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The Corporate Social Media Summit 2010


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This pdf is a complete brochure for the forthcoming Corporate Social Media Summit 2010.

The event is a conference on social media - and is designed exclusively for a corporate audience. We have an exclusively corporate speaker roster (PepsiCo, Whole Foods, GM, McDonald's, and 17 more confirmed) and exclusively corporate-focused agenda (see the brochure for more).

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The Corporate Social Media Summit 2010

  1. 1. The Corporate Social Media Summit 2010 Boost profits and enhance marketing & communications effectiveness with an integrated, accurately measured social media strategy Two-day business conference, 15 – 16 June 2010 The Helmsley Hotel, Manhattan, New York City Get exclusive insights and best practice examples on: Highlights from our exclusively corporate • How to implement and progress your internal speaker line-up strategy on social media use include: • How to leverage social media to better control your Whole Foods Market Bill Tolany reputation online and offset inevitable risks Head of Social Media McDonald’s • How to establish social media value for your Heather Oldani Director of US Communications company – and measure whether you’re getting any Paramount Pictures Amy Powell Senior Vice-President, Interactive Marketing An event exclusively focused on the needs of business: Nokia Molly Schonthal 100% Head of Social Media of our 20+ speakers are drawn Adidas from big business Chris Barbour Head of Digital Marketing, 100% adidas Originals of topics covered were requested Johnson & Johnson by corporate communications and Robert Halper marketing executives Director, Video 100% Communications Siemens of our 12 workshops deal with corporate Stefan Heeke social media issues, risks and opportunities Director of Online Marketing AND MANY MORE! OPEN NOW to get a breakdown of all our speakers, an in-depth agenda and insight on who you’ll meet!
  2. 2. Dear Colleague Are you serious about the impact of social media on your Social media has changed the way that business does business. Perhaps the most radical change (or is it evolution?) is being faced by corporate communications Corporate Communications and Marketing professionals. and marketing strategy? • 9% of people with an internet connection now actively participate in 5 social media. The US alone has 142 million active social networkers. • 4% of people have recommended a product via Twitter. And 34% of 4 6 excellent reasons why you must people have searched online for a product/service/brand after seeing an advertisement on a social networking site. attend this Summit: • 7% of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook listings that appeared for 7 brand searches were controlled by someone other than the brand. 1 Targetted, relevant learning - an exclusively business-focused conference agenda - created after The conversation about your brand is happening – whether you’re involved or not. Your consumers are out there, and social media offers 3 months of research with senior communications and you unique opportunities to talk to and engage with them. marketing executives The numbers add up.That’s why 73% of the Fortune 100 have a Twitter account. Why 83% of consumer-facing companies maintain a presence on Facebook. 2 Be part of a dynamic learning community - 150 Corp Comms and Marketing executives to attend And yet. There is still a lot to learn. In a recent survey on corporate Twitter accounts, 53% of the accounts 3 Practical insights you can use - knowledge- sharing from over 20 large corporations on social media “did not display personality, tone or voice”. 68% have less than 1,000 followers. 15% aren’t being used at all. Hardly a sign that business is for communications/marketing teams taking full advantage of the opportunities social media offers, is it? Oh - and everyone remembers what happened to United Airlines, right? 4 Open discussion on the biggest issues - every session has discussion in-built, and we also offer And Habitat? And Comcast? That’s why we created the Corporate Social Media Summit. To help 12+ hours of networking time corporate communications and marketing teams understand and leverage the power of social media. 