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Tallie's "Takeaway Booklet" (PDF Download)


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Interested in learning more about what's under the hood of Tallie's expense management software? This short and informative booklet delivers all the important details and takeaways. Enjoy!

** For easiest viewing, we recommend downloading the PDF document. **

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Tallie's "Takeaway Booklet" (PDF Download)

  1. 1. The quickest path from receipt to balance sheet
  2. 2. maximum control Administrators can customize multi-tiered approval chains for the company. instant alerts Tallie automatically alerts employees, managers, and approvers to duplicates, policy violations, and detects possible fraud. data visualizations Tallie offers comprehensive data analysis and visualization tools. Automatic Expense Process one-step data import Tallie automatically scans imported receipts for merchant, date, and expense amount data. automatic matching Tallie automatically matches imported credit card transactions to receipt images. smart categorization Tallie learns how to categorize expenses based on company rules and usage behaviors. Tallie streamlines the entire expense management process with its automation, administrator controls, and policy alerts. “We switched from Concur to Tallie because of its ease-of-use and superior service.” David J. Arter, VP of Finance & Operations, American Dairy Association. . It’s instant ROI. it’s immediate benefits Time value captured. Transactional visibility. Policy enforcement and fraud preemption. Efficiencies from the field. Pay-per-use. It’s an ecosystem. it’s two-way data integration Direct information exchange and visibility across workflow essential applications. Real time. Built by us. It’s intuition. It’s workflow control. it’s expense software built for use It’s mobile, in the field and in the moment. Designed to create less work. Smart enough to anticipate need. it’s maximum expense processing velocity Getting the right information categorized, approved, reimbursed and put neatly into the general ledger. Accurately. What is Tallie? tallie on the go Track your expenses anywhere on your smartphone with the Tallie app. Tallie is also supported on mobile browsers.
  3. 3. Tallie is a key component in a streamlined back office solution because of its deep system integrations, comprehensive data management, and storage features. Through our integrations you’ll have access to: Bi-Directional Integrations The Complete Solution At Tallie, we design, build, test and support each of our custom integrations in-house. Our Engineering Team and Product Experts work with our partners to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and system synchronization in the cloud. complete setup sync All accounting data automatically syncs with or QuickBooks during integration setup. direct export to quickbooks All data exported — including line items, bills, checks and credit card register — is mapped to general ledger accounts. direct export to Expense line items and reports move directly to, with a PDF of the original report and receipts. bi-directional sync Routine queries check data lists for changes, ensuring all systems are always up to date without any manual effort. direct export to smartvault Transmit every receipt, identified by its matching expense item and expense report. storage access Access receipts stored in SmartVault directly from an expense line item in QuickBooks. • xero • intacct • netsuite • sage 50 • thomson reuters “We chose Tallie as a key App Center partner for its innovative approach to the expense report nightmare, deep partner integration, and dedication to the best customer experience.” René Lacert, CEO of
  4. 4. streamlined web experience • Expenses generated from imported receipt image and/or email • Simple drag-and-drop user interface • One-click expense report creation streamlined expense categories • Auto-categorize expenses to align with company GL and map seamlessly to accounting system • Manage expense categories based on company groups smart credit card management • Import corporate and/or personal credit card data • Map company credit card transactions to general ledger account • Real time synchronization with providers • Auto-match credit card expenses with receipts • Reconciliation statement matching mileage • Auto-calculate mileage and expense based on destination • Pin-drop map image associated with all • Automatic mileage calculations for auditing foreign currency support • Auto-convert foreign currency based on receipt date FX spot rate policy controls • Duplicate expenses flagged using a proprietary data algorithm • Out-of-policy alerts for employees, approvers and administrators throughout whole process • Ability to enforce expense limits per category, per day, or per item approval routing • Automatic expense approval routing based on company policy • Supports complex approval chains • Monetary-, project- or employee-based approval routing options • Quick expense report approval by email project accounting • Manage project, department, location and expense category access by user • Flag expenses as billable to client data analytics • Run analytics and reports for all expenses • Sort data based on merchant, category, user, or department over any time period • Export to CSV, TSV, XLS or PDF multi-destination export • One click multi-destination export for reimbursable and corporate credit card expenses • Export bills, checks, or journal entries based on your requirements accounting systems • Bi-directional integrations with QuickBooks and • Automated routine data synchronization • Quick file export to payroll provider of your choice (ADP, Paychex, etc.) cloud storage • Seamless integration with SmartVault • Batch print reports to PDF with accounting distributions and receipt images • Receipt storage and processing • Comet push technologies • Cloud-to-cloud communications with third party services security • Firewalled cloud servers • 4096-bit SSL Encryption • Supports Oauth and OpenID single sign-on The quickest path from receipt to balance sheet “Tallie is setting the standard for automating expense workflow, a core requirement for Next Generation Accounting Firms™.” Darren Root, CEO of Rootworks The Company We Keep Awarded by Awesome Application
  5. 5. Let’s Stay Connected Questions? Demos? Free Trial? Follow Tallie for the latest and greatest tips, tools, updates & announcements: 1.800.592.5144