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Family and friends_1_classbook


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Приватна ЗОШ ІІ ступенів для хлопчиків "Кадетство"

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Family and friends_1_classbook

  1. 1. :#:;ji.l: Y
  2. 2. ClossBook NoomiSimmons OXTORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
  3. 3. += r{ 5torrer:H€{ilofl[ Hello.6oodbge. Howareyou?I'mfine,thankyou. What'syournome?My name's... Howoldaregou?I'm... Numbers1- L0 Dogsof theweek Cotoursoftheroinbow InitioI sounds: abcd Ao:apple Reoding:o description Listening:identifging objects Speoking:What'sthis?It's... Writing:countingwordsin o sentence,writing obout mg schoolthings (Workbook) R:o poem:'Mgfovouritethings' L:identifgingfovouritethings SzWhat'syourfavourite...? W:dividingsentencesintowords, writingoboutmgfovourite togs(WB) I R:instructions L:identifgingdifferentonimol.s 5:describingononimo['sJeotures W:identiJgingfut[ sentences, writingoboutmgbodg(WB) SchooI things Mg bodg What'sthis? It'sa pen. mg/ your Is thisgourteddy? Yes,it is. No,it isn't. arm / arms I ntsts... Theseare... I Bb:bird 'i Cc:cat Dd: dog Initiotsounds: efgh Ee:egg FJ:fish Gg:goat Hh:hat lnitioIsounds: ijkt Ll: lnK Ij:jam Kk:kite LL:Lion She's/He'soteacher. Is she/ he a teacher? Yes,she is. No,he isn't. InitioIsounds: mnoP Mm:.mum Nn:nurse Oo:orange Pp:pen R:onoutobiogrophg L:identiJgingpeopLebgtheirjobs 5zIs hea doctor? Wrcopito[lettersondfuLLstops, writingoboutmgfomil.g(WB) 'Wrf# 34 Thepork Where'stheball? in/on/under Initiotsounds: qrstu Qq:queen Rr:rabbit 5s:sofo rt tuddy Uu:umbrello R:o puzztetext L:identifgingobjectsbglocotion * Where'sthekite? W:copito[lettersot thestortof nomes,writingoboutthepork (WB) ',.' ' ,) ''. . t' i'l Jt,|tJ InitioIsounds: vwxgz Vv:van Ww:window Xx:box Yg:yo-yo Zz:zebra R:o coptionstorg L:distinguishingdetoiLs SzWho'sthis? W:questionmorks,writingobout mgfomiLg'sthings(WB) r^r^--a- i) f^.:*r.-u-r--,1-J 40 MgfomiLg Possessive's
  4. 4. 1 Listen,pointondrepeot. ,l'v ) /l 1 2 Listenondchont. 3 tr Listenondreod. Hello.What'svourname? Hello,class. Myname'sMissJones. Oh!who'sthis?ir . Myname'sRosy nndmvname'sTim. He'smycousin,Billy. - r,',old areyou?) l'msorry.Comeon,Billy. Coodbye!
  5. 5. LessonOne Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ ,o 2 Listenondchont.@ r, 3 Listenondreod.@r, Lookatthetrain,Rosy. A train?oh, Billyl f a cd It'sa rubber. That'sright.C6nI have myschoolthings,please? OK,hereyouare...Yourpencil, pen,rulerandrubber. Unit I Schoolthings
  6. 6. LesronTwo Grommor I 2 Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. 3 write. Whot'sthis? o rubber. Whot'sthis? o penci[. rubber Whot's=Whotis It's= It is Whot'sthis? o ru[er. rUhot'sthis? :s oPen. f Point,oskondonswer. .'.'hot'sthis? ___ ,-/ -o'r1411-14 9 Whot'sthis? It'so pen. Whot'sthis?lt'so ... UnitI
  7. 7. lessonFour Phonics 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ ,t Aq 2 Listenondchont.@ r" Thisisanapple,a,a,apple. rhisisa bird,'b,b,bird. Thisisa cat,c,c,cat. Thisisa dog,d,d,dog. Listento thesoundsondjointheletters.@,, Whothosthedoggot? * Reodondcirclethe soundsa,b,c,d of the stortof the words. The t likes birds. The dog tikes apples. Here'sthe cat with the btrd. Here'sthe dog with the appl,e. b c c d c b b d Initiolsounds Unit I
  8. 8. [,=sse n Fl^le 1 Pointto fourschoolthings.Sogthewords. 2 Listenondreod. Ifll*- Mg nome'sEmmo. Thisismg bluepen. AndthisismUpinkpen. Skills Tirre.r I Thisismg penciLcose. It'sgreen. 4is dh Andthisismg pencil. Lookof this!It'so rubber. Uourbog? Reodogoin.Tick(tl orcross(x). l penciL 3 ccok 5 i:c' _:a -: a:_ -' 2 pen 4 ruLer 6 rubber 1
  9. 9. r:'LessonSix t; : Listenondtick(z)thecorrectpicture.@ ,n i Opengourbog.Askondonswer. What'sthis?, ',-,^.- ,^--.-' T :" ':1 , 1l: It,sa rule_r.{d'- 3 Countthewordsineochsentence. This is mU 12i Thisismgpen. Thonkgou. 4 2 Lookotthis. 4 CLosethe door. 6 Openthewindow.Thisiso redpenci[. Listening,speoking,writing UnitI 13
  10. 10. Listento the storgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. - "r'i$51+, '.'i: 1,fOmmOf Is thisgourteddg? Yes,it is, Thisismg bog. ThisisgourdoL[. Isthisgourteddg? No,it isn't. Write. mu gour boLL. Yes,it is. No,it isn't" - > 15 Thisis bog. Thisis cer. Thisis puzzle. i Write. thisyourteddy?,thisyourteddy? lsthisyourteddyT ,_ 15
  11. 11. I Listen,pointondrepeot.@ ,t Ee *,*+:.# I Listenondchont.@ ,a Hh LessonFour Phonics I'vegatan egq,e,e,egg. I'vegotaflg,f,f,fiq. I'vegota gaat,g,g,gaat" I'vegota hat,h, h, hat. 1 ,.<, i .-- ondcirclethesoundse,f,g,h otthestortof thewords. There's on egg with a gettow hat i;:';:::,lo';'i;:'" Itg i{ ' G* - : Listento thesoundsondjointheLetters.@,, ,Vhothosthegootgot? h f f h e gf h f oE* h g f Reod :+1 Initiolsounds Unit2 17
  12. 12. LerronFive I I Pointto on onimolondo tog.5ogthewords. 2 Reodondlistento the poem.@rr ,hat's rt f"v6vftt,ecoLour? Yournog"LIkeLtt@. ti ;t grdui'iIs,tLre{l No, ii', the coLourblue. hJhot's vourite It's | ,nd it's animuL?/ -To. , oye1 / / 3 Reodogoinondwrite. Myfavouritetoyisa Myfavouritecolouris Myfavouriteanimalisa t8 unit2 Reoding: o poem
  13. 13. Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.'.')- Listenondreod. 2 != i.ri: ' ,r *s g =J*€ 2 Listenondchont. *,c t' J ii+ t' i*t 3 tr Let'sputonsuncream. First,myarms.Pointtoyourarms. Thesearemyarms. Nowmynose. That'sright. Thisismynose. Here'sthesuncream. Putit onyourarms,yournose, yourfaceandyourlegs. Look,Rosy!
