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Tallie + Quickbooks Online (QBO) Workflow Booklet


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Tallie, makers of award-winning expense report software, created a helpful booklet detailing our powerful integration with Quickbooks Online (QBO).

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Tallie + Quickbooks Online (QBO) Workflow Booklet

  1. 1. The quickest path from receipt to balance sheet
  2. 2. BPO Intuit and Tallie share a vision for BPO. One where there’s no more manual syncing of a widening array of third-party applications. Where users have real-time access to data across systems, including source documents. A complete cloud-based accounting workflow solution that’s best-of-breed and simple to implement. One that truly delivers on the BPO promise of lowered costs, higher efficiency, financial visibility and control. built for YOU Eliminate steps and centralize data to save time and reduce cost and error Detect and prevent policy violations, transaction duplicates and potential fraud; direct linking of source documentation to financial records for audit preparedness Set approvers by person, project and dollar amount. Approve expenses online or directly from email It all starts here: streamlined process enhanced compliance internal workflow control
  3. 3. What is Tallie? expense software built for use Mobile workflow that is in the field and in the moment. Designed to create less work. Smart enough to anticipate need. Credit cards matched to receipts and expenses categorized. A​utomatically. approval control Set policies, permission access, route approvals, track projects. Know what’s happening all of the time. The right information categorized, approved, reimbursed and put neatly into the general ledger. Accurately. On time. ​data synchronization Direct information exchange and visibility across workflow-essential applications. Expense. Bill payment. Data management. Accounting reconciliation. An ecosystem functioning as one. Real-time. instant roi ​Immediate benefits: Time value captured. Transactional visibility. Policy enforcement and fraud preemption. Efficiencies from the field. Pay-per-use. End-to-End Solution it’s the tallie + quickbooks Our engineering teams worked closely to build the first real-time bi-directional integration for QBO with this vision in mind. The resulting solution presents an opportunity to reinvent client service value proposition. Monitor and report expenses by person, project, merchant or category in real-time Scale from 1 to 1,000+ users with ease. Add integration with additional BPO tools such as and SmartVault at any time Migrate from QBD to QBO at your clients’ pace with minimal implementation effort financial visibility complete scalability cloud migration And it’s automatic
  4. 4. Automatic The Tallie + QBO integration is the only complete solution for cloud-based expense management. Auto-categorization of expenses based on client usage behavior and chart of accounts smart categorization Expenses scanned, submitted, tracked and approved by mobile device mobile workflow Data lists automatically checked and updated to ensure system-wide synchronization. All transactions exported to the right general ledger accounts bi-directional data sync for quickbooks online Expense Process From Tallie to QuickBooks Capture expenses on the go with the Tallie app Manage customized, multi-tiered approval chains approval control In Process policy violation alerts to employees, managers, and approvers policy controls
  5. 5. Export corporate card line items to QuickBooks, including receipt images, class, and project information manage credit cards Direct attachment of receipt images to expenses created in QBO document expenses Seamlessly import project and class data for every expense into QuickBooks project and class accounting Billable expenses and related receipt images are easily attached to client invoices billable item tracking harness insights Discover powerful business insights with accurate project and class reporting Powerful & SimpleWith a complete data sync from Tallie, the sky’s the limit with QuickBooks Online Accountant. Your office becomes wherever. Your hours become whenever. And your collaborations become real time. we’ve made the process All of the data captured with Tallie transfers seamlessly into QuickBooks
  6. 6. streamlined web experience • Expenses generated from imported receipt image and/or email • Simple drag-and-drop user interface • One-click expense report creation streamlined expense categories • Auto-categorize expenses to align with company GL and map seamlessly to accounting system • Manage expense categories based on company groups smart credit card management • Import corporate and/or personal credit card data • Map company credit card transactions to general ledger account • Real time synchronization with providers • Auto-match credit card expenses with receipts • Reconciliation statement matching mileage • Auto-calculate mileage and expense based on destination • Pin-drop map image associated with all • Automatic mileage calculations for auditing foreign currency support • Auto-convert foreign currency based on receipt date FX spot rate instant insights • Elegantly designed dashboards and feeds instantly show you the health of your business and your next action steps. • Discover and harness real time business insights through up-to-date data • Key business metrics are located front and center • One-click business reports ­— Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet automatic data sync • Real time data sync between QBO apps on phone, tablet, and computer • Routine queries keep data updated between QBO and integrated applications • Automatic updates to the latest version of QBO custom invoices & instant payment • Create custom invoices in minutes • Pay Now button on invoice to pay you instantly online via credit card or bank payment smart payroll • Payroll runs with just a few clicks. Tax calculations are done and tax forms are completed for you easy client/accountant collaboration • Invite accountants or bookkeepers to securely access your QuickBooks data • Collaborate at the same time on documents, anywhere, across all devices • View and filter tax and accounting clients in the Single Client List • One click access to their books and returns cloud storage & security • Automatic data backup • Same encryption as leading financial institutions policy controls • Duplicate expenses flagged using a proprietary data algorithm • Out-of-policy alerts for employees, approvers and administrators throughout whole process • Ability to enforce expense limits per category, per day, or per item approval routing • Automatic expense approval routing based on company policy • Supports complex approval chains • Monetary-, project- or employee-based approval routing options • Quick expense report approval by email project accounting • Manage project, department, location and expense category access by user • Flag expenses as billable to client data analytics • Run analytics and reports for all expenses • Sort data based on merchant, category, user, or department over any time period • Export to CSV, TSV, XLS or PDF multi-destination export • One click multi-destination export for reimbursable and corporate credit card expenses • Export bills, checks, or journal entries based on your requirements accounting systems • Bi-directional integrations with QuickBooks and • Automated routine data synchronization • Quick file export to payroll provider of your choice (ADP, Paychex, etc.) cloud storage • Seamless integration with SmartVault • Batch print reports to PDF with accounting distributions and receipt images • Receipt storage and processing • Comet push technologies • Cloud-to-cloud communications with third party services security • Firewalled cloud servers • 4096-bit SSL Encryption • Supports Oauth and OpenID single sign-on The quickest path from receipt to balance sheet Seamlessly integrated for added benefits
  7. 7. Awarded By | 1.800.592.5144 | Awesome Application The Company We Keep