5 An independent forum - our agenda is the product of primary research, and is entirely independent. We This is the only social media conference out there that focuses exclusively on the social media risks (and opportunities!) faced by businesses. It’s are not here to sell you solutions/software/services. You the only conference where 100% of our speakers are drawn from big will receive a well-balanced, innovative and informative businesses. It’s the only event with a set of topics suggested exclusively briefing to enable you to make the best decisions for by your communications and marketing peers. your business If you’re an executive working in communications and marketing for a large business, this is the conference you’ve been waiting for. Divided into three distinct themes, the conference will equip you with 6 Measure the results - get social media progress packaged and delivered in a language your Finance the skills, knowledge and best practice examples you need - to ensure Director can understand your company’s social media strategy is as robust and successful as possible in the year ahead. With senior and experienced speakers drawn from companies like PepsiCo, Adidas, Whole Foods, Dell and McDonald’s, you’ll get in-depth insight and practical advice from people that have been there, done it, A conference full of senior and been successful. corporate speakers: With 14 interactive and dynamic sessions, you’ll get advice and expertise on all the corporate social media issues that you are either facing already, or will be facing very soon. 32% 37% And with 12+ hours of networking, you’ll have plenty of time to share are Directors are Heads of problems, learn from your peers, and fill your contact book. Department There is no other event out there that can offer such a resolutely corporate-focused social media conference. I hope to see you in New York in June! Best regards, 5% are Vice- Presidents 26% Nicholas Johnson are Managers Useful Social Media
  3. 3. What makes this event better than all the other social media conferences out there? Simple. An exclusive focus on business Too many events in this area are populated by ‘social media gurus’ (read service providers and consultants) as speakers, and discuss ‘social media issues’ in the broadest possible terms. They’re barely relevant to a corporate audience at all. The Corporate Social Media Summit is different. Why? • 3 months of research with big companies, like Dell, Starbucks, Toyota, Intel and PepsiCo have ensured we know exactly what business needs to know about when it comes to social media use • Exclusively corporate speakers - with representatives from big companies like Whole Foods Market, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Samsung, Marriott, Siemens and Citi • A tightly-focused agenda - dealing with the biggest issues facing your company when it comes to using social media - areas covered include: • How to establish and progress your internal strategy on social media use • How to leverage social media to better control your reputation online (and offset inevitable risk) • How to create value for your company through social media - and measure whether you’re achieving it • An emphasis on practical, measurable strategies for business • An audience of corporate communicators and marketers – not consultants and service providers The brightest minds in corporate social media – under one roof! Whole Foods Market Bill Tolany Siemens Stefan Heeke Director SunLife Steven Gangbar Director Head of Social Media of Online Marketing of Social Media Adidas Chris Barbour Head of Dell Caroline Dietz Social Media Marriott International John Wolf Digital Marketing, adidas Originals and Communities Representative Senior Director, Public Relations McDonald’s Heather Oldani General Motors Connie Burke The Rainforest Alliance Director, US Communications Communications Manager, Social Media Jennifer Bass Vogel Communications Paramount Pictures Amy Powell Mars Lisa Foley Social Media Manager, US and Canada Head of Interactive Marketing and Manager The World Bank Nicole Frost Social Media Intel Suzanne Fallender Director Head of Social Media PepsiCo Josh Karpf Senior Manager, of CSR Strategy and Communications Samsung Electronics Esteban Digital Media Communications Interface Americas Steve Contreras Social Media Manager Nokia Molly Schonthal Head Arbaugh Vice-President, Brand Virgin Mobile USA Lisa of Social Media, North America Marketing, Alignment and Experience D’Aromando Social Media and Johnson & Johnson Robert Halper Intuit Kira Wampler Social Marketing Communications Associate Director, Video Communications Leader, Small Business Division Citi Paul Butcher Head of Digital Media
  4. 4. DAY ONE 15 June 2010 Chairman’s Address: The changing relationship PRAC TI C AL WORKS HOP P RACTICAL WORKS HOP between business and social media Leverage the power of your Understand and fully utilize the employees and turn them into wealth of data social media delivers THEME ONE effective brand ambassadors Social media generates a huge amount of data - all of which can be used by the savvy Communications/ HOW TO ESTABLISH AND PROGRESS YOUR As a communications/marketing professional, you’re well aware of the power of your employees to act Marketing Director to evolve and improve brand strategy. INTERNAL STRATEGY ON SOCIAL MEDIA USE as truly influential brand ambassadors. Well, social In this session, we will look at how you can best media