  14. 14. LessonTwo Grommor Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. oneorm two orms Theseoremgorms. Thisismgnose. i 'Vrite. Thisis Theseore Lookondsog. h c mgfoce. mu nose. mueors.mgLegs. r I irc[e. muorms. legs/ teg orm i erms trhir rs orms/ arm These ore Unrt J 21 .egs/ I,eg ormf orms
  15. 15. LessonThree 5on9 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@tt 2 Listenondsing. @ to 3 Singonddo. Ten fingerson my hsnds tenfingersonmyhands, Onmyhands. Tenfingersonmyhands, Onmyhands. Twoeyes,onenose, Allonmyface. tenfingersonmyhands, on myhands.
  16. 16. 1 2 Skills Ttme.r Pointto portsof the bodg.Sogthe words. Listenondreod. Hi.I'mTom. Let'smokeo paperLion! "I ",! the bodg encolour iLtoo. Nowcutthefoce. Cutoutthefour Legs ondpows.FoLdtheLegs. StickthepowsontheLegs. SticktheLegsonthebodg. 3 Reodogoin.Numberthe picturesin the correctorder. FoLdthetoiL. FoLdthefoce.
  17. 17. LessonSix : Lookof the picturesogoin.Askondonswer. I r llt'ot'.'ttIltt'(',(,ctrcqrt'(n. '.'ltrttrstl ) It'srr t;otrt I Ustenondnumber.@ rt 3 Circleeochsentence.Thencount. Thisismg popertog. It'so Lion. Cotourthefoceond Fo[dthefoceondthetoi[. Cutoutthefourlegs. Stickonthelegsondthepows. the bodg. I'm Tom. Howmongsentences?!
  18. 18. ReviewI Circtetheodd-one-out.Write. lrilrl I Whot'sthis? 2 Whot'sgournome? 3 Howoldoregou? 4 Is it gourpenci[? 5 Howoregou? Z6 ReviewI I I F'6'-l ft.ddtl ,,^ @@ Gu'i-l @ (*i.-l (h*df (t*"l f-d;n [6" ] @ Ib"A-l t-th'*-l @ Motch. o I'mten. b Yes,it is. c lt'soteddg. d I'mfine,thonkgou. e Mg nome'sA[ex. tr D ! D rubber .e+- window
  19. 19. Thisis mu doll. Theseare teddy. cars. rI i --IAIEF- 3 Write. Thisis Theseore gour mg 4 Reodondcircle. Review I 5 Circ[e. 5 Reodondcolour. Is it o kite? Isit otroin? Is it o ru[er? Is it o puzzLe? Yes,it is. Yes,it is. Yes,it is. Yes,it is. No,it isn't. No,it isn't. No,it isn't. ercb e o jgk c d e30 Li f OOO Exceflenr My work in unifr | .2 qnd 3 Review| 27
  20. 20. rt +-* - ** # . : G =+F.q* c&E LessonOne Words 1 Listen,point ond repeot.@oo 2 Listenondchont.@o. 3 Listenondreod.@ o, LooktfsBilfya teacher? Yes,heis.AndTirzrisa pupil. lsCrandmaa teacher? No,sheisn't.She'sa housewife. Lookat Crandpa. tshea flreman? Coming... No,heisn't.Butheisa herol )e.
  21. 21. ilesson?ws Grommor Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. She'so housewife. He'so pupil.. j Write. He's She's o housewife. r Sogondonswel o piLot. ofiremon. o pupiL. Issheo teocher? No,sheisn't. heo teocher? Yes,he is. she's= sheis he's= heis Is onswer.
  22. 22. LersonThree 5on9 I Listen,pointondrepeot. 2 Listenondsing.@ o^ 3 Singonddo. c'?b#fufrnddoctors Twokinddoctors Meetina lane. Hello,hello, What'syourname? Howareyou? Howareyou? Howareyou,again? Twokindpolicemen... rwokindfarmers... Twokindteachers... Twokindpupils... ))
  23. 23. LessonFour' Phoni OoNnMm I [..lsten,pointond repeot.@ot 3 t-istenondchont.@o" rhisismymum,ffi,ffi,mum. rhisismynurse,fr,11,nurse. rhisismyarange,o,o,orange. Thisismypen,p,p,pen. 3 Listento thesoundsondjointheletters.@o, ,Vhothosthenursegot? 4 Reodondcirclethe soundsm, fl, o,p otthe stortof the words. V mum ls a nurse. She's got on orange and a pen. She can eat the orange. o p p m o m n o m n m p o She can wrlte with the pen. Initiolsoundr Untt4 3l
  24. 24. I 2 Pointto thejobs.5ogthewords. Listenondreod.(9 ot Mg nome'sMiLLg. I'm seven. Thisismgfomi[9. gkills Tirre.r Thisismg dad. He'so firemon. Thisismewith mg brother.Hisnome'sJoe. He'sten.We'repupiLs. Thisismg mum. She'so nurse. We'reo hoppVfamilg. Thisismg grandpo. He'so doctor. 3 Reodogoin.WriteYesor No. 1 Is Dodo piLot? 3 Is Ioeseven? 2 Is Mum o nurse? 4 IsMiLLgo pupiL?
