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The brightredhat


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Technology
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The brightredhat

  1. 1. Hay quienes dicen que las mujeres, cuando son amigas, son insoportables... The Bright Red Hat
  2. 2. The glance of a female, into a mirror..At 2 she looks into the mirror and sees a princess.
  3. 3. At 7, she seesherself as the beautifulCinderella or Sleeping Beauty
  4. 4. At 14, she sees herselfas a young lady, butfat, with pimples and thinks she can’tpossibly be seen this way. “How awful!” She says..
  5. 5. At 20 years ofage, she seesherself as toofat, too skinny,too short, too tall, hair too curly, or too straight.But..she goes
  6. 6. At 30 years of age, shestill sees herself as too fat, too skinny, tooshort, too tall, hair toocurly, or too straight. But..decides shedoesn’t have time to fix all this, and goes out anyways.
  7. 7. At 40, she still seesherself as too fat, tooskinny, too short, tootall, hair too curly, ortoo straight.But she thinks “Hey,I’m alive! OH WELL!”and goes out anyhow.
  8. 8. At 50, she sees herself in themirror and thinks“finally… I am me”.She goes out and thinks “I’m even better”.
  9. 9. At 60, she looks at herself andthinks of all the women thatcannot seem to look atthemselvs in the mirror..She goes out and
  10. 10. At 70 years of age, she seesherself and her worth, her wisdom, happiness andrecognizes herability. She goesout and enjoys
  11. 11. At 80…she does not preoccupy herself with looking in the mirror. She simply puts on her bright redhat and goes and enjoys all the
  12. 12. Let us share the messsage to all women: Let usall put on our bright red hats on sooner!Let us be more mindful of opening our heartsrather than our appearance.Let us enjoy each and every moment and sharethose with the ones we love.
  13. 13. To all of my female friends I celebrate YOU today and send a big hug!Now forward this to all of your female friends and share your love…