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Remote Mobile User Testing Workshop (UXDC 2017)


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Tristan Wilson, Dana Douglas

UXDC 2017 Workshop:
Remote Mobile User Testing: New Tools for Moderated Mobile Testing at a Distance

UXDC 2017 Listing:

Remote user testing on personal computers is now a staple of UX research, but until recently, methods for remote testing on mobile platforms were still underdeveloped. In the past, technological limitations made mobile screen mirroring and streaming impractical. Thus, researchers were forced to use to use low fidelity methods like the “laptop hug” to test mobile interactions remotely.

Fortunately, mobile hardware has improved in recent years and with this advancement, new screen mirroring and streaming tools have emerged. Over the last year, we looked into a range of these new tools. We compared their functionality and capabilities, and adapted traditional remote testing methods to work with this new technology. (.....)

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Remote Mobile User Testing Workshop (UXDC 2017)

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