  25. 25. tF T L : ::j .,e listenondnumber.@ o' _=+l=ffi -...".:# - Point,oskondonswer. 3 Circlethecopitollettersondful.l.stops. This is mU JomiLg. L We're pupiLs. 3 This is mg mum. 5 We're a hoppU f amiLU. 2 He's o 4 She's a 6This is Jormer. nur5e. mU uncle :,
  26. 26. I Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.D'o 3 tr Listenond reod."'..,) 2 Listenondchont.G)st coodtry,Tim. No,it isn't. II r/a tooktrheball'sontheslide. I ,' ,'l I Lookat theballnow.
  27. 27. lerson Two rommor ] + listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. lookondsog. in on under underthetree. It's Point,oskondonswer. theseesow. It's theswing. Where'sthebo[t? It'sundertheseesow. Where'sthe bo[t? It'sonthestide. here'sthe boL[? It'sinthe net. It'sunder thetree. in/on/under Unit5 35
  28. 28. LerronThree 5on9 I Listen,pointondrepeot.@ tt Listenondsing.@ to 3 Singqnddo. Ar rhepork! Atthepark, ft'ssomuchfun. Foryou,forme,foreveryone! Playontheseesaw, Playin thepool. Eatan icecream, It'sniceandcool. Playwitha frisbee, Playwitha ball. Playontheslide, It'sfunfor all. Atthepark, It'ssomuchfun. Foryou,forme,foreveryone! 36
  29. 29. I Listen,pointondrepeot.@', LessonFour P onics Uu5s Tt I Listenondchont.@ tu Whereisthequeen?Q,4,queen. whereistherabbit?R,r, rabbit. WhereisthesofazS,s,sofa. whereistheteddY?T,t, teddY. whereistheumbrella?l),tt,umbrella. Listento thesoundsondjointhe letters-@', Whothosthequeengot? 'cl Reodondcirctethe soundsq, r,s,t, The ueen is on the soJa. The queen has got a rabbit. The teddg i.son the soJa. u otthestortofthewords. s r u t s t s cl ct u t r ct s r u t t u r The teddg has got on umbretta. Initiolsoundr Unit5 ?7
  30. 30. I Listenond number.@ r' I Askondonswer. rffift w*ffi 3 Circlethecopitoltettersof thestortof thenomes. This is Tim. "L* 9'n:',.' pupiLs. Wz ,,rrZltrj L Mg nome's Rosg. 3 Look ot BiLLg ond Rosg. 5 Bil.Ig is two. 2 This is BiLLg. 4Good IrV,Tim. 6 Rosg ond Tim ore 3+
  31. 31. tI ll I LersonTwo rommor Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. Followondwrite. ThisisMum'sbook. Grondmo Grondpo Posrersive'r Unit6 41
  32. 32. LesronThree 5ong 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ut Herearemorepeople in myfamily. 2 Listenondsing.@uo 3 Singonddo. Cl c In my fomily tnmyfamily, tnmyfamily, Lotsof fove, Foryouandforme. Mumanddad, Sisterandbrother, Grandmaandgrandpa, Notfikeanyother. Auntanduncle, Andcousinstoo, tuyfamilyhelpsme, tuyfamilyhelpsyou. ln myfamily,... 12 vr'omry
  33. 33. L Listen,pointondrepeot.@ u' 2 Listenondchont.@ uu Vv lArw ZzXx Listento the soundsondjoin the letters.@ u, Whotisinthevon? a Reodondcirclethe soundsv,w,x, g, Z. Hercisg tgy:, v,v,va,n. Hgrg is fi l,^-lindo'r",1,w, &',r,,'lt'ld{lv,'. Hereisii lto.x,x,x, hox. Hcreisa ,vo-yo, y,y,yo-yc. i{ergisa :eLtr,},z,z,zebru. Look out oJ the wlndow. Whot can Uou see? I can see a zebra ln a van. And a Ao-Uo on a box. lerron Four Phoni z w X x w u w z v z x g U v w w x v x z g li--- --i lnitjotsounds Unit 6 4,
  34. 34. " Listenondtick(/) thecorrectpicture.@ut 2 LersonSix 2 Who'sthis?It'sO[i'sount. 4 Whot'sthis?It'sabird. 6 Where'sOLi?He'softhepork. I Point,oskondonswer. 3 Circlethequestionmorksondunderlinethesentences. Whot'sgournome?Mg nome'sOIi. 1 Howoldoregou?I'mseven. 3 Howoregou?I'm fine,thonk gou. 5 Where'sthekite?It'sinthetree. Lisfening,specking,writing Unit 6 45
  35. 35. Review2 1 Circletheodd-one-out.Write. teocher brother fire mon pol'icemon housewife icecreom i'"fi-l @ Ipird--l rE"rl 2 Numberthe L-J t_J o @ @ @ tr @ @ @ @ sister dod grondmo grondpo ount uncle brother cousin mum +6 Revjew2
  36. 36. Write. He's She's oJiremon. Review 2 o pupi[.- 3'-so doctor. Lookof the picture 1 Where'sthedol.l.? 2 Where'stheteddg 3 Where'stheru[er? Circ[e. o nurse. ondwrite. under thetoubox. thetogbox. thebog. ogoin It's ? It's It's 0'0 r WVU aa e tLo a ) b g : Reodond numw5z co[our. My work in unifi 4,5 and 6 is r;}A6 I 2 {i Excellenf3)OK OO Good Review2 47
  37. 37. Lerron One Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.(i._)ro 2 Listenondchont.@ r, 3 Listenondreod.@ r, Help!the clothes. Look,thisisRosy'sdress. Arethesehersocks? Yes,theyare. fsthisaifly'sr-shirtZ @s,it is.Putit in hisbasket. Arethesehistrousers? No,theyaren'thistrousers. They'remy shorts! 48
  38. 38. Leson Two Grommor I z Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. 3 write. his her -''reseore her socks. Point,oskondonswer. oren't= orenot T-shirt. Thisis dress. 'f _ r' l) _ Thisis 3 4 Thisis herdress. Arethesehersocks? Yes,thegore. Arethesehistrousers? No,thegoFen't. Theseore hisshorts. Arc thcrc hh / hcr rcckr?Yct thcy ore. Unit 7 49
