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  1. 1. If you are looking for a way to gain more power, create more speed, and experiencemaximum agility or just to truly be certain thatyour getting the most out of your skates than consider having your skate blades aligned.IT support
  2. 2. Being a specialty skates store, we have developed and pioneeredmany unique systems for enhancing the performance of our clientsskates One of the many things we have done is developed andrefined the concept of "aligning skate blades" However, even aftermore than twenty years and many thousands of blade alignmentswe are still often asked "what the heck is a blade alignment?" Thesimplest definition of a skate blade alignment is; the positioning of askate blade on a boot in such a manner as to be relative to the footand the biomechanics of the skaters body that is going to be wearingthe skate; or in other words positioning the skate blade on the bootto ensure that the skaters center of gravity falls directly over theblade
  3. 3. Conceptually aligning blades on skates is the same as aligningthe wheels on a car When its done correctly, the wheels (skateblades) track straight and true
  4. 4. Skate blade alignment is by no means a new conceopt In fact figureskaters have been aligning their blades for more than 75 yearsBecause of our extensive history with figure skating we simply usedwhat we had been doing with figure skaters for so many years, andapplied it to all skaters, including hockey and ringette playersPositioning the blade to allow IT support for the biomechanicaldifferences in your feet and body takes your skate fitting to the nextlevel The correct alignment will allow for maximum edge control,which will support you in maintaining a more efficient stride, betterturning ability, and will enhance your overall skating performance
  5. 5. Because your skates are a production line item, the most that canbe expected from the skate manufacture is that the blade will bemounted in the middle of the outer soul of the skates That howeverdoes not accommodate the majority of skaters who pronate orsupinate Being certain that your center of gravity does not fall toeither the inside or outside of the blade means that you will havebetter control of both the inside and outside edge of your skateblades The classic picture of the young skater trying to skate whileusing only inside edges is something that is easily avoided byrepositioning the blade on the boot Subtle changes to bladepositioning on all levels of skaters can translate into significant gainsin performance on the ice
  6. 6. Just some of the indications that you may need your skate bladesaligned may include; difficulty turning one direction , struggling tohold eith an outside or inside edge, weak crossovers, chronic kneestrain, groin pulls, sore lower back The manufacturing process isnot perfect , so re-mounting a a skate blade mounted on a boot fromthe manufacturer can make a huge difference in skating performance Blade alignment ideally needs to be done with the skater, in thestore, in that way we can fine tume the alignment However, skatesthat have been worn for a period of time, will show signs of a poorblade alignment, so we can in fact align blades without the skater
  7. 7. Its just not as ideal Pro Skate has worked with every level ofhockey player and figure skater, including Olympic gold medalistsBlade alignment is an integral part of the skate fitting process andwill help you attain maximum performance results from your skates
  8. 8. IT support