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UserTesting Webinar - UX in Action: Fareportal


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Murat Yilmaz, Creative Director at Fareportal, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at all things related to UX and design.

Fareportal combines travel and technology with sites like,, and, the third largest online travel agency in the United States. With $4.5 billion in annual revenue, what UX and design challenges does Fareportal face today? How do they conduct UX research? What’s their design process like and how are they using the UserTesting platform?

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UserTesting Webinar - UX in Action: Fareportal

  1. 1. UX in Action: Fareportal #UTwebinar @UserTesting Murat Yilmaz AVP Design Fareportal #UTwebinar
  2. 2. INSIDE FAREPORTAL'S UI / UX / CRO METHODOLOGY Project walk-through, Testing Framework, User Testing Best Practices Murat YILMAZ User Testing Webinar – June 2016
  3. 3. Fareportal Brands at a Glance “NEXT GEN TRAVEL CONCIERGE” Fareportal is a technology company that powers leading hybrid travel agencies like CheapOair, OneTravel, and Travelong • 7 Brands • Head quarters in NY, 7 offices around the world • 3700+ Employees • Customers over 200 countries • 21M+ Unique visit per month #UTwebinar
  4. 4. About Murat Yilmaz AVP Design I joined Fareportal in 2008 and have held various roles ranging from UI/UX developer, UI/UX Design Manager, Creative Director, and AVP Design at Fareportal. I lead the design and UX teams (A/B testing, optimization, and CRO efforts) for all products across the organization. I also lead the strategic planning and innovation initiatives for the mobile app, mobile web, and user loyalty products for both and At Fareportal we rely on analytics, qualitative research, competitive analysis and customer feedback to create the strategy and prioritize. A/B and usability testing is heavily utilized to drive constant optimization and successful product launches.
  5. 5. Design Team Function UX Research, User Testing Front End Engineering Development Visual Design Interaction QA UAT Testing UI Prototyping, Implementation Optimization A/B Testing, CRO #UTwebinar
  6. 6. UX Maturity @ Fareportal UNRECOGNIZED UX is ”Not Important”1 INTERESTED UX is Important but receives little funding2 INVESTED UX is very important formalized programs emerge3 COMMITTED UX is critical and executive are actively involved4 ENGAGED UX is one of the core member of the organization’s strategy5 EMBEDDED UX is in the fabric of the organization; not discussed separately6
  7. 7. OPTIMIZATION (CRO) UX DESIGN (UI) UX – CRO Under Same Umbrella • UX patterns changes overtime • Optimization can be a tangible benefit of good UX • Good UX can convert better with optimization • UX & CRO complete each other Qualitative + Quantitative = Success #UTwebinar
  9. 9. UX & SDLC 1. Brand Manager 2. Product Manager 3. UX 4. Design 5. Dev Team 6. UAT / QA 7. Optimization Testing 1,2,3,4,7 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 1,2 3,4,7 1,2,3,4,7 Clear Need Research Observe Prioritize Insight Brainstorm Concepts Hypothesis DESIGN THINKING LEAN UX AGILE 2,4,7 Experiment 2,3,4,5,6 Build 1,2,3,4,7 Revise Hypothesis 3,4,7 Feedback 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 New Ideas 3,6,7 Explore
  10. 10. 1. Identify Current Bottlenecks + Define Success: Where is abandonment most prevalent? What do you seek to optimize? 2. Construct Hypotheses: What are customers thinking as they navigate your site? How does this influence their on-site behavior? 3. Frame Testing in UX Themes: Test broad UX themes from which you can gather insights about user behavior. 4. Prioritize: Which changes to the customer experience most directly address your optimization goals and impact your subsequent ROI? 5. Align goals: Explore alternate goals such as page loads, menu engagement, scroll depth, and custom click goals to extract the most insights from experiments. 6. Test: Consider customer segmentation as you time and sequence experiments. Purposeful Approach to Testing (Usability & AB) #UTwebinar
  11. 11. 300 hours of researcher time (16-20 managed tests in a year, where UT executes tests that provide either an in-depth or executive summary report) 770 test credit, (5, 10 or 15 users participate in each test yielding 50 – 70 self executed test each year) Testing roadmap created between FP & UT Product managers, Designers, and UX Professionals are involved in designing and executing test Results shared amongst all stakeholders with some presented on product calls or town hall meetings Fareportal & #UTwebinar
  12. 12. How we use user testing? Prototype testing Web, mobile and App Testing Replacement of traditional focus group Discovery test New product or feature test Competitive benchmark
  13. 13. Best practices @ Fareportal 1. Have a clear objective before running a test. Prioritize tests, based on impact to business and users. 2. Layout the ideal customer journey, and define it as the benchmark 3. Test early, during development, prior to release and after the release; test often 4. Retest over time 6 months to 1 year later 5. When you design a test keep the questions generic and the instructions very specific. 6. Repeat some instructions during the study 7. Document results, create an executive summary and share the findings with everyone 8. Consider bias feedback Ask critical questions multiple times in different ways to validate the feedback 9. Consider starting bias with competitive benchmark studies Run multiple test with different order. (A,B,C vs B,A,C vs , C,B,A) #UTwebinar