  39. 39. Leson Three 5on9 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@rt 2 Listenondsing.@ro 3 Singonddo. Every dayt: Everyday, I putonmysocks, I putonmysocks, Everyday. Everyday, I putonmysocks, I putonmyshoes, Everyday. Everyday, t putonmysocks, I putonmyshoes, I putonmycoat, Everyday. Everyday, t putonmysocks, I putonmyshoes, I putonmycoat, I putonmyhat, zveryday. Goodbye,Mum! 50 s^'7 My ciothes
  40. 40. LessonFour Phonics : Listenondpoint.Listenondsing.@r' I knowrttyAfrC,grleasesingalangwiih mt ".. cbcdefghijkl,mnop qrstuvwxgz I kmowmyABC,pleasesrngalangwithme : Writetheletters. Lookof thepictures.Writethe letters. :gkcrs .@ Theolphobet Unit7 5l
  41. 41. . Listenondnumber,@r, Lerron 5ix Heismgbrother. Whotisthis? It isundertheseesow. 3 Circle3 ondmotch. Where's=Whereis Whot's=Whotis L Whot"s;this?_ It's= It is t:" = Heis o b2 Where'srg hot?[ I 3 It'sundertheseesow.[ | 4 She'seight. 5 He'smgbrother.! c d e I Lookof thepicturesogoin.Point,oskondonswer. Whereismg Sheiseight. Whotletterismissing?i 't i= [-is+e^inr:speoking,writing Unit 7 53
  42. 42. LessonOne Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ r' 2 Listenondchont.@ rt 3 Listenondreod.@ "o ..€1"-'..?..''"'/l'q-'--" trft*,:;: tooktI'vegota certificate forgoodworkat school. welldone,Rosy. Coandshowyourfamily. Where'sGrandma? fsshein thekitchenz No,sheisn't. Surprisel welldone.Rosy. Thankyou! My house
  43. 43. Lesson,Two Grommor I 2 Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. 3 write. Is Are BiLLginthebedroom? Yes,heis. theg're=theg Rosginthebothroom? No,sheisn't. Aretheginthe livingroom? No,thegoren't. 1t .1.l i ln *r/ . rs+ffi Isshein thekitchen? No,sheisn't. WhereoreDod ondBiLtg? Theg'reinthe diningroomtoo. Where'sGrondmo? She'sinthe diningroom. vj ;F-Iis- n H Mum ond Dod h-a ,8h inthegorden? ffih6 <"5:" ffi No,thegoren't. Rosg'sountond uncleinthediningroom? Yes,thegore. 4 Lookof thepicturesogoin.Point,oskondonswer. .'. lrr'f t ,itr fi, r,, r titlfll 1tr)tl tirlr r' lltt'i'tt'rtl iilr ir'r , | ,', Are theytn theltvtngroom2 Unir 8 55
  44. 44. LesronThree Song 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@"t 2 Listenondsing. @r, 3 Singond do. fl+me into my house Comeintomy house. whatcanyousee? Upstairsand downstairs, Come,followme. Gothroughthedoor. Goupstairs. What'sin mybedroom? Fourteddybears. Cothroughthedoor. Godownstairs. What'sin thediningroom? rableandchairs. Comeintomyhouse... o() o o 56 -^'t t My house
  45. 45. I Listen,pointondrepeot.@ ", LersonFour Phonics shhs shh s sh rI3 2 Listenondchont.@"o rfey's shaesare red, Her T-shirt is blue. 5he's got a toy sheep, And a toy fish too. The sheeysis white, the fish is blue. Shirley wants to PlaY, With me and with you. 3 Reodthe chontogoin.Circlethe sl sounds. 4 Lookof the pictureondcirclethe correctsound. . ,.shh s su{ shh Digrophssh Unit8 57
  46. 46. LesronFive 1 Pointto therooms.5ogthewords. 2 Listenondreod.@tt I Andyshomepoge .I' My flot My farnily lVlyfriends My schooi Jl, ,J U r :rr;r'flot i-oo'', .-u,f) i9 rext- .; wh,t. s bt'-l I ic', crc l^,,-:€ Li::,,'..rt)r-r: I t o 't, r it - rr' .,rry. l .*. ),j L' . v'.)t ' j Tdf- fil)' rT)Ur-i:nd dr;c' Crln yOU .'it r' []]/ .5i.:,t,-'rirro photor Add picture Removepicture 3 Reodogoinqndwrite. bedroom Livingroom diningroom L ThereorephotosofAndg'sjrle[. 3 4 58 2 Thesofoisinthe The One isLittLe. isbig. Unrt8 Reoding:o dercripfion
  47. 47. Leron Six . Listenondnumber.@ru : -cokof the pictureogoin.Askondonswer. *ingroom bothrooms diningroom bedrooms kitchen 3 5ogthevowelletters.Circlethevowelsinthewords. oetou l This is o kitchen. 2 5he's in the dining room. SHere ore two bothrooms. 4WeLt done, Rosg. 6 The bedrooms ore upstoirs.5 Where's Grondmo? Lisfening,speoking,writing Unit 8 59
  48. 48. Leron One Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@', 2 Listenondchont.@"t 3 Listenondreod.@"" It'slunchtime. Cetyourlunchboxes. OhnolI haven'tgotmylunchbox. l'vegottwosandwichesand Nvodrinks.Hereyouare. Thankyou,Tim. rhanks.Theapple,please. l'vegotan apple. Andl'vegota banana.Chooseone. Look!Nowf'vegottensandwiches andsixdrinks.Pleasesharemyluncht 5O t-''9 fo1yiiinch box
  49. 49. LersonTwo Grommor I 2 Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. 3 write. I'vegot I hoven'tgot / haven'tgot o drink. o lunchbox. o bonono. two drinks. 4 Lookof thepicturesogoin.5ogondonswer. I'vegot= I hovegot hovent9ot = hovenotgot o sondwich. onoppl.e. I've got two sondwiches. I'vegotonopple.I hoven'tgot mg [unchbox. o sondwich onoronge o drink o Lunchbox onoPpte o bonono l'veqol hvodrinks. Nunnber5! |vc got/ I hovcn?go,... Unit 9 6f
  50. 50. LessonThree Song I Listen,pointond @to 2 Listenondsing.@n 3 Singonddo. repeot. N Open my lunch box! openmylunchbox. whatcanyousee? l'vegota sandwich, Youcansharewithme. l'vegota tomato. l'vegota pear. AndI'vegotsomegrapes, Andl'm happytoshare. 6z -r: i V " iurch box