has just increased their influence many times analyse the data that social media will provide for S U P E R–PA N E L over. you. Then we’ll tell you how to incorporate that data Scale up your social media into a An engaged - and social media savvy - employee into brand strategy decisions going forward. comprehensive, company-wide and base will be a huge advantage to your marketing • What good social media analysis can teach you and communications campaigns. In this session, about your customers well-defined strategic effort we will investigate how social media enables you to • Using the data: How to incorporate social media Transforming your social media strategy from an capitalise on the dormant power of an existing asset. analysis in decisions on brand strategy ad hoc series of messages from a few disparate • Designing the rules of engagement: best practice • How to present this new type of data to your employees into a well-managed, well-measured tips on establishing the ‘rules of the game’ for stakeholders with clarity - and engage the rest and effective plank of your communications and employees using social media - keeping them of your team with your new strategy marketing strategy is difficult. involved whilst retaining control Siemens Stefan Heeke Director - Online Marketing Even the most social media-savvy companies are • Taking the next step: Going from a set of social Intel speaker to be confirmed struggling to transform their approach to social media rules to a set of active brand advocates media into something truly strategic. - how to turn your people from employees to P RACTICAL WORKS HOP ambassadors Reputational risk: How to spot early In this session, attendees will examine different • What to do when an employee mis-steps - crisis approaches to creating a company-wide social management and the re-evaluation of priorities warnings of trouble for your brand media strategy - and learn more about how to implement one in their own business. We will cover: General Motors Connie Burke Communications You’ve all heard the horror stories – “United Breaks Manager, Social Media Guitars” and “There’s a Comcast Technician Asleep • From toe in the water to full-body immersion: SunLife Steven Gangbar Director of Social Media on my Couch” to name just two. Rest assured there The difficulties - and opportunities - in making World Bank Nicola Frost Head of Social Media will be plenty more. social media a fully fledged, effective and integrated part of company strategy Whilst it might be impossible to completely remove PRAC TI C AL WORKS HOP • Are they centres of excellence or inaccessible, the chance of a social media nightmare - you can silos of knowledge: How to manage social media Integrate social media into your guard against it. And if it does happen, you can learn how to respond in the best possible way. expertise across your business marketing mix – and fully leverage • What do you want to transform into? How to social’s power In this session, we’ll investigate: determine what your social media strategy should look like • How to identify the warning signs - when should It’s 2010 - we know that social media tools can you start getting worried? PepsiCo Josh Karpf Senior Manager Digital Media enhance your marketing and communications • What to do when disaster strikes - how to use Communications strategy. And yet social media is still all too often social media to respond effectively Citi Paul Butcher Head of Digital Media seen as the black sheep of the family - ignored, and • Establishing systems to guard against social Nokia Molly Schoenthal Head of Social Media, North not integrated fully into a business’s marketing mix. media faux pas, and deal with problems quickly America It’s something that must change if a company is to and effectively reap the full benefits of social media. PRACT ICAL WO R K S H O P Rainforest Alliance Jennifer Vogel Communications In this session, our experts will give you essential Manager, US & Canada Take advantage of location-based insight on how to comprehensively integrate social social networks to better engage media into your company’s marketing mix. CORP ORATE CAS E S TUDY with potential consumers • Changing a winning formula - for the better: How Best practice for using Twitter to add social media to your existing marketing/ communications strategy without decreasing to achieve your communications The current flavour of the month amongst social media ‘gurus’ is Foursquare – a location-based social activity in areas of proven effectiveness and marketing goals network allowing people to ‘check-in’ at stores, bars, • How cheap is social media, really? Determining A few stats on current Twitter use: restaurants etc - and tell people about it. the cost - in time and money - of increased social Already, forward-thinking brands are using media activity • At the current rate, Twitter will process almost Foursquare