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My recruit webinar user testing


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Learn more about UserTesting’s recently launched product release, My Recruit. With My Recruit, you can seamlessly run tests with your own employees, partners, customers, and people from other panels.

You'll learn how to:
- Set up tests on-demand with anyone outside of UserTesting’s panel on your own
- Create a testing experience with web landing page for recruits, which can be customized with your branding
- Leverage best practices and use cases from other organizations who are using My Recruit to gain insights from their existing customers

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My recruit webinar user testing

  1. 1. Introducing My Recruit: Gain on-demand insights from your customer base #UTwebinar @UserTesting Shyna Zhang Product Marketing, UserTesting Josh Kunz Sr. UX Researcher, Product Insights, UserTesting
  2. 2. UserTesting’s on demand customer insights platform enables companies to create powerful products and exceptional customer experiences. #UTwebinar
  3. 3. We Partner With Thousands Of Customers #UTwebinar
  4. 4. Across All Platforms, At All Stages Of Development Watch customers interact with: DESKTOP SMARTPHONE TABLET WEBSITES APPS & PROGRAMS PROTOTYPES & WIREFRAMES SURVEYS PHYSICAL PRODUCTS Anywhere people interact with your brand: AT HOME AT A STORE ON THE GO On any pla6orm or device: #UTwebinar
  5. 5. 8 Shyna Zhang Product Marketing UserTesting Josh Kunz Sr. UX Researcher, Product Insights UserTesting
  6. 6. Introducing My Recruit: Shyna Zhang Product Marketing Josh Kunz Sr. UX Researcher, Product Insights Gain on-demand insights from your customer base
  7. 7. Agenda: •  My Recruit – what problem are we solving? •  Demo & Flow – ordering & tester experience •  Do’s and Don’ts
  8. 8. We provide insights from Real People With Any Brand regardless of device or locaNon
  9. 9. “Works at the pace of your business” In-the-moment Access Every Business Decisions Powered by Human Insights ”More humans on demand than the rest of the industry combined” Massive, Diverse Panel ”Understand moments of decision at every stage of the customer journey 360o Applicability
  10. 10. Your Customers are Changing 9 out of 10 customers choose companies with the strongest omni-channel engagement strategies - Aberdeen Group Demand Consistent Experiences 67% of customers mention bad experiences as a reason for churn - Esteban Kolsky Want a DelighIul Experience 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels - McKinsey Want to Feel Heard
  11. 11. “It's really nice to have your panel, but… why can’t we just target a user we know uses our site every week, and ask them?” Boone Spooner Director of Consumer Product
  12. 12. Seamlessly run tests on websites (mobile and desktop) your own employees, partners, customers, and people from other panels. My Recruit
  13. 13. Instant ordering process Customers can now set up these tests on their own Simplified mobile-friendly experience Web landing page for recruits, which can carry the customer's branding Easy-to-install test management and recording software Windows and Mac computers (Teflon, the Chrome plugin) and iOS and Android mobile devices
  14. 14. 1.  Identify the users you want to test (user base, employees, etc) 2.  Send users an email with an autogenerated custom link with directions to download the Mobile Recorder or desktop browser extension, which carries your own branding. 3.  View all of the videos in your dashboard How it works
  15. 15. So, what kinds of customers use My Recruit?
  16. 16. Unique customer set Melissa Sweet UX Researcher  Before My Recruit •  Did internal testing or leveraged UserTesting Panel, however, found it difficult to find users that are well versed in fitness and fit their criteria •  Once they were able to find the appropriate tester, quality of the feedback wasn’t always on target After My Recruit •  Looking for testers who are avid fitness enthusiasts, familiar with the Strava language, and could provide accurate feedback on interface •  Reached out to 200 of their customers about a website experience that they are looking to port to mobile web •  Put data into action by integrating feedback into their product development processes(2 weeks or even less) Social network for athletes, with an intense culture focused on activity data which influences their product development
  17. 17. Special language requirements Emily Bergeron UX/Digital Strategist Before My Recruit •  Recruited and invited French speaking professionals into the office to walk through a prototype live with a moderator •  Found difficulty in recruiting these professionals to come in the office and required expensive incentives given the commitment required After My Recruit •  Able to instantly test websites with French speaking customers •  Saved significant time and cost due to lack of overhead required to bring folks into the office •  Used My Recruit in addition to the in person testing to collect richer data