  51. 51. 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ n, Listenondchont.@tt 3 Reodthe chontogoin.Circlethe.chsounds. 4 Lookof the pictureondcirclethe correctsound. LessonFour Phonics + 4 aa ,:/ -::- {-.- /' lltq;:p,ts ch {'.1nit9 63
  52. 52. I 2 Pointto thefood.Sogthewords. Listenondreod.@ o. Reodogoin.WriteA,BorC. Herlunchboxis A Herlunchboxis I ln mylunchboxl'vegota cheesesandwich anda banana.I'vegotanorange. I haven'tgota biscuit.I haven'tgota drinktoday. ln mylunchboxI'vegota cheese.andtomatosandwich. I haven'tgota bananabutl'vegotanapple. l'vegota drinktoday. l'vegota pearanda biscuitinmylunchbox. I'vegotNvosandwiches.They'reegg. Mydrinkiswater.I haven'tgotanappletoday. Histunchboxis 6+ Unir9 Rooding:informoriontrxtr
  53. 53. Lerron 5ix 1 Listenondtick(/1.@ " :Tlf,E - Lookof thepicturesogoin.Askondonswer. : sondwich onegg onoronge 3 Write. on+ o,e,i,o,u Thisison oronge. L Thisis a biscuit. 3 I'vegot_ egg. 5 It's sondwich. o peor o bonono eightgropes Thisiso peor. 2 I'vegot oppl.e. 4 Thisis hot. umbrelto. onoppLe o biscuit 6 I hoven'tgot Unite 65
  54. 54. Review 3 1 Circletheodd-one-out.Write. t rh"rtr-l F'*e.-l bonono Rosg'sountond.unc[e? inthediningroom. Grondmo? inthediningroomtoo. I _----. kitchen t-.""1l (t"r"t"-l r-p."i-l kitclr.::i Livingroom bedroom Where's Whereore He's She's Theg're BiLl.g? l--l-c'sin the bedroom. MumondDod? inthe kitchen. t bi;.ritl t l-r* l oppLe 66 Rc',e*3
  55. 55. ./i ,j ) . IIll>'- 3 write. His Her 4 Writetheletters. 14s.ffi:flffiffi, ,M -F1_ Review L 2 3 4 5 socksorewhite. shortsoreoronge. T-shirtisgreenondoronge. socksorebtue. trousersoregreen. 5 .I Circ[e. ch sh 5 Reodond colour. aa 66" ch sh ?L ch sh ch sh My work in unifs 7, 8 snd ( ** ) ,..=-i., Good ExcelfenfOK r s* 1 Review3 67
  56. 56. il I z Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsou. He'sgotshorthoir. Hehosn'tgot stroighthoir. 3 write. 'sgot hosn'tgot tondhoir.b She'sgotblueeges. Shehosn'tgot browneges. lerson Two Grommor It'sgotblockeues. It hosn'tgot [onghoir. he'sgot= hehosgot hosn't9ot= hosnotgot stroight-e 3 hoir. bLueeges. picturesagoin. He 5ogondonswer. curlghoir. 4 Lookot the He's/ ihe's/ lt'sgot/ lt hasn'tgot... Unit lO 69
  57. 57. LessonThree Song I Listen,pointondrepeot.@tn )tt 2 Listenondsing.@ roo 3 Singonddo. lf's s squore! ft'sgotfoursides. They'reallthesame. ft'sgotfoursides. They'reallthesame. It'sa square! It hasn'tgotsides. ft'ssrnoothandround.. It'sa circle! ft'sgotfoursides. Twolong,twoshort... It'sa rectangle! It'sgotthreesides. Justone,tvvo,three... ft'so triangle! 7o Unit l0 5hopes
  58. 58. LersonFour Phonics n,pointondrepeot.@ ,o, -Ir- oIr ;t- I ; -istenondchont.@ro, :'fiy eo's in the bath, Ane, tvr/o,three. y Theo counts his teeth, One, two, three. Reodthe chontogoin.Circlethe fh sounds. -ookof the pictureondcirclethe correctsound. h hh th th tr Digrophsth Unit l0 7l
  59. 59. I 2 Howmongfriendscongousee? Listenond reod. o 'rol Deor /agmin, Th;s i: o.pictuceof *e witL mYfo'" ftitnds' At -y fr;ends are lreat ' ,^A.3h"has got blue. lonq,t ["nd hair' ....'H" has $ot short :oo.Toby is ta [L' Peter is %Lty's cousin'H" hasEct curly ' bro.nnhoic. His eles o(e Srzeo' IEabet B a goodfciendtoo' She Las got sLraiSW',blark hlir. Aer elee are b.o*n, T "*., in thepictutre 16o. J o- sort anol I've 5ot [on3,bro*n haic lAl "1.5 a(e blue,. Can you se. rne'i -l eLL rne oVtouL Your f"iundt' F"o- Salty- 3 Reodogoin.Writethenomes. r a t.- t : .- JI 72 Unitl0 Reoding:o descriptiveletfer
  60. 60. lessonSix i ' "'-"-:---i.";* -' '*' 1 Listenondnumber.@ ,oo 2 Lookof the pictureogoin.Askondonswer. ffirfr rffi D D D Circle'sond've ondmotch. I'vegotblueeues.= I hovegot.btueeges. She'sgotb[ockhoir.= Shehosgotbl,ockhoir. L She'sgotbrowneges. 2 lt'sgotbLockeges. 3 I'vegottwo sisters. 4 He'sgototogtroin. @ o I hovegottwosisters. b Shehosgotbrowneges. c Hehosgoto togtroin. d It hosgotbLockeges. Whichlettersoremissing? I'r ]= Listening,speoking,writing Unit l0 73
  61. 61. lesson One Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@)rcs 2 Listenondchont.(O,* 3 Listenondreod.@'to, Thezoo.Creat!t likeanimals. tookattheelephants,Billy. Ohno!| don'tlikeelephants. they'rebig! Lookatthegiraffes. Ahh!| don'tlikegiraffi: they'retall! Billy,youlikeanimals. Butyoudon't likeelephants. Andyoudon'tlikegiraffes. 3[, J e. Lookoverthere! I likemonkeys!t likemonkeyst They'relittleandl'm littletoo. Yes.they'refunnyand you'refunnytool 74 Unit ll The zoo I adjectives
  62. 62. 5 Listento the storgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. I Likemonkegs. I don'tLikeeLephonts. tike don'tlike Lions. lesson Two Grommor Theg'rebig. I'm LittLe. am/is/ops+big eLephonts. monkegs. + 5ogondonswer. big LittLe to Ll. bLock brown geLLow white I like/ don'tlike... Unit ll 75
