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How allstate is adopting a lean startup culture - with Pradeep Nayar


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Pradeep Nayar, Director of UX & Product Design at Allstate, explains how Allstate is adopting a lean startup culture and embracing an extreme agile methodology to ‘fail fast’ and learn from their users to make relevant digital products and services.

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How allstate is adopting a lean startup culture - with Pradeep Nayar

  1. 1. How Allstate is adopting a lean startup culture #UTwebinar @UserTesting Pradeep Nayar User Experience Director, Allstate
  2. 2. UserTesting’s on demand customer insights platform enables companies to create powerful products and exceptional customer experiences. #UTwebinar
  3. 3. We Partner With Thousands Of Customers #UTwebinar
  4. 4. Across All Platforms, At All Stages Of Development Watch customers interact with: DESKTOP SMARTPHONE TABLET WEBSITES APPS & PROGRAMS PROTOTYPES & WIREFRAMES SURVEYS PHYSICAL PRODUCTS Anywhere people interact with your brand: AT HOME AT A STORE ON THE GO On any pla6orm or device: #UTwebinar
  5. 5. 8 Pradeep Nayar User Experience Director, Allstate Pradeep Nayar leads human-centered initiatives to drive engagement, innovation and adoption as the User Experience Director at Allstate Insurance Company. Prior to joining Allstate, he has worked several UX leadership roles in the B2B e-commerce and media industry. His current passion for teaching (and learning) has him working as an adjunct professor at DePaul University teaching the fundamentals of user centered design to graduate students. @designonmymind #UTwebinar
  6. 6. HOW ALLSTATE IS ADOPTING A LEAN STARTUP CULTURE Pradeep Nayar @designonmymind
  7. 7. @designonmymind WHO AM I? Interaction Designer
 Design Tinkerer
 Experience Strategist 
 Technology Enthusiast 16+ years working in the media, B2B 
 e-commerce and insurance industry Passionate about how design and technology make peoples lives better!
  8. 8. @designonmymind ABOUT ALLSTATE Founded in 1931 70,000 employees including exclusive agencies #81 Fortune 500 $35.7 Billion Revenue in 2015 #13 Elite 100 Innovators 2016 InformationWeek
  9. 9. THE WORLD WAS CHANGING Business Models. Design. Technology. Human Expectations.
  10. 10. Average Life Expectancy of a Fortune 500 company 50 YEARS AGO = around 75 years TODAY = less than 15 years
  12. 12. “I’m sick and tired of design thinking. It’s time we started doing design doing.” - Don Norman
  14. 14. @designonmymind PAIRED PROGRAMMING Two pair of eyes are better than one! Code refactoring Test Driven Development Continuous Deployment Continuous Integration Cloud Goodness!
  15. 15. SMALL CO-LOCATED CROSS-FUNCTIONAL TEAMS A pizza box sized team is empowered to make decisions and move quickly
  16. 16. @designonmymind MINIMIZE MEETINGS Meetings take people away from doing real work in a day It’s a productivity killer! Only have meetings to move teams forward
  17. 17. EMAIL IS DISCOURAGED If we can’t talk in person, the next best thing is #Slack!
  18. 18. Dedicated focus on solving just one engagement at a time ONE ENGAGEMENT AT A TIME
  19. 19. BUILDING AN MVP Focus on customer needs Question assumptions Create hypotheses Build prototypes Test & measure results Pivot, Persevere or Iterate MEASURE LEARN BUILD
  20. 20. TEAM STRUCTURE A Balanced Team
  21. 21. @designonmymind How Allstate is adopting a lean startup culture BALANCED TEAM VALUES 18 Business User Technology Create Trust Share Experiences Celebrate Failures Welcome Diverse Teams
  22. 22. @designonmymind How Allstate is adopting a lean startup culture BALANCED TEAM 19 Business User Technology + Product Owner Makes business decisions related to the product Writes & maintains backlog Removes barriers to work completion Resolves issues & risks Product Designer Makes iterative design decisions based on a user-centered methods Empathizer-in-Chief Full-stack designer who does lean research, interaction & visual design Helps in prioritizing feature/ functionality Product Developer Makes technical decisions that influence & enable the solution Test Driven Development (TDD) Full-stack development support based on the product need Continuous development & deployment Anchor