  18. 18. Specific feature flow Ethan Newby UX/Statistical Analysis Before My Recruit •  Study required testers with a lot of context on Chegg’s products, so couldn’t just throw alpha out to UserTesting Panel •  Previously would have intercepted users on website or in person lab •  Found UserTesting Panel provides good feedback for first time user experience, but not enough for deeper/richer navigation feedback •  Found sourcing testers difficult as he could find Chegg customers in the UserTesting panel (ie. students), but hard to screen for the Chegg customer with a specific demographic (ie. tutors or textbooks purchasers) After My Recruit •  Tested navigation flow for the Chegg Mate App to a closed Alpha group of 20 people and further whittled it down to 4 most active/ engaged users •  Benefit: low cost, didn’t have to take an entire day to get 5 participants, quick read on 5-10 users, and watch videos at 3x speed to get info needed quickly •  Future use cases: within the Chegg Mate app, you can test with people who are using a certain feature of the app Wanted to test Chegg Mate Mobile Web App (which goes along with Chegg Study app) for navigation flow
  19. 19. Proprietary customer experience Andy Smith User Experience Manager - Global Revenue Systems Responsible for B2B business: digital usability for organizations booking hotels from central reservations Before My Recruit •  Previous to UserTesting, IHG never did remote usability testing, using 1x1 in person feedback sessions •  Since all B2B new products/tests had to remain private for competitive purposes, IHG B2B could only use Private Panel which he found painful, tedious, and lengthy After My Recruit •  Usability is one of the hardest things to get ingrained in a company’s culture. IHG is mostly focused on managing hotels. They have development department but that historically hasn’t been focused on usability testing. •  Saved significant time and cost due to a lack of overhead required to bring folks into the office •  Speed and Privacy are the 2 most importantly things for the IHG business and My Recruit hits on these
  20. 20. Insights into impressions Roger Feinstein Director of Market Intelligence Before My Recruit •  Given that NEJM has a niche professional audience (existing users of web properties who play different roles in the healthcare world: medical researchers, clinicians, medical educators, healthcare execs, etc..), they have previously created their own private panel to test new products •  Really appreciate the option to use UT panel, however, confidence in veracity of role of the person that’s doing the test is not 100%, which is why they needed My Recruit After My Recruit •  Reached out to about 20 testers to test NEJM flagship website •  Wanted to gain website insights:1) impressions - does it look/feel familiar/attractive? on brand? 2) success to perform various tasks that are aligned with goals - is the multimedia discoverable? 3) overall modernization of site •  Saved significant time and cost due to lack of overhead reaching out to Prof Services/ULT Leads corporate marketing research with the goal of delivering customer insights to product teams to improve their marketing and product
  21. 21. Eliminate internal bias Danielle Hobbs Customer Experience Specialist Responsible for supporting Product Teams: Credit cards and cash online. Before My Recruit •  Previous to UserTesting,feedback has been gathered internally with staff and was quite biased, so being able to connect with customers and noncustomers provides better insights •  Previous to Private Panel and My Recruit. Macquarie would have people sign up and opt in an in-house survey, however, Macquarie couldn’t see testers’ thought process or what they are doing in product After My Recruit •  Have a list of customers that have signed up to provide feedback - wanted My Recruit to reach out to them easily •  Biggest benefit: it’s instant, it’s an email from Macquaire, we are able to target specific customers (ie. elderly customers) •  CX is able to get buy in right from the start by showing the product team directly the feedback videos and see/hear from customers and noncustomers
  22. 22. Great! Show it to me!
  23. 23. My Recruit Do’s and Don’ts Do Strategize about your recruitment and communication Offer an incentive for completed tests Build a community over time to test and retest Don’t Try to recruit testers who aren’t familiar with your brand or product Forget to follow up once if your test hasn’t filled Underestimate the number of folks needed to fill a test strategy – expect a longer turn around than the UserTesting panel
  24. 24. My Recruit gives you customer insight Test and retest to create a consistent customer experience Cost Instantly autogenerate tests to send to your users In-the-moment access Understand how your customer feels about their experience Self-service insight
  25. 25. Questions?