  63. 63. LessonThree 5on9 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@',oa 2 Listenondsing.@ rcs 3 Singonddo. Let's go to fhe zoo! Hearthetigersgrowl,growl, Growl,growl,growl,growl. Hearthetigersgrowl,growl. Hip,hip,hiphoorayl Let'sgoto thezoo,zoo,zoo! / whataboutyot,t,you,you? Youcancometoo,too,too. Let'sgoto thezoo,zoo,zoo! Hearthesnakeshiss,hiss,... Let'sgoto thezoo,zoo,zoo... Heartheparrotssquawk,squawk,... Let'sgotothezoo,zoo,zoo... T6 Jr r'll Thezoo
  64. 64. I Listen,pointondrepeot.@ ro tho hcrt 2 Listenondchont.@r' The c t's got a hat. The cat's got a hat. a, a, a, a, a. The man's got a fan. The man's got a fan. a, a, a, a, a. Reodthechontogoin.Circlethea inthe middl,eof thewords. Write. 3 4 I Leson Four Phonict nom at I cto CVC wordso Unit ll 77
  65. 65. I - - F' -- r LetSOn flVe i Skil'l's.Ti'nre.r 1 Lookot the picture.To[kobouttheonimol. 2 Reodondlistento the poem.@ ',' I amananimalatthezoo. Listennow,thisistrue. l'myellowandbrown.Mytongueisred. I'vegottwolittleearsontopofmyhead. Myneckislongandt amtall. I haven'tgotanyhandsat all. l canseethetopoftrees. Myfoodisthere.t likegreenleaves. Togetmyfood,mytongueislong. Canyouguess?Don'tgetitwrong! Sowhotaml?Doyouknow? t'ma giraffeandt'msaying'hello'! -. -/ .*->@&v*4'rt4^a-".q &d&v$,j -tpr+r n.4' +@eviel tr 4' 2 4 1 ThegirofJe Thegiroffe hosgottwo honds. hosgottwo eors. 3 Reodogoin.WriteT(true)orF(fo[se). ThegiroffeistoLL. -negirofJeisbLockondwhite. 78 r-' Reoding: o poem
  66. 66. I h LessonSix 2 Lookof the pictureogoin.Askondonswer. ListenonddrowO or@. o OO a snoke giraffe porrot tiger monkeg Lion odjectives= describingwords 3 Circlethe odjectives. It's o L It's 3 This 5 It's Iong snoke. It's o o ge[[ow Iion. is o brown monkeU. on oronge ond bLock IittIe monkeU. 2 It's o 4 Theg' 6 It's o green snoke. re to LLgiroff es. bLueporrot.tiger. Listening,speoking,writing Unit ll 79
  67. 67. LesronOne Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ ,ro 2 Listenondchont.@ r' 3 Listenondreod.@ ro what doyoulike,silly? Doyoulikeyogurt? Yes,I do! OK.Firstyourcarrots andthena yogurt. Finished! Coodboy. Here'syouryogurt. Mmm.t likeyogurt. 80 Unitl2
  68. 68. Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. DogouLikegogurt? Yes,I do. Grommor Whotdo gor,rLike? I Likegogurt. don't= do not IessonTwo Dogoulikecorrots? No,I don't. Write. Yes,I do. No,I don't. - : gouLikegogurt?Dogou[ikebreod? -. - Point,oskondonswer. DogouLikefish? .t.. . , : DogouLikecorrots? meot rice tcecreom gogurt breod tomotoes ,4i v 6ia/ Do you like carrots?Yes,I do. Unit I 2 8t
  69. 69. LersonThree Song 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@',r, 2 Listenondsing.@'ne 3 Singonddo. Drink yourmilk! Eatyourflgsanddrinkyourmilk, orinkyourmilk, orinkyourmilk. Eatyourflgsanddrinkyourmilk. Don'tbelateforschooft Eatyourbreadanddrinkyourjuice,... Here'syourwater,here'syourbag,... t +-+'t. 82 unitI2
  70. 70. LessonFour Phonics T l 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ rs ffi ffi {m' 'G *x3 3lr* Listenond chofit.@no I n's got a pen, Pen, pen, pen. l(en's pen is re{1, Red, red, red. Where's Ken's pen7 Pen, pen,'p€n" 't's on f{en's bed, #ed, bed, bed. 3 Reodthe chontogoin.Circlethe e in the middleof thewords. 4 Motchthewordsthot rhgme. ffi ffi 4 ffi ffi ffi ffi CVC wordse
  71. 71. LessonFivef- :-'$ iilllrytrT*.|iliffiffiiiru4*,r*ruu-=t1.1l_ WhotfooddogouLike?Pointondsog. Listenondreod.@ ''2, I 2 I'm hungrg.Let'slookofthemenu.I [ikemeotondrice. I [ikecorrotstoo.I don'tLikeJishoreggs.I Likeicecreom. I Likeopp[ejuicebutI don'tLikemiLk.Whotdogoutike,Emmo? 3 Reodogoin.Tick(/) whot 5ol,l.gond Emmo[ike.Cross(f) wtrottheg don't [ *-e I l,ikeicecreomtoo.AndI LikeJishondeggs.I [ike ricebutI don't[ikecorrots.I LikebononosbutI don't l"ikegropes.I LikemiLkbutI don't[ikeoppLejuice. 8+ Unit I 2 Reoding:informotiontexts
  72. 72. lesron 5ix 2 Lookof the menuon poge84.Askondonswer. yhrd, voulil<el,) ' I likeeggsand. 1 ListenonddrqwO or@.@ ,r, o Circten't ond isn't=isnot motch. don't=do oren't=orenotnot L I don'tLikefish.[__J 2 It isn'tobonono. 3 Thegoren'tmgshortt.[.__J 4 Sheisn'tmgsister.[_J Whotletterismissing?nF--]t= n o Thegorenotmgshorts. b I donot[ikefish. c Sheisnotmgsister. d It isnoto bonono. Lisfening,speoking,writing Unit I 2 8,
  73. 73. r,4 I Review 4 Frrr'r'- I Circtetheodd-one-out.Write. triongLe rectong[e Write. It'sgot It hosn'tgot - f tq**-l ltjg.i-l G"""t -l rLce Gi"ff. I f-'itkl @k'l rril-t [-jrl-i* -l ( *"t.r--l f-g"g,rt I ('en monkeg etephont ThisonimoListoU,. o longneck. four[egs. Thisonimol.isbig. bigteeth. ThisonimoLisLittl.e. bigeors. Jingers. two [egs.Jour [egs. Thisonimotis[ong. 6 Review4 |'egs. two eges.