  23. 23. Product Designer
  25. 25. @designonmymind WE’RE NARWHALS! “Unicorns of the sea”
  26. 26. @designonmymind How Allstate is adopting a lean startup culture UX COMPETENCY DEBATE 23 Vs SPECIALIST “Expert craftsman” GENERALIST “Jack of all trades”
  27. 27. Pair designers with complementary skills! HOW WE SOLVE FOR IT?
  28. 28. @designonmymind DESIGN CRITIQUE When: Once a week Peer review of designs by location No judgement zone Silent feedback Valuable with people of diverse skills & backgrounds
  29. 29. @designonmymind DESIGN STUDIO When: Anytime Everyone sketches to share different ideas Goal-driven critique of ideas Many ideas generated in a short period of time Valuable with people of diverse skills & backgrounds
  30. 30. Focus on decisions instead of documentation LEAN DOCUMENTATION
  31. 31. @designonmymind CROSS FUNCTIONAL PAIRING Build shared understanding Incorporate diverse perspectives in the product Grow empathy for each other + + Product as designed Feature prioritization & UAT
  32. 32. @designonmymind PAIR ROTATION Happens often within a project team Helps to bring a fresh pair of eyes Pairing reduces impact to the project Individuals grow experience over time About every 6 months we rotate individuals to different projects Within a team
  33. 33. Because we all have days we need to be at home REMOTE PAIRING
  34. 34. A TYPICAL WEEK During Execution
  35. 35. @designonmymind ITERATION PLANNING When: Monday Prioritize work for the week Clarify user stories Get everyone on the same page
  36. 36. Work in pairs and clarify questions from each other as needed PAIR UP ALL WEEK
  37. 37. @designonmymind LEAN RESEARCH When: Tuesday or Thursday Lean validation of hypothesis with end-users Everyone is involved in research including product managers and developers Designers typically facilitate discussions
  38. 38. @designonmymind STAKEHOLDER DEMO When: Friday Progress for the week is showcased to stakeholders outside the team Everyone gets to see weekly progress
  39. 39. @designonmymind TEAM RETROSPECTIVE When: Friday Everyone contributes & takes turn facilitating Collective awareness of issues Action items identified and assigned Team health check
  40. 40. MAINTAIN WORK-LIFE BALANCE 8:45 AM 12 Noon Team Standup
 Share status and plan for the day 8:30 AM Lab Standup
 After grabbing breakfast 5:30 PM Lunch
 Everyone is required to stop work 3:52 PM Wrap Up!
 Time to go home Ping Pong break!
 Time to clear the mind
  42. 42. @designonmymind How Allstate is adopting a lean startup culture OVERALL PROCESS 39 SCOPING DISCOVER INCEPTION EXECUTION EVALUATION Define and gain consensus on the business & user problem Identify Goals Risks Assumptions Actors High-Level Epics Understand the problem Understand Users User Interviews Contextual Inquiry Generative Interviews Understand Business Stakeholder Interviews Competitive Analysis Business Model Canvas Understand Tech Stack Integrations Research FRAMING Conceptually solve the problem Understand Users User Personas Design Insights Scenarios Concept Wireframes Concept Usability Testing Understand Business Define & prioritize features Understand Tech Stack Basic App Creation Come together as a project team Clarify team roles & responsibilities Identify goals, risks and anti-goals Create persona driven user stories that map to epics 
 Prioritize the backlog Once the initial product is released, it should be continually monitored and evaluated Desired changes can then be prioritized within the backlog Allows the team to manage velocity and execute upon the project iteratively Product designers should always be ahead of development Usability testing should be repeated on a regular cadence throughout the iteration
  44. 44. @designonmymind CONTINUOUS LEARNING Bootcamps Lunch & Learns Learn Day!
  45. 45. @designonmymind LAB LOCATIONS Chicago Northbrook Tempe Belfast (N. Ireland) Derry (N. Ireland) Beflast (Northern Ireland) Northbrook TempeChicago
  46. 46. “The two things people hate most is change and the way things are.” - Anonymous
  47. 47. Special Thanks to Erik Pedersen Laura McGarrity Steph Ryter Amazing Illustrations by Christopher Holm-Hansen Aditya Dipankar Artem Kovyazin Tom Dell’Aringa Oliviu Stoian Dan Boysen Scott Lewis Lil Squid SBet THANK YOU. Questions, comments & feedback Please contact @designonmymind