[Fact Sheet] 3 Mobile Testing Tools - 1 User Experience Software


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UserZoom Mobile is a toolset, which allows you to gather and measure user feedback on mobile devices.
- Remote Usability Testing Tool for mobile websites
- Mobile Voice of Customer
- Mobile Survey App

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[Fact Sheet] 3 Mobile Testing Tools - 1 User Experience Software

  1. 1. The User Experience Software www.userzoom.co.uk UserZoom Mobile Mobile Testing Made Easy Features Remote Usability Testing 3 Mobile Testing Tools UserZoom Mobile is a toolset which allows you to gather and measure user feedback on mobile devices: 1. UserZoom Mobile Clickpaths & Clickmaps Track your users clickpaths and identify where clicks are generated. Find out if users found what they were searching for by means of a sophisticated tracking system. 2. UserZoom Mobile VOC Remote Usability Testing for mobile websites. Voice of Customer (VoC – intercept surveys) for mobile apps. 3. UserZoom Mobile Survey App Application for mobile surveys. Mobile Session Replay All UserZoom Mobile Testing Tools are available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Collect session videos of how users interact with your mobile web while conducting a study task. You can filter mobile videos by any variable, mark interesting moments, create clips and convince stakeholders. 1. About UserZoom Mobile Non-Intrusive Task Bar Tasks are displayed on a task bar comprised of 2 buttons and the task explanation. Once the task starts, the bar is hidden. Advance Survey Capabilities Include more than 10 different questions with conditions, logics and piping capabilities. Ensure the quality of answers given through quality control. By means of ‘Mobile Remote Usability Testing‘ you can conduct cost-effective, task-based studies over any web mobile interface such as websites, prototypes, and web apps. During the tests, participants conduct studies simultaneously in their natural context - no human moderation is needed. Key Benefits • Context is King: Conduct mobile tests with users in their real user context. • Benchmark your competitors: Find out which mobile website structure works best and compare it with your competitors´ products. • Quantitative Studies: Run tests with big samples and measure success ratios, efficiency and user satisfaction. • Qualitative Studies: Also obtain qualitative data and videos of participants walking through tasks.. • Worldwide: Test your mobile product internationally with users in different countries. • Agile development: A great solution for agile development methodologies. Automatic Reporting Spend less time on reporting with our powerful filtering options and automatic reports available as PPT, Word, and Excel. Information you obtain • • • • • • Videos of participants Gesture Tracking Mobile User Feedback Effectiveness and Efficiency Ratios Clickstream Charts & Clickmaps Satisfaction Metrics London | Manchester | Munich | Madrid | Sunnyvale (CA) US www.userzoom.co.uk
  2. 2. The User Experience Software www.userzoom.co.uk Features Mobile Voc And Surveys Behavioural Tracking Tagging your application allows you to track your mobile users´ behaviour. Interception Options You can intercept users before entering your mobile product or prompt them when leaving the app. Library For Apps App studies require installing the UserZoom library on our application. Choose Operating System Set rules to specify the mobile operating systems you want to target (iOS and/or Android). 2. About UserZoom Mobile VOC With UserZoom Mobile Voice of Customer you are able to run surveys once visitors leave your mobile application. When closing your mobile product, visitors are invited to participate in a survey. Find out what users are searching for, if they obtain all the needed information, if they are satisfied with your product, and if their expectations were met. Gather hundreds of answers in just a few days. Key Benefits • Real user feedback. • Obtain answers just after a user experienced your mobile product. • Fast, easy, and cost-effective. Information you obtain • Mobile User Feedback • Clickstream Charts • Satisfaction Metrics 3. About UserZoom Mobile Survey App UserZoom Mobile Survey App is a sophisticated and easy-to-use survey tool for mobile devices. • Benefit from all UserZoom product features. • More than 20 different languages. • Advanced logic and conditions. • More than 8 different question types. • Advanced reporting and analysis options. Request a Demo More information Follow us Arthur Moan amoan@userzoom.com www.userzoom.co.uk Twitter: UserZoom_UK LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/userzoom