to better engage with potential • Discover how to establish a consistent message 10bn tweets in 2010 consumers. Warner Brothers used the service to over all your marketing channels - whilst coping • 44% of people have recommended a product via Twitter. publicise their film ‘Valentine’s Day’ through tailored with the informality necessary in social media • 73% of the Fortune 100 have a Twitter account... badges, tips and to-dos on the site. Domino’s Interface Americas Steve Arbaugh Vice President The poster child of social media in 2009 is now an is offering one free pizza a week to people that of Brand Alignment and Experience essential communications and marketing tool. ‘check-in’ the most at each of their branches. Virgin Mobile USA Lisa D’Aromando Social Media In this frank and practical discussion, Dell – a In this session, we will investigate: and Communications Associate major corporate Twitter success story - will set out how they approach using this tool to further their • Foursquare, Buzz, Gowalla, Yelp – the differences communications and marketing aims. between the leading location-based networks and how they impact you THEME TWO You’ll learn how they managed to make $3m directly • Tactics for leveraging location information to HOW TO LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA TO BETTER from Twitter - and how you can follow their lead and create targeted marketing and communications extract the maximum value from this major social CONTROL YOUR REPUTATION ONLINE AND • Is free coffee enough? Are location-based OFFSET INEVITABLE RISK networking tool. discounts the best use of this new tool, or can Dell Caroline Dietz Social Media and Communities a more immersive experience be designed? Speakers to be confirmed Networking Drinks Reception The earlier you book, the less you pay: Register by the April 2 to SAVE $400!
  5. 5. DAY TWO 16 June 2010 Chairman’s Address: CORPORATE CAS E S TUDY P RACTICAL WORKS HOP Key lessons from day one How Adidas have used Facebook to Social media metrics: How the S U P E R–PA N E L enhance their brand, build awareness communications/marketing executive Conversation skills: How to win and boost the bottom line can effectively measure success friends and influence people 83% of companies maintain a Facebook presence, Social media is enormously complex, and a large according to a recent study by social media marketing and communications 83% of B2C companies have a social media One of the most successful proponents is Adidas. campaign can provoke more ripples than you could presence. It’s an accepted requirement for the Ranked 11th in a recent survey of the best corporate ever hope to count. successful marketing and communications Facebook users, the adidas Originals page has more The difficulty for the communications and marketing departments. than 2.3 million fans. professional is not measuring the impact of social And yet there is huge variety in the quality and In the second of our series of case studies on the media – it is deciding what to measure. You could usefulness of these social media presences. Social major social networks, Chris Barbour, who runs the spend 100% of your time measuring the multitude of media is fundamentally a conversation. And some company’s Facebook presence, will give you insight impacts social media can have on your business. brands on social networks just aren’t making good into how he has engendered such success. How do you cut down time spent and focus only on conversation. the essential metrics that can be of real value to your Adidas Chris Barbour Head of Digital Marketing, adidas In this session, we will discover all the conversational Originals business? skills you need to make sure your social media In this session, we’ll show you how. presence pays off for you. PRAC TI C AL WORKS HOP • Do 2,000,000 fans matter? The limitations of • Choosing when to converse: You can’t talk to ROI: Assess its importance and sticking with quantitative measurement everyone - how do you identify the best people to engage with? discover its effectiveness as a social • Moving beyond basic numbers: An in-depth look at where to look once you have a handle on the • Effective engagement: Strategies and tips on how media metric followers and fans to have a conversation that gets results • Sentiment analysis - real-life examples of it’s use, • Ghostwritten: Is it better to hire in an agency to Determining the ROI of social media is something and how you can take advantage too run your social media presence and do the talking of a holy grail. Innumerable hours have been spent for you? What are the risks of this approach? trying to attribute dollars and cents to value of a Marriott International John Wolf Senior Director, company’s social media activity. Public Relations Whole Foods Market Bill Tolany Head of Social Media But there is a larger question, which is increasingly McDonald’s