Institute Enhancements to brand websites User-friend search capabilities RSS feed capabilities Enhanced maps Ability to compare hotels 12
  13. 13. Curtis-C Worldwide Reservation System Hospitality Call 460,000 460 000 GDS Systems Global Centers Travel Agents Worldwide Internet (Servicing 55 Countries) CURTIS-C Customer Hotel PMS Database 13
  14. 14. Hotel Systems Harmony Plus = Opera and Carlson Hotels web applications Opera PMS or Opera Express Premise-based or Centrally Hosted Opera Results for your hotel: maximize revenue gather demographic data to effectively target marketing efforts deliver improved customer service recognize o r recogni e your most valued al ed customers 14
  15. 15. Hotel Systems OPERA is a product by MICROS Systems, Inc. Leading provider of enterprise applications for the hospitality and specialty retail industries worldwide Many global brands rely on MICROS products and services to power their business 330,000 installations globally 13,000 13 000 OPERA installations (March 2009) Opera Cost: USD 46,500 – USD 91,500 (Premise –Based) Based on 200 room hotel, all new hardware & varies depending on quantity of interfaces selected Park Inn also offers Opera Express with select functionality, and a Centrally Hosted Opera / Lease option 15
  16. 16. Hotel Operations Building trusted relationships with our owners, general managers and customers Operations is the voice of the field Promote a strong brand culture Brand training (e.g. operations orientation, brand orientation, Carlson L C l Learning N t i Network) k) Ensures consistent delivery of quality product and services Standards manuals Opening hotel process (construction plan standards review site review, visits, opening authorization and training) Quality assurance (BP 360) – action plans, business coaching, room inspections, etc. Property improvement plans/renovation development and compliance Region based staff 16
  17. 17. Revenue Optimization Driving more efficient pricing, inventory and channel management strategies d h l t t t i • Demand outlook • ROPES – Weekly future demand forecasts y – Revenue optimization p p performance for 90-day period enhancement services – Easily identify need periods – Individualized revenue – Information to help manage rates, optimization support inventory, inventory and expectations – Proven results – Individual hotel and brand level uses Strategic Demand Outlook 31-60 Days Forecast 17
  18. 18. Revenue Optimization Stay Night Automated Pricing (SNAP) Automated, daily price optimization tool using demand, available inventory, and competitors’ rates to help determine optimal rate for each stay night in 120-day window Helps ti i H l optimize price i all d i in ll demand scenarios. T diti d i Traditional l revenue management systems most helpful in high demand Developed with ease of use in mind; interfaced with Curtis-C reservation system ti t Hotel determines level of interaction with SNAP Dedicated support group proactively working with hotels Under Development: anticipated availability Q1 2010 18
  19. 19. Franchise Service Overview Franchise Service Offerings Reservations Technologically advanced systems Operations Efficiency and performance Revenue Optimization driving RevPAR Index Marketing Beneficial global programs Loyalty Program Repeat stays and increased revenue Financial Stewardship and fact-based decision making Employee Engagement driving performance IT Support and full integration CHW A global hospitality company 19
  20. 20. …adding color t lif ddi l to life
  21. 21. Contacts – The Americas RESPONSIBILITY CONTACT TELEPHONE EMAIL Executive Vice P id t and COO E ti Vi President d Steve Mogck St M k 763.212.8007 763 212 8007 k@ l Vice President, Operations Scott Meyer 763.212.1321 EVP, Business Development and Investments Bob Kleinschmidt 763.212.8700 Executive Vice President, Business Development Nancy Johnson 763.212.1326 Vice President, Full Service Development Vi P id t F ll S i D l t Mike C Mik Cowell ll 512.443.1020 512 443 1020 ll@ l Vice President, Full Service Development Michael Hutchins 480.250.7244 Vice President, Full Service Development Roland Mouly 305.377.9115 Vice President, Full Service Development Ruth Ormsby 714.369.2680 Vice President, Full d Select Service Development Vi P id t F ll and S l t S i D l t Ed Holliday H llid 803.328.9047 803 328 9047 h llid @ l Director, Select Service Development Bill Bradford 972.596.9493 Director, Select Service Development Steve Casey 760.346.0315 Director, Select Service Development Mike Gallagher 610.847.8489 Director, Select Service Development B.H. Horn 770.392.0006 Director, Select Service Development Dave Mastio 630.587.5813 2/2010 701 Carlson Parkway, MS8254 Minnetonka, MN 55305