  74. 74. 3 Lookof the pictures.Reodondcircle. 4 Lookof the picturesondwrite. <r Revia 4 e bed 5 Reodondcolour. >-<- t(likQ/don'tlikejuiceandt likeI don'tlikeflsh. t fikeI don'tlikeyogurt. I likeI don'tlikeyogurtandt likeI don'tfikefish. t likeI don't like juice. My work in units qnd l2 isl0,ll GoodOK Review4 8l
  75. 75. LesronOne Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ nt 2 Listenondchont.@ n+ 3 Listenond reod.@'tzt Look,Grandma.Myroomistidynor'. Nowtheflatistidy. No,it isn't,Grandma. Lookin thekitchen. Doyou likemyhatT 88 Unitl3 My bedroom
  76. 76. Listento the storgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. There'so do[[onthe rug. 3 write. There's Thereore o blonket. threepiLlows. 5 two beds. two rugs. 4 Lookof the picturesogoin.Point,oskondonswer. LessonTwo Grammor There orc th reebooks underthe bed. there's= thereis G.ev a cupboard. o sheLf. There's/ Thereare ... Unitl3 89
  77. 77. 1 Listen,pointond repeot.@ rze LersonFour Phonict-! 2 Listenondchont.@ne A b , hig fiq tn a big, big tir:. Eat the 0ig f ig 'ut the tin in the 'v)i't. Reodthechontogoin.Circlethei inthemiddleofthewords. Listento thesoundsondjointhetetters.(s) 'ro Whotisinthebin? 3 4 eeeI rt I i e I e 3 - e e CVCwordsi Unitl3 9l
  78. 78. lesson5ix ListenondwriteA or B.@nz ,!1 z! 2 Lookof thepicturesogoin.Askondonswer. 4D s! 6D shoes teddg T-shirt books Thereiso btonketon mgbed Is it inthe kitchen! 1 3 6 Hisnome's]omie 93 2 Where'sthepil,l.ow! 4 Whot'sin mgbedroot! 5 Thereorelotsoftogs! Listening,speokingond writing Unit | 3
  79. 79. LessonOne Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot. 3 Listenondreod.@ ,tt 2 Listenondchont.Q),"@nt Creat!Canheplayfootba Look,Tim.ActionBoycanfly. Yes,hecan. Youareclever, Actionaoy! Look,Rosy.ActionBoycanwalk. Hecanrunandhecanfly. Howold areyol,t,ActionBoy? Sifly nosy!Hecan'ttoli He'sa toy.
  80. 80. LesronTwo Grommor I 2 Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. 3 Write. con con't contt = coflflot cLimb.She 4 con't tol.k. wo[k.She 4 Lookof the picturesogoin.Point,oskondqnswer. ___- --,-Crn.lhi!y, -) i. No,sheccn't. Unitl4 95 Hecon'ttol.k. ConhetoLk? No,hecon't. ConhepLogfootbotl.? Yes,hecon. He con / can't fly. Con he ralk?
  81. 81. Leson Three 5on9 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@no 2 Listenondsing.@ ''n 3 Singonddo. I con do anyrhing! I canwritemyalphabet, nayalphabet,myalphabet. I canwritemyalphabet FromAto Z. I candoanything,anything,anything, I candoanything,if I try. I candrawanelephant,... with twobigears. I candoanything,... I cansingthissongtoyou,. Andmakeyousmile. Icandoanything,... Dq> 96 unitl4 Verbs
  82. 82. Leson Four Phonics @ @ l1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@',* OI'II oIt 2 Listenondchont.@se Lookat the d ft's sitting on a lag. rook at the fox. It's sitting in a bax. Reodthechontogoin.Circlethe o inthemiddleof thewords. Motchthewordsthot rhgme. 3 4 I @ @ 3 I CVCwordso Unit l4 n
  83. 83. lesson 5ix 1 Listenondnumber.Q,.0, 2 Lookqt the picturesogoin.5ogondonswer. E{,'.,,,.. Circten't ondmotch. con't = coflhot L It con'treod. 2 Atigercon'tftU.L__J 3 ActionBogcon'ttoLk.L_J 4 I con'tswim. o b c d ActionBogconnottoLk. It connotreod. I connotswim. A tigerconnotflg. Whotletterismissing?n Listening,speokingondwriting Unit 14 99
  84. 84. lerson One Words 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ ''o, 2 Listenondchont.@ ,ot 3 Listenondreod.@ ,oo Comeon. Let'smakea sandcastle! That'sa goodidea. Let'splayball,Grandma! wait,Bifly! Catch,Crandma' ft'sOK.Let'smakeanother sandcastletoqether! fOO Unit I5 Thebeoch
  85. 85. I 2 Listento thestorgogoinondrepeot.Act. Lookondsog. Circleondwrite. Let'smokeo sondcqstle Let'sswiminthe Let'sfind Let'spl.og ndcostl icecreom crob house livingroom seo o gogurt shells pLog beoch boLL hot 4 Lookof thepicturesogoin.Pointondsog. let'srnakt:a sandcastfe. rhat'sa ttnodirlcn. rol Let'sptouboU.. Greot.OK! Let's+ verb Unit I 5
  86. 86. lerson Three Song 1 Listen,pointondrepeot.@ro' sing,@ 'tou 3 Singonddo. / 1 Hey,heyl It'sa wondeffulday. wearegoingtothebeachtoday. Don'tforgetyoursuncream, Don'tforgetyourhat. Don't forgetyourfrisbee, or yourballandbat. Hey,heyl It'sa wonderfulday... Haveanicecream, Havea drink. Havean icelolly, Yelloworpink. Hey,heyl ft'so wonderfulday... :$&s- 1O2 Unitl5 Thebecch