Heather Oldani Director being asked. Is ROI a useful social media metric? Crowdsourced conclusions: of US Communications Many experienced corporate social media 10 key learnings from the Corporate Paramount Pictures Amy Powell Head of Interactive practitioners are dismissive of its usefulness. Social Media Summit Marketing and Social Media In this session, two seasons social media experts debate the value of ROI as a social media metric: In this innovative closing session, you are the expert. • The advantages of striving to find a social media Our experienced moderators will draw out the THEME THREE ROI - and some tactics to find it themes, the best practices and the key takeaways HOW TO ESTABLISH SOCIAL MEDIA VALUE • Missing the point: The risks inherent in attempting from the conference. And they will do so by turning to ascribe monetary value to your social media to those best qualified to define them - you. FOR YOUR COMPANY - AND THEN MEASURE effort WHETHER YOU’RE GETTING ANY Personality Not Included Rohit Bhargava Author • How to convince your board of the value of social media - without ROI information PRACT ICAL WO R K S H O P Intuit Kira Wampler Social Media Manager Dell Caroline Dietz Social Media and Communities Define a set of useful KPIs tailored to your business and goals CORPORATE CAS E S TUDY “A lot of marketers just want to start using Facebook Extracting maximum value from or Twitter right away without thinking about how. YouTube – the Johnson & Johnson story But setting objectives is crucial for success in this space.” YouTube offers a unique opportunity for business Sean Corcoran, Social Media Analyst, Forrester to connect with communities through rich media. Research In this session, Johnson & Johnson, the You want to use social media. You know it will pharmaceutical giant, will discuss how they have enhance your marketing and communications. leveraged YouTube to produce measurable success. You want to measure your success. But before In this last of our Case Study sessions, J&J’s you can measure anything, you need to define Director of Video Communications will give you what you want to measure. a unique insight into the company’s approach to In this session, attendees will learn how YouTube - and what you can learn from their years to set tailored objectives to measure their social of experience. media progress: Johnson & Johnson Robert Halper Director, • What does ‘value’ mean for you? How to Video Communications establish realistic goals to work towards • Instigate key performance indicators that are relevant to your own social media strategy Samsung Esteban Contreras Social Media Manager Mars speaker to be confirmed The only social media conference designed exclusively for a corporate audience!
  6. 6. Our 5 Guarantees to you: Who should attend? You will leave the summit with: • re you currently using social A media as part of your 1 A roadmap for action - practical steps for your communications/marketing strategy? company to move confidently towards strategic social media use • o you want to know how to D measure the effectiveness of your 2 A benchmark of leading companies, and what social media use? you need to do to take your place amongst them • re you planning to scale up your A social media activity over the next 3 Benchmarks from some of the biggest brands practising corporate social media today year? • ill you use social media to get W 4 New relationships with a highly targetted, messages about your company/ senior set of peers products across this year? 5 Insights from the most dynamic figures at work If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, in corporate social media today you simply can’t miss this conference. Register today to secure your place - the event will sell out! Solution and Service Providers – ever find yourself asking these questions? • here can I find new customers for my social media W analytics products and services • hich emerging challenges will offer my business lucrative W Part of the FC Business Intelligence Group opportunities going forward? • hich partnerships will allow me to take my solutions into W As part of the FC Business Intelligence group, we are well- new markets and add significantly to my bottom line? versed in putting together effective business conferences, and have been doing so for over 20 years.. In the last year, Well ask no more! Secure a sponsorship or exhibition package we ran 115 conferences across the world. 