  14. 14. User Experience Design Lifecycle Discovery, Strategy Requirements, Flows Wireframes, Visuals, Validation 1 2 3
  15. 15. The Predictive Home Screen CheapOair Mobile App Murat YILMAZ
  16. 16. What is the vision? Why are we doing this? What are the goals and objectives? How do we measure success? User research & testing. Align with pre-defined personas Feedback From Users Brainstorming Sessions Research and Discovery User Testing Discovery & Strategy
  17. 17. Define the requirements Define the phases to the project Define user flow Define stories and scenarios Define functionality & behavior Requirements & Flow -2 Wks -2 Days -2 Hrs Flight +2 Hrs +2 Days +2 Wks Book a ticket Change Reservation Seat Selection Flight Status Find a Hotel/Car Request Upgrade Flight Status Cross Sell on Home Screen Hotel Check In/Out Information Arrival Time Food Order Movies Wi-Fi Visa Transit Baggage Info Ground Transportation Hotel Direction / Info Reward Travel Upcoming Reservations Customer Service Survey
  18. 18. Create low-fidelity wireframes Usability test wireframes & prototypes Create the overall branding look and feel Wireframes & Visuals #UTwebinar
  19. 19. Prototypes #UTwebinar
  20. 20. Prototypes #UTwebinar
  21. 21. Explore Tool Implementation & User Testing Murat YILMAZ
  22. 22. Explore Tool Analytics Identify Need Competitive Analysis Brainstorm with team Form Hypothesis Decide feature list Sketches on Paper Wireframe Interaction Design Prioritize BUILD QA Control Release AB Testing User Testing Revise #UTwebinar
  23. 23. 1. Show best deals to user 2. Easier to navigate 3. Profile integration 4. Responsive 5. Tablet Friendly 6. Streamlined 7. Integrated w/ social 8. View 6 months of fares easily Overview #UTwebinar
  24. 24. User Testing How likely you to use the Explore for your travel plan? Compared to other travel sites that are available, would you say that the Explore feature from CheapOair is: How slow or fast was the response time (speed) of the Explore? How difficult or easy was navigating through the explore? #UTwebinar
  25. 25. User Testing 1. Helped us identify bugs that were missed during QA 2. Validated our vision 3. Validated upcoming features 4. Enabled us to see how different age group users interact with explore Explore far exceeds what other travel sites currently offer. The Explore function just needs some adjustments to make it more user friendly. gregb2781, 63, Male US Much better than Kayak's, which is the only other one I use and often has problems loading Williamscd8 - 22, Male, US Explore surpasses other travel sites that I have used. I love the detail design and layout. csmall, 39, Female, US “ “ “ #UTwebinar
  26. 26. Upcoming Features 1. Blog post curated articles on each destination 2. Weather forecast along with price forecast 3. Travel theme based search (beach, ski, golf, culture, history, casino etc.) 4. Sort cities by popularity User Suggestions “ Blog post curated articles on each destination This would be super nice to learn more about the destinations Travel theme based search (beach, ski, golf, culture, history, casino etc.)--If you are keeping the name "Explore" this would be a great feature! weather forecast, activities-popular attractions, events happening during time of travel “ blog post articles on each destination would be a helpful way for people to gather information about possible places to visit “ On the map, destination by airport should be included, not just city. Since this is a dream and explore type of function, more photos for each city. Perhaps even a social media type of interface or yelp-style star review for each destination. “ #UTwebinar
  27. 27. Mobile Confirmation Page Implementation & User Testing Murat YILMAZ
  28. 28. Pre Development Prototype Study 1. 50-50 split between users who have preferred confirmation 1 vs 2 prototype. 2. Users liked different things from each prototype. 3. Multiple users had difficulties with labels. 4. Some copy was hard to read Version 2 Tabs Version 1 Scroll Based on the findings we have addressed the points came from study and created better iteration for development.
  29. 29. After Release 1. Attachment rate improved on mobile confirmation page 2. Feedback from customers was positive 3. Resulted in better customer satisfaction (CSAT) Version 2 Tabs Version 1 Scroll
  30. 30. TV Ad Study Traditional Focus Group vs User Testing Murat YILMAZ
  31. 31. TV Ad Study 1. Cost Effective 2. Faster 3. Tested users CAN NOT influence each other 4. Geographically Diverse 5. Detailed report if you work with researcher 6. Good format and structure on report 7. Not good for brainstorming fewer ideas. 8. Can watch the video / clip on the report User Testing Focus Group 1. Expensive 2. Slow compared to UT 3. Tested users CAN influence each other 4. Not geographically diverse 5. Detailed report 6. Better format and structure on report 7. Good for brainstorming and many ideas 8. Can not provide recording of focus group Similar Results
  32. 32. Tools
  33. 33. We are looking for exceptional talent to join us Check out our careers page Make your next booking with us download our app Questions about UserTesting? Email Questions? #UTwebinar