  87. 87. a t LersonFour Phonics 1 Listen,pointond repeot. 147 2 Listenondchont.@rut l'm on the r , Rug, rug, rug. tvifh juice tn a Ju{1, Jug, juq, ju{4. llere is my mum, Mum, mutn, m tl tll. he's gat my sum, Sum, sllm, sum. Reodthechontogoin.Circlethe u inthemiddLeof thewords. Listento thesoundsondjointheletters. As Whereisthedog? 3 4 o i u u I o u i I o u o u I I o u u o a I o CVCwordsu Unit l5 1O3
  88. 88. I Whotcon 2 Listenond gouseein the picture?Pointondsog. reod.@ ,to q- E Welcometo ourbeoch! WeLikeourbeocho [ot.It isverylongondsondy.Onthebeochyouconptogbotondbo[[,footbott or frisbee.Youconmokesondcostlestoo.Youconfindshel,l,sondcrobsinthe rockpoots.Theseo isbtueondcleon.Heregouconswimor goino boot.Neorthe beochthereorehotetsondcof6s. Youconeoticecneqmfromthe icecreomstotls. don'tforgetyour suncreomond yourhot. don'tswimolone- swimwithfomil.y or friends. It's lotsof fun ot thebeoch, butpleose... putyourl.itterin EnjOy ! thebins. 3 Reodogoin.Circlethe correctwords. L rhebeoch 'rGtitl Littte. 2 Onthe beochgouconplogicecreom/ botondbo[[. 3 Youconmokesondcostles/ coflils. 4 In rockpooLsUouconfind shoes/ sheLl,s. 5 Theseoisoronge/ bLue. 1O4 Unit l5 Reoding:on informotionposter
  89. 89. Lesson5ix 1 A ListenqndwriteA or B.@ ''' plogbotondbo[L pLoUfootboLL r! z! ,! 4! s! 2 Lookof the picturesogoin.Pointondsog. o! findcrobsondshells pLoUfrisbee mokeo sondcostle puton suncreom verbs= doingwords 3 Circlethe verbs. Let'srun. Let's.9oino boot. L Let'sswim. 3 Let'splogboLL. 5 Let'sputonsuncreom. 2 Let'swotk. 4 Let'sfindsheLLs. 5 Let'smokeo sondcostLe. Listening,speoking,writing Unit l5 105
  90. 90. Review 5 I Circletheodd-one-out.Write. cupboord sondcost[e thirteen twentg 2 WriteT(true)or 3 write. con con't It rnn fLg. f-rh.Lt-l :lirr[{ bLonket L Thereoretwo beds.T 2 There'so kiteundero bed. 3 Thereorebooksonthecupboord. 4 Thereoretrousersonthe rug.__ 5 There'so ruleronthe sheLf._ woLk. :-l;:i -..- i r'j'lY1 . [#r] @b-l [b.r.L ] (*'n @ ['h.Lf-] (-tw.t".--l [b""t .] ftft.*=l t-r*it-l@ (pitto*-l tO6 Review5 cIimb. swtm.
  91. 91. -re- ffi Review Motch. Let'smoke --i 4 1 Let'sputon Let'sgoin Let'sfind Circlethe vowel. e io o e io u o e io Lookof thepicturesogoinondwrite. 5UnCreom. crobs. o boot. t,--- o sondcostle. 5 1 # Jq- o 6 t I 7 Reodondcolour. o e to u use My work in unirs 13.14 ond | 5 is OoK OOGood OOO Exceflenr Review5 1O7
  92. 92. _ 9rSy^ygrrefefence ,' Unir I wnot'sthis?It'so pen. Write. L Whot'sthis? ocot. L TheseoremgLegs. 3 Thismgfoce. 2 Whot's_? It'so dog. 3 Whot's ?It'so pencil. 4 this? o ruler. Unit 2 Thisismgbog. Isthisgourteddg? Yes,it is. Thisisgourdo[[. No,it isn't. Write. 1 Uourbike?Yes,it is. 2 Isthismgdol.[?No,_ Unir 3 oneorm Theseoremgorms. two orms Thisismgnose. Reodondtick(/) if the sentenceiscorrect. tr D 2 Thisismgnoses.[-l 4 ThisismUorms.! Unlt 4 She'so housewife. Is sheo teocher?Yes,sheis. He'so pupil.. No,sheisn't. Write. 1 _she oteocher?Yes,sheis. 2 Is heo pupil?No, Unif 5 Where'sthebot[?It'sunderthebog. It'sinthe net. It'sontheslide. Orderthe words. L boLl.?theWhere's tOB Grommorreferen.. 2 underIt'sthetree.
  93. 93. Unif 6 lt'sMum'sbook. It'sBiLLg'steddg. Write. 1 Bil.Lg/ coot. lt's B[ttU'scoat. 2 Rosg/ kite. 3 Dod/ bog. 4 Tim/ hot. Unlt 7 Thisisherdress. Theseorehistrousers. Arethesehersocks? Yes,thegore. No,thegoren't. Write. 1 ThisisBi[[g''s his coat. 2 ThisisRosg'skite. 3 ThisisDod'sbog. 4 ThisisTim'shot. Unif 8 Where'sGrondmo? She'sinthediningroom. Issheinthekitchen? Yes,sheis. No,sheisn't. WhereoreDodondBitLg? Theg'reinthegorden. Aretheginthelivingroom? Yes,thegore. No,thegoren't. Write. 1 Mum? inthebothroom. 2 Where _ RosgondBitLg? inthekitchen. 3 GrondmoondGrondpodownstoirs?Yes, Grommorreference 6rommorreference lOg
  94. 94. Grommor reference ', Unir 9 I've gottwo sondwiches. I'vegot on opple. I hqven'tgot mg [unchbox. I'vegot o bonono. on+o,e,i,o,u Orderthewords. 1 gotorongeI'veon 2 mg hoven'tlunchboxI got Unif lO He'sgotbrowneges. Hehosn'tgotgreeneges. She'sgotblueeges. Shehosn'tgotshorthoir. It'sgotbrowneges. It hosn'tgotgreeneges. ReodondwriteT(true)or F(fo[se). L Adog'sgottwo [egs. 3 A lion'sgotfourlegs. 2 Timhosn'tgotb[ockhoir. 4 Rosg'sgoto brother. Unir | | I Likemonkegs. I'm to[. It's [ittl.e. I don't[ikeel.ephonts. He'stoil.. Theg'retittLe. She'stoLt. Write likeor don't like. 1@I elephonts. 2 @I zebros. 3 @I snokes. 4 O I monkegs. Unit l2 DogouLikegogurt?Yes,I do. No,I don't. WhotdogouLike? I likerice. Write. t Dogoulikerice?Yes, 11O Crommorreference 2 goulikemeot?No,_
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