13,345 business at the CSM Summit and you’ll be guaranteed to meet and do executives attended our events in the last year. business with our focused and senior audience of corporate executives with a responsibility for social media strategy - all of We constantly ask for feedback from all our delegates, and this whom need your solutions and services! information has allowed us to develop, evolve and refine our conference products. We guarantee that this conference will be: The Corporate Social Media Summit offers an excellent range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to suit every need • Interactive - with plenty of opportunities to discuss the issues and budget. We can literally tailor-make a sponsorship package at hand - both with our expert speakers and your peers to your needs -meaning you speak, build your brand or organise meetings with the leading figures in the CSM space. Do not miss • Practical and informative - full of best practice case studies and practical steps that are relevant to your day-to-day job out on this unrivalled opportunity to do business and secure sales from the CSM industry! • Targetted and relevant - with an agenda focused specifically on the needs of corporate communications and marketing Contact or email Andrew Bold today: professionals at US-based companies Call +44 (0) 20 7375 7188 or email • Value for money - with access to 20 expert speakers, spread over 2 days and 13 workshops
  7. 7. Who Will You Meet? Business executives attending REGISTER NOW IN 3 EASY STEPS the Corporate Social Media Summit will include managers, directors and vice-presidents in the following areas: CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMIT, 15 – 16 June 2010 The Helmsley Hotel, Manhattan, New York City • Social Media • Communications • Marketing • Digital Media 1 Choose Your Pass • Communities • Branding Standard Premium • Digital/Online Marketing • Web Presence • Access to all super-panels, • Access to all super-panels, workshops and case studies workshops and case studies • Networking lunch and coffee • Networking lunch and coffee breaks breaks 20+ Hours of networking • Evening drinks reception • Evening drinks reception Meeting key figures from within the + Access to presentation slides + MP3s of every session industry in person can be an invaluable post-conference at the conference experience. We know that a formidable chunk of you have networking as your primary reason for attending. Book by 2nd April $1400 SAVE $400 Book by 2nd April $1500 SAVE $400 The Summit is designed to maximise Book by 7th May $1650 SAVE $150 Book by 7th May $1750 SAVE $150 networking time - with highlights Full price $1800 Full price $1900 including a networking party on the close of day one - June 16th. Over 20 hours of applied discussion time will take place over the 2 days. You’ll also have the chance to arrange meetings 2 Give us Your Contact Details with other attendees before the event. First name: Telephone: Last name: Email: Save Big with our Position/Title: Address: Group Discounts Company: Take advantage of Useful Social Media’s unique team discounts. ZIP: Every third person in your group comes for half price. Contact the Useful Social Media team on +1 800 814 34 59 3 Register Your Place or CALL US: EMAIL US: +1 800 814 34 59 Catch every presentation... FAX US: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: It can be difficult to catch every word of every presentation - and with the +1 800 814 34 60 expertise on offer, you’ll want to. We will record every presentation so you don’t miss a thing. Simply purchase TERMS & CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after 16th April 2010 incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 14th May 2010 we will be obliged a Premium pass when you register. to charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Useful Social Media in writing of a cancellation, or we You’ll be given access to the online will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated, but VAT will be charged, video within 10 days of the event. where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. Register now using the form opposite. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
  8. 8. The Corporate Social Media Summit 2010 Best practice for establishing social media strategy, managing reputation and measuring value visit the website for the latest news & updates Two-day business conference, 15 – 16 June 2010 The Helmsley Hotel, Manhattan, New York City Expert speakers confirmed from 5 great reasons you should attend this conference all these leading companies 1 Unrivalled speaker line-up: With senior representatives from General Motors, Dell, Whole Foods, Citi and many more! 2 Big picture discussions: Multiple high-level panels for enhanced debate on strategic issues 3 Best practice and benchmarks: 12 practical and interactive workshops and case studies on the nitty gritty of using social media for corporate communications and marketing 4 Fill your contact book: 12+ hours of networking opportunities with a senior, targetted audience of communications and marketing executives 5 Be where the action is: The premier meeting place for corporate communicators and marketers working with social media OPEN NOW to get a breakdown of all our speakers, an in-depth agenda and insight